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SEND_PUNS_PLZ t1_iwokdd0 wrote

This comic convinced me to finally get off my ass and grab a soda


Dodger7777 t1_iwoi2c4 wrote

This happens to me every day.


CJ-45 t1_iwqcxsp wrote

Don't worry--there's always tomorrow.


RamenTheory t1_iwt25u3 wrote

Replace the cola cans with beer and it'd be the spitting image of me too


ThatOrangePuppy t1_iwpdevg wrote

Is it possible to get out of this slump? I'm 28 with so many ambitions and dreams but i can never start myself and tomorrow never comes. I've been procrastinating for over 10 years.


dollabillkirill t1_iwpuv3m wrote

Start small. The old saying “the heaviest weight at the gym is the door” is true. If you want to exercise, start with a walk, or drive to a gym but don’t even go in. Just building the habit of starting is a start.

If you want to write, write a paragraph. Read? Read a page. The important thing is that you start.


IwantToHelpOthers t1_iwps90s wrote

You need to eliminate EVERYTHING that gives your brain more dopamine than the activity you need to do. I always procrastinated because watching YouTube or playing video games was way more fun than actually doing what I needed to do. So one day, I finally had enough of wasting my life with useless activities, unplugged my ps4, deleted youtube on every device I have and installed a blocker on my pc. I know this seems extreme, but for people like me this seems to be the only thing that works.


RedditIsDogshit1 t1_iwq0x4g wrote

This is litterally a concept to naturally counter depression. It’s called a Dopamine Detox. There’s youtube videos on it. And if you do it, it really really sucks. But that suckiness is actually often what everyone needs to appreciate the other stuff around them more.


Autumnlove92 t1_iwq3v1o wrote

I got addicted to TikTok last year and deleted it after nearly 12 months of nonstop use, because I finally realized I'd unintentionally quit my hobbies. I stopped doing them cause scrolling for laughs was far easier of a dopamine hit. And it sucked at first but now I'm back at things and won't ever touch that damn app again. My friends roll their eyes when I insist it's causing some of their depression, but it's very true. Don't whine that you're not doing anything with your life while also sitting on the couch scrolling all night long on your phone.


Hunter20107 t1_iwqs9hm wrote

Facebook is designed to trick your brain into scrolling more and more, just to see /one/ more post before you log off, and has been like that for over a decade at this point. Most other social media apps have followed the same formula in their own styles, and tik tok is just the latest and most optimised form of this parasitic design. Well done on getting out of it though!


Autumnlove92 t1_iwrr40u wrote

Yep saw myself doing this with FB and after being on it from 2006-2015, I quit and deleted my shit. Never been happier, too. Especially since I abandoned ship before it became PoliticalBook


teiichikou t1_iwt1say wrote

Who? Who are you talking about? It’s dark, I can’t see anyone sitting on the co— shit, it’s 4am


Erebea01 t1_iwq90vb wrote

This is what I'm currently doing with nsfw stuffs, blocking it with a dns and app blockers using a random password, which I send to my BFF, i even thought ahead and blocked every reddit app on the app store besides infinity app which can block nsfw stuffs forever. Also blocked twitter and changed my instagram to a really long random string of 64 letters. Sometimes you just need to take drastic actions towards yourself, what works for others won't necessarily work for you.


nhnsn t1_iwpv4or wrote

limit the technology use! I never was as happy as when my phone broke and I went 2 months without it. Of course, today a phone is pretty much a must for a lot of things, but try to keep its use at a mininum


DuskyDay t1_iwq72l1 wrote

Pick something that you actually care about instead of just wanting to perform for the sake of performing.


alertthenorris t1_iwqvgo1 wrote

Start with the gym, anything that gets you outside. Now, playing video games isn't wrong, your body needs time to wind down. The whole wake up at 4am everyday and work 23 hours a day shit is bad. If you can go out and enjoy life, you can also stay home on a sunday and play some video games. Learn a new skill for when you're in a youtube binge like learning a language. I hate that playing games and enjoying some twitch is seen as bad, it's only bad if that's all you do. Your body needs to move and it needs to relax just as much.


JackBelvier t1_iwr4ipk wrote

Or you could be like me, 31 with no ambitions or dreams!


meheez t1_iwpzcwz wrote

Just do it. Short term gratification wont solve long term problems. Easy things or enjoyable things aren't worthwhile. Rewarding things aren't enjoyable for the most part.


rosetacks t1_iwr0yu1 wrote

Like everyone else said, start small. I've made the mistake of jumping all in to something just because I was excited, and then when the newness of the activity went away I got burnt out.

So I started waaay smaller. For example, I read about 6 pages a day of my security + study guide book, and I've kept at it for over a month now. This is largely because, for me and my life circumstances, 6 pages a day is far more achievable than 40 (avg. chapter size).


TheDarkJudge t1_iwq737r wrote

Ironically reading this on Reddit while procrastinating


RinchinB t1_iwpd12e wrote

How do you beat this? I literally do this every week and it makes me feel like shit and just go back to the same routine that ive been living with for the past 3 years.


Autumnlove92 t1_iwq3y56 wrote

It takes 3 weeks to quit a habit, and 3 weeks to build a new one. Start there. Add another week after that. You gotta push yourself forward. It doesn't happen immediately, it takes work.


Nyclab t1_iwopvbt wrote

What to do instead tho?


[deleted] t1_iwp9uqq wrote

Make smaller, incremental changes consistently until they become habits.

For example: if you're horribly messy, instead of implementing an unrealistic cleaning regime - start by making your bed as soon as you get out of bed. Once that's a habit, add the next step to your routine.


Skaarhybrid t1_iwpaij4 wrote

"so is tomorrow" - is just something you wish but never know


ValyrianJedi t1_iwqh6j0 wrote

Eh, if you've got like a 99.99998% chance of there being a tomorrow for you then it's pretty safe to say you're certain.


Skaarhybrid t1_iwqja28 wrote

I didn't know you be constantly told your chances of living/dying on a daily basis


geekphreak t1_iwpum3a wrote

There’s two people in your head. The one that tells you you should do the things you should, and the other that tell you to blow it off


pr0b0ner t1_iwpbb8a wrote

Thanks for planting that seed...


nhnsn t1_iwpuxtk wrote

I've recurrently done this and think that it's better not to do it. Just get better gradually.


IncrementalGreatness t1_iwq8fe4 wrote

I usually can keep it together for a couple weeks then I'm back to how that last panel is ☹️


Sylvairian t1_iwqlwal wrote

laughs in Executive Dysfunction


ichancho t1_iwpdfuv wrote

Today was good, tomorrow will be better but not all days will have good weather


ecmcn t1_iwq7cva wrote

If you can’t get it done today there’s always tomorrow. If tomorrow doesn’t come then it wasn’t really important anyway.


foreverlearner101010 t1_iwqdfkk wrote

A good middle ground if you feel like you’ve wasted your day is to ask yourself “what can I do right now for a better tomorrow?” And don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with you if you do end up shifting responsibility to your future self. We all do it, some more than others.


AbyssalRedemption t1_iwqevcn wrote

Bro, I’ve struggled with this mindset for years, I always say “I have time”, or “whoops, I’ll do it tomorrow”. How do I break out of this??


balooo8 t1_iwqj0s2 wrote

You know, WTF is wrong with sitting down to do some disgruntled PC gaming!? Get off my cheeks bro!


Tahoeclown t1_iwppvf5 wrote

There is no tomorrow, only now


OrangeDit t1_iwpvtco wrote

This is me starting Anno 1800 😵‍💫


Hopefully_moreUnique t1_iwqnes1 wrote

The trick is to transition from being about to do it, to having begun to do it as fast as possible.


Coroggar t1_iwqot3y wrote

Dude, what do you think I'm doing on reddit rn?


ShaggysGTI t1_iwqw59i wrote

So I tested positive for Covid on Monday… I’m in quarantine and shut in the basement, to which I’ve made a big mess because boredom. This morning I looked at it all, and thought I should clean it. But then again there’s still quarantine tomorrow…


onlyacynicalman t1_iwqy834 wrote

Pro athletes would be awful if everyone lived as though theyd die tomorrow


cheeseiswack55 t1_iwr0r8b wrote

Ugh. I’m always ready to start tomorrow.


AlexNg21022 t1_iwr6yzv wrote

That is what I am right now. Low motivation and being procrastinated 85% of the day. What do you guys often do in the situation like this?


Sandra2104 t1_iwrqqb8 wrote

I advanced to „next week“.


presleymoore101 t1_iws6449 wrote

Rocky “Tomorrow, let’s do it tomorrow.”

Creed “There is no tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. THERE IS NO TOMORROW”


Obiwancuntnobi t1_iwsl39l wrote

Ok. So I got off work, and thought I should go to the bar tonight. Go home feed the pets, eat dinner, then to the bar. I did my stuff, now I don’t wanna go. But I gotta ask, is that really so bad?