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buwefy t1_iwdyogg wrote

Isn't the high price of diamonds a scam from De Beers?


MeatyOkraPuns t1_iwff2bg wrote


Diamonds aren't rare. They're just never found because corporations don't want them to be. They're still there. Still made under pressure, shining bright unique and beautiful. But kept buried in the dark depths just to keep the value of the ones that are found artificially inflated.


exion_zero t1_iwgerta wrote

Now that's a metaphor that actually applies in the real world!


JonnyBrah t1_iwf37b2 wrote

From the days of cavemen to today. People are still enamored by shiny rocks. De Beers just hoards and overprices them.


SuspiciousBadger t1_iwg4n6x wrote

Yeah. So this could be read as "Don't worry if you feel useless, someone will find a way to exploit you for profit <3"


Digimatically t1_iwfe1o2 wrote

This metaphor is meaningless without mentioning DeBeers


MysteryPlaid t1_iwfzl2i wrote

Lmao came to say the same, but somehow it makes the post more poingnant


SerKevanLannister t1_iwglt0u wrote

Yes, in true terms diamonds have zero inherent value (same as gold). They can be put to certain purposes outside of outrageous decorations for rich people (as in certain metals like copper while gold is useless)


Bermudav3 t1_iwhshzk wrote

Don't the use gold in electronics bruh 🤦


FandomMenace t1_iwdadr1 wrote

Diamonds are the most common precious gemstones found on earth tho.


madogson t1_iwdfkvq wrote

This fact makes this quote more motivating, as diamonds are more common than we think


iamacraftyhooker t1_iwdjhw7 wrote

Your value is what you make it. You need to sell yourself


CptHammer_ t1_iweptyw wrote

Most diamonds are used as abrasives. They do the hardest work and are discarded.


ericstern t1_iwfnwox wrote

They can also be synthetically produced to be as productive as non-synthetic ones.


Pinguanec t1_iwei6d8 wrote

Also their "preciousness" is mostly artificially inflated.


ReasonablePanda3 t1_iwerzjq wrote

I was wondering if this was to be factored jnto the motivational quote or not, like you value is determined by those who control the market your labor and skills are bought for in? The answer is yes..


ZanzabarOHenry t1_iwf5xuw wrote

What is rare, however, is proper grammar and punctuation in this post.


FandomMenace t1_iwfhbsj wrote

While I totally agree with your sentiment, there's are a couple problems. First, there is a missing period. The comma should come after the "and", not before it, so the sentence can make sense on its own without the aside. I can't tell if they meant to voice this in past or present tense since they bounce back and forth. "Let" suggests past tense, while "lets" would suggest the diamond's growth is ongoing, which I think would suit it better. Ultimately, there are some poor choices in words and grammar that make this aphorism inherently more flawed than a diamond.


stormrockox t1_iwen27h wrote

Haha, tell that to every jewelry store.

Seriously they charge waaaay to much for diamonds.


FandomMenace t1_iweqmda wrote

It's artificially inflated. The reason why diamonds are even popular is because they go with everything (no color clashing) and they are hard (durable).


DesignatedDonut t1_iweqo87 wrote

Not just the world but it's common in the universe in general

Diamond are just artificial expensive as we all know thanks to DeBeers lol


ZerngCaith t1_iwdslzi wrote

We can all shine, there is nothing wrong with that.


touchallthebutt t1_iweb62o wrote

This is terrible advice. Don’t wait to be found, do what is in your control.


PLZ_STOP_PMING_TITS t1_iwf87pm wrote

There's millions or billions or more diamonds buried deep in the earth that will never be found. Probably the majority of them. And the process often makes them imperfect enough to make them almost worthless, except to be ground into abrasive powder.


Xylem88 t1_iwebh79 wrote

Still makes it sound like being found is the ultimate end goal, which it should not be


ToothpickInCockhole t1_iwfdi7i wrote

Yeah, I’m sure there’s a lot of diamonds out there that will never be found.


Westcobbguy t1_iwg95en wrote

Yeah, don’t sit there waiting forever for someone to uncover your worth. Get out there and show it. This post is horrible advice


ashoka_akira t1_iwip1aj wrote

Yea its just Toxic Positivity BS. Tell this to some of the millions of people currently living in utter poverty. This is meant for university students facing Finals and feel down on themselves.


opaldenska t1_iwi2cf7 wrote

Maybe it means the individual finding their own self worth (after they've been buried in stone for millions of years, lol). The illustrations earned my upvote!


jerseygunz t1_iwedotf wrote

There’s something poetic about being told your building “value” and “uniqueness” and then when you get out into the real world you realize it was a scam and and there’s billions out there like you, diamonds actually make the perfect metaphor


spydersens t1_iwduhu6 wrote

If you do nothing to help yourself, you are setting yourself up for deception.


Uplink03 t1_iweqsmh wrote

Demotivational: Some day a rich dude will find you using slave labour, then cut you, polish you, put you in (very ornate) metal shackle, and sell you to another rich dude.


FerretChrist t1_iwfzfue wrote

But if you're really lucky, you might get to nestle in a celebrity's cleavage now and again!


Pinguanec t1_iweib5g wrote

I don't think I have read bigger nonsense in a long time.


GregoryBluehorse t1_iwf1dv7 wrote

I personally prefer Marcus Aurelius's thoughts: "Does the emerald lose its beauty for lack of admiration? Does gold, or ivory, or purple? A lyre or a dagger, a rosebud or a sapling?"


mjkjg2 t1_iwetrsq wrote

creating value without expecting recognition is exactly what corporations want you to do, many people will die nameless waiting to be “found”


Llohr t1_iwezp17 wrote

And then it will be graded

Its color found wanting.

Heavily occluded.

It's broken into fragments

And used as an abrasive.


vfhd t1_iwf5mzi wrote

This quote is so stupid and materialistic omg. what happened if human didn't put value to object then the diamond would just be a piece of rock. Stop overthinking and stop reading these quotes they are stupid


thought_about_it t1_iwf22x3 wrote

Where to even begin? Our value is not determined by the appraisal of others. Once a diamond is dug up it is almost always cut and molded to be a more “perfect” form. Nobody is walking around with a uncut diamond because it’s unique. Also many many diamonds will never be found and will forever know nothing but high pressures, incredible heat, and everlasting darkness until they’re eventually consumed with the planet.


mrjwill t1_iwfmi8r wrote

Humans are not minerals. Our time is finite. Sometimes you can’t wait around to be found, get out out there and dare to be yourself.


Pudding_Hero t1_iwdypqk wrote

Que some half starved African kid with an AK pulling the stone from the rock


Konq3ror t1_iwebji0 wrote

Forgot to mention the diamond being under immense pressure and heat while under there.


underbite420 t1_iwf8edi wrote

Shouldn’t it be “letS the process”?


SirFancyPantsBrock t1_iwe4z99 wrote

Unfortunately a turd under pressure is still just a turd.


Arthurdubya t1_iwelqek wrote

Diamond doesn't have to pay rent.


waxonwaxoff87 t1_iwequs5 wrote

By a small child working at a mining company.


louisdeer t1_iweye5w wrote

Discard diamond, get motivated.


Starl19ht_2 t1_iwf1428 wrote

Diamonds are worth a fraction of what people think they are cause diamonds are controlled in reserves to inflate their prices


LittleKitty235 t1_iwf6rjj wrote

Wouldn't a diamond's crystalline structure suggest it is less unique than carbon in a less organized state?


techpriestyahuaa t1_iwf97xp wrote

Initially read it with Darkest Dungeon narration


FeartheReign87 t1_iwf992v wrote

Diamonds are worthless pieces of carbon that serve no purpose whatsoever. Don't be a diamond.


stiletto929 t1_iwf9l12 wrote

So passively (and ungrammatically) sit through a huge amount of pressure in hopes someone will eventually dig you up and decide you have worth. Hard pass. ;)


Electronic-1911 t1_iwf9ut0 wrote

Until you realize that they can make better versions of you in a lab.


ECircus t1_iwfa7xm wrote

Live, laugh, love...amiright? Gross.


imagination_machine t1_iwfdp4l wrote

Have to say, this kind of motivational comment just makes me more depressed.

If you're over 30, especially over 40, You will know that many diamonds never get found,

Bad metaphor.



softsigmaballs t1_iwfdqag wrote

Don't be the diamond which is buried so deep that no one would ever find it.


sgenius t1_iwfdqth wrote

This is true: looked for it, but this whiteboard is effectively not where I am.


Master_of_Frogs t1_iwfeo3n wrote

Diamonds aren't unique, nor are they all that valuable.


RainingComputers t1_iwfgwon wrote

Yeah but nobody will dig me up from my grave after I die, I don't live forever


6doo6bins6 t1_iwfl3q4 wrote

Not so much with the lab grown ones that are just as diamondy. Fuck diamonds.


theworldiscarmen t1_iwflrin wrote

I feel like this just reminds me in a creative way that precious metal and Diamond mining will cover the earth and destroy our planet, eventually! Lol


karma_the_sequel t1_iwfngay wrote

Diamonds aren't sentient beings -- they don't worry about anything.


ipyalia t1_iwfomqv wrote

I thought I was on r/handwriting for a second


SleuthMechanism t1_iwfomxy wrote

unlike a diamond though i don't have thousands of years


drgeta84 t1_iwfpazt wrote

Diamonds are not rare. They are great for tools. That’s all.


flamingotwist t1_iwfr9ky wrote

It's true, Rose winters found that diamond in the megamycete. Hell of a cost though


BigCommieMachine t1_iwfv27u wrote

Yeah, but I die….while diamonds are forever.


Zeitgeber907 t1_iwfyb35 wrote

That's nice but diamonds don't have to pay rent.


_Reyne t1_iwfzju9 wrote

And no one will care because diamonds are abundant, easy to make in a lab, and worthless


deaf_ears_in_aus t1_iwg0t4n wrote

Damn , just walked out of my annual performance review session and in desperation read this script out to my manager. He locked a little perplexed.

I guess next 72 hours are going to be interesting to say the least.


Malessar t1_iwgud7o wrote

Nurgle conformist.


cashewbiscuit t1_iweo61b wrote

But a diamond doesn't know its value


CloeyB7 t1_iwfqw54 wrote

It’s hilarious how all of the miserable pessimists are climbing out of their holes to try and tear this inspirational post down. You guys need therapy, seriously🤣


briezybby t1_iwfxwpo wrote

It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.


xTheHatteRx t1_iwg2jsm wrote

The only value diamonds have is what some people assign to them. So not that good of a motivational phrase.


moonlightavenger t1_iwg4u9j wrote

Diamonds don't have feelings. Also, their value is artificial.


Chromattix t1_iwg8dxz wrote

Difference is a diamond has a billion years to be found. I'd be lucky to get 80.


SaariToTellYou t1_iwgdpg0 wrote

Also how you dig doesn’t affect the Diamond


SerKevanLannister t1_iwgm2og wrote

“is not worried to prove” is very awkwardly worded English


freedomfightre t1_iwgnqo0 wrote

That's because diamonds are inanimate objects that can't feel emotions such as worry.

Because if they weren't inanimate objects, I bet they would worry.


Dynamo_Ham t1_iwgpwpg wrote

And in the meantime the world invented man-made diamonds and doesn't need to you anymore, and you stay buried forever. The end.


ackillesBAC t1_iwgra6j wrote

One day you could appear to be worth millions.ut actually be worth a few bucks and used for industrial purposes


erlandvr t1_iwgrkld wrote

I wish I was immortal like diamonds are, I'm certain I'd have more patience


dgz345 t1_iwh45hc wrote

Is it common to write i non capitalized?

Or should I be WORRiED?


Baldtan t1_iwh9k1q wrote

This reads more like toxic positivity


loopywolf t1_iwharwy wrote

Maybe one day, but I'm not gonna wait


CerealKiller3030 t1_iwhbtca wrote

"Is not worried to prove its value to the world"

No shit, it's a diamond. Not a sentient creature


NESpahtenJosh t1_iwhegpy wrote

And then it's value is artificially inflated by money grubbing whores.


HighNoon1200 t1_iwhev4g wrote

Gotcha, do nothing and one day someone will come along and pretend I have value.


2many2know t1_iwhfu5y wrote

By force to be used for profit for the unworthy. I’d rather be a pile of shit people leave alone lol.


danegerously t1_iwhmo4n wrote

The melting point of a diamond is 4000 degrees C. Lava is much less. The sun is 5500 deg C. The core of the earth is the same as the suns surface.


lawlesstoast t1_iwhxcdk wrote

Diamonds worth is artificially created... just like my own :(


dannymurz t1_iwi0xo5 wrote

Diamonds have no inherent value, only that placed on it from outside. This quote sucks.


ThyShirtIsBlue t1_iwija24 wrote

Inanimate objects do not have desires.

Diamonds are not particularly rare, and are massively overvalued for what they are.

So I guess the lesson is to just do nothing until someone comes along and realizes that I can be easily exploited and sold to unwitting people who don't realize that I'm actually quite worthless?


adavi608 t1_iwepyuk wrote

It just let the coal formed by thousands of bodies meld into it's beautiful body. It was vampiric, but no one could tell.


bweb778 t1_iwebf3x wrote

This reminds me of David Goggins book Can't Hurt Me


Celcius_87 t1_iwev23z wrote

I am indeed a diamond

Edit: sure, downvote me haters