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caninefreak1 t1_iwwho1r wrote



x925 t1_iwx8589 wrote

I somewhat prefer the idea that we destroy ourselves instead of the rest of the universe.


geon2k2 t1_iwxwsm4 wrote

At universal scale we are not even ants.


rleslievideo t1_iwz9au3 wrote

We're actually even way more insignificant than that. If the scale of the sun was a grapefruit our entire planet would be the size of a the ball in a ballpoint pen. This is on display at a park in Washington, DC. We're not even ants in our own solar system.


sudobee t1_iwxjt83 wrote

Once we start our cosmic conquest all bets are off.


x925 t1_iwxjxhe wrote

I hope there's another intelligent lifeform out there, so far beyond us that we can't possibly ever catch up to their technology, that will stop us before we destroy any other planets.


Metaloneus t1_iwyqgje wrote

If any lifeform out there has battered us in terms of technology, I have some bad news for you as to how they would have built that technology.


laZardo t1_iwy9awz wrote

Fermi Paradox says bon jore-no like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds


galacticaqt t1_iwwygbc wrote

A still more glorious dawn awaits


Tanagrabelle t1_iwxc4pk wrote

And the video on youtube!

A Glorious Dawn


dalisair t1_iwyecfc wrote

I instantly thought of this when I read this.


20190419 t1_iwxk1jy wrote

Pity, exploring the stars would have been nice. Oh well ...


J_spec6 t1_iwxkix2 wrote

I learned about this quote from this video


pjdubbya t1_iwy4abp wrote

I will now re-write this comment as if Carl Sagan is speaking it: words in CAPS mean he raised the tone of his voice to a higher pitch. with these simple tips, everyone can speak like Carl Sagan, as follows:

the SKY (pause) calls to us. if we do NOT destroy ourselves (pause) we will ONE DAY (pause) venture (pause) to the stars.


Danitoba t1_iwz7z3c wrote

I think we'll make it. There's a lot of turmoil in this society. But there's still potential somewhere within it. We haven't lost hope yet. I haven't lost hope for humanity, yet. If you lose yours, or feel you're losing it, give it to me. I'll carry it for you. :)


Damiklos t1_iwxijwd wrote

This one kinda misses the marking on being motivational imo. But I believe in you. Next time will be better.


Turd_Gurgle t1_iwykfz1 wrote

A still more glorious dawn awaits, not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns, the rising of the milky way.


angel_eyes619 t1_iwyczyj wrote

He looks like an Indian guy from the 70s in this pic


evillman t1_iwynyy1 wrote

Well.. I guess we are not making it to the stars.


Sniffy4 t1_iwx2gdt wrote

after watching lots of space disaster movies over the last 10 years, not sure I wanna go :)


Mediocre_Setting_560 t1_iwx3h3g wrote

After living in late-stage capitalist hell for my whole life, space seems like the only viable option.


drdildamesh t1_iwy5ecf wrote

Ok but like the farther we go into the sky the harder it is to breathe. I feel like that's pretty self destructive. We had to like devise ways to survive our toxic relationship with the sky and that should be a massive red flag about meeting up with it.


joyo803 t1_iwygr2e wrote

Unless there's money up there we ain't going.


ninj1nx t1_iwyheni wrote

Asteroid mining. Literally giant chunks of gold and diamonds just floating around in space.


joyo803 t1_iwyis14 wrote

That would make gold and diamonds worth less and displace the rich down here. Can't have that.


Maleficent_Moose_802 t1_iwyhmks wrote

Meanwhile, the God, “Oh, me, what should I do to stop them?!”


Ducky-Note t1_iwyjt97 wrote

It's all fun and philosophy until that tower falls on top of him


GregLittlefield t1_iwz0na2 wrote

> if we do not destroy ourselves.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un : hold my beer.


Barnestownlife t1_iwxfn1u wrote

Not true. I'm ok staying on the ground. No sky calling for me


HREisGrrrrrrrreat t1_iwy1co9 wrote

and why the F&*^ would i want to venture to another star?


Ok-Passenger-1166 t1_iwxpvt1 wrote

This is he dumbest quote I’ve ever read. Absolutely moronic no matter how you look at it.


carlsagandotcom OP t1_iwyg9yv wrote

I hope that whatever is troubling you gets better. You could add so much more to the world being a living human being.


Ok-Passenger-1166 t1_iwzmmr6 wrote

What is the point of the quote? I’m not trying to be negative it just doesn’t make any sense in my opinion.