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Beaulen1 t1_ixbj64k wrote

If you fall 7 times wouldn’t you also get up 7?


iDoNotDegree t1_ixbn3wb wrote

You had to get up in the first place. No one is born up so get upside and start rounding up on all of your purchases. Just last week I made $120 by buying the same amount of hot dogs I usually would. So anyways, that’s why it’s 8, like the amount of hot dogs in a pack.


Bland-fantasie t1_ixbryg5 wrote

That’s true, no one is born up.


joan_wilder t1_ixbs495 wrote

Yeah, it’s not about falling down, and getting up. It’s about down and up. Lol


BadMedAdvice t1_ixd304l wrote

Eh. The privileged are born up.


Trap_setup_4u t1_ixd7fff wrote

Everyone has some sort of privilege.


BadMedAdvice t1_ixdejm8 wrote

While true, I don't think my fortune of being white passing is really comparable to being born a multi-millionaire.


slickslash27 t1_ixd08sh wrote

I get what youre trying to mean but also you do realize the royal family and the children of the ungodly wealthy exists, right? Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and acting like they dont exist isnt gonna help motivate others to improve themselves


WildIsland-S-E t1_ixd8k7e wrote

Even the wealthiest people have challenges.


slickslash27 t1_ixd9z2n wrote

In fact I would entirely avoid this view because it tells the poor even if they get motivated about their situation life will continue to rain bullshit, which with many make them wonder why they would even try to improve their living standard if the wealthy have it awful too


WildIsland-S-E t1_ixdbn8c wrote

Yeah, and people can be happy owning very little.


slickslash27 t1_ixddnl7 wrote

Yeah, but I imagine food and shelter is still something they need. How fucking out of touch with reality are you? It's like you're like that clip of Bill Gates on price is right having zero clue how much lower class people pay for groceries, just all the energy of ignorance and fake humility rolled up into one post.


WildIsland-S-E t1_ixdh9q9 wrote

Wow, are you okay?

If you had any idea what I've survived..... I'm not the stuck up wef hedge fund manager you're angry at. Believe me when I say. I know what sorrow is. It's the reason I have learned to keep getting back up, and to look for a silver lining.

Lots of people are happy, not spending life comparing themselves to the wealth of others, and acquiring possessions. It's a thing called minimalism. It's not the same as Bill Gates stealing, and manipulation. He's a criminal for sure. I'd even add that he's probably not a very happy person anyway.

You can find reasons to be happy, and not approve of exploitation, and evil.



slickslash27 t1_ixdnk98 wrote

Im fine, but its pretty telling that you got defensive asking me if I was, and also felt the need to bring up an anecdote about your past, instead of reflecting on your words and how they come across to people on a sub about motivating others, talk about narcissism. I'm blocking you for your own good, you need to sit and think instead of raging.


Key_Spare6796 t1_ixgmyd2 wrote

Haha I like to believe you use hotdogs for all references 😂🥰🙂


Beaulen1 t1_ixdib5m wrote

Do we count all the times we get up before that first knock down, or the times we’ve gotten up between knock downs? Or just the one time?


TONKAHANAH t1_ixbtmwa wrote

its not enough that you should rise 7 times, you must also make sure your opponent does not rise which counts as a +1 rise for you so ultimately 8.


daywalkker t1_ixd1u7h wrote

At what point does the "Sunk cost fallacy" factor in? Is it always worth getting up if we know we will just get knocked back down every time forever?


DarthDannyBoy t1_ixd9c4v wrote

No because to even be up to fall down you had to get up to begin with.


Beaulen1 t1_ixdhm5j wrote

Let’s say you first get knocked down at age 10. You’re suggesting we count just one of the many times you’ve gotten up before you’ve been knocked down? Why not count them all?


nhorning t1_ixbwkpd wrote

Wasn't it Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start?


SewingLifeRe t1_ixc3tb2 wrote

You got B and A backwards. You forgot the Konami code.


aSmallCanOfBeans t1_ixc850w wrote

It's up up down down left right left right b a start


f0oSh t1_ixco7pm wrote

This is the way.

Also up up down down left right left right b a select start for two players.


IcyHotRod t1_ixb6ndy wrote

Similar to the Bible quote:

Proverbs 24:16: "For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again.".


Namelessbob123 t1_ixc8r0v wrote

Also the same as Tubthumping by Chumbawumba


xxGBZxx t1_ixc6lzq wrote

7 times up, 8 times down. (七上八落) - Chinese proverb


ImpossiblePlane27 t1_ixczo0t wrote

Wait isn’t it 七上八下 ?


air_nith t1_ixd6uu4 wrote

While 下 does mean down. I think 落 is used because it means fall or drop. You are not letting yourself down slowly, you are being defeated, or you have been pushed to far and collapse. You fall to the ground.

At least that's the way I understand it.


ImpossiblePlane27 t1_ixe78mi wrote

I just checked both works! Having lived in Taiwan for a while I’ve always heard 七上八下 instead of 七上八落 haha. And this idiom actually means to be anxious/overwhelmed by emotions lol


Lomus33 t1_ixeti57 wrote

To be overwhelmed by emotions? So its not about getting up after falling as in progress in life?


ImpossiblePlane27 t1_ixeutba wrote

No, at least not in the Chinese idiom! And I shall refined it to be more like “overwhelmed by anxious* emotions”. I would use this phrase when something’s making me worry a lot, causing my insides to be uneasy. (I think that’s one of the explanations of the origin of the idiom? Something that makes several of your inner organs go up and others down.)


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixbn1pb wrote

Hey guy i have failed 18 times this month feeling broken


lowiqmaxxx t1_ixbzort wrote

Quit masturbation


muricabrb t1_ixebbcl wrote

Username checks out


lowiqmaxxx t1_ixez9hb wrote

keep busting nuts into tissue papers while parroting snide comments on reddit, you’re living your best life


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixc29id wrote

Im trying to its been 2 years discovered no fap thing but I'm still stuck in here on day 1- day 10 Then relapsing again


DesignatedDonut t1_ixcc40c wrote

Don't quit it entirely that's not healthy either, just like food moderation is key, prostate cancer ain't a joke so don't do any of that NNN shit, a healthy amount is 3-4 times a week.


Krasker t1_ixcqazw wrote

How am I supposed to fall asleep tho? One a day, every day, just before bed and I’m out like a light.


DesignatedDonut t1_ixctwig wrote

I mean one a day is aight, it's not like you're going to be a chronic masturbator that does like 4-5 a day straight everyday, now that's a problem lol

The 3-4 a week is the minimum recommended guideline anyway, medically speaking, so one a day isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things just don't dehydrated yourself fellas stay healthy, keep your prostate healthy and your mental health


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixfzo0e wrote

Hey bro i just learned that I'm actually not doing anything wrong because i also do 3-4 times a week In my entire life i never did 3times a day higest is 2 times and i did not do it for every single day, maybe once or twice a year i did 2 times


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixfz2h3 wrote

If 3-4 / week is healthy than why should i do no fap because this month my count got higher, But October was 10 times.


yoakenokuruma t1_ixcqatr wrote

No fap is not really the only answer to most of your problems. Your addiction to fapping (and/or in extension to porn) may have been caused by a much more deeper and complex reason. You first have to identify what is really the root cause. Some may find no fap to be their answer to their problems, but at the same time they may be doing other things that improve their mental health. They may be regularly exercising, trying new things in life, going to therapy etc. Don't make no fap be your only solution. Consult people that are close to you or go to a therapist, they maybe able to help. Also take note that no fapping is not really that healthy either. Evidence suggests that regularly fapping greatly decreases the risk of prostate cancer.


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixfy3cl wrote

I learned one thing from my failures that, i have so much free time and i have nothing to do ( jobless guy) But whenever i visit my relatives my urges are gone , because I'm talking & chilling with my cousins all day long , then i release man it's been 5-6 days i don't got any urge or boner , my mind is out of those things. I'm addicted to fap because of my free But im making a promise today (nov 23) that I'm going to complete the 90 days .

It's a promise, Thanks for your help


lowiqmaxxx t1_ixc4e1m wrote

Try and go for 90 days, and use your saved up energy to develop a consistent workout habit. That’s the furthest I’ve gone, the rest you gotta figure out yourself. I’m currently on a 10 day streak as well, having broken a 200 day streak mid Nov. It’s always gonna be difficult, but it definitely beats struggling in mediocrity, which imo is a fate worse than death.


JUSTDOPEY365 t1_ixc3jyu wrote

This belongs in WallStreetBets.


DetroitTourisBoard t1_ixcnmlg wrote

When the times are tough, it always helps me to remember this quote by famed japanese voice actor Dai Tabuchi

"Our men are running from the battlefield! Shameful display!"


Alien2080 t1_ixcuw7e wrote

so you get up twice somehow? or you can't count?


EloquentEvergreen t1_ixbcati wrote

You know, in Japan, a fish in your pants is 8 days of neither good nor bad luck. The Japanese are very superstitious!


QuakeSRK t1_ixcl337 wrote

Also, A great album by Elzhi.


gs87 t1_ixcnm2g wrote

7 misfortunes 8 hardships (ง’̀-‘́)ง


kadzack t1_ixcqgu5 wrote

七転び八起き (nanakorobi yaoki)

Japanese proverb


Im40ozToFreedom t1_ixcs4od wrote

Not a bad quote, but the childish meme images ruin it completely.


flamaniax t1_ixcxtse wrote

Nanakorobi Yaoki

Can't believe I learned that for a chapter title.


Anyna-Meatall t1_ixcy8rq wrote

that frog comes with baggage mate


Trylks t1_ixd12ym wrote



Zandandido t1_ixdd937 wrote

Not all about linear progress.

As bad of a person Edison was, he tried hundreds of different times to create the light bulb. Just took that one time.


V1tunpr0 t1_ixdv4ib wrote

"It is what it is"


qnorth t1_ixdv6qc wrote

Brother I’m ready for the 800 up


temprery t1_ixbsutc wrote

a minutes later still thought about why that happen


srozo t1_ixch825 wrote

Wow thanks Samurai Pepe


[deleted] t1_ixcq7z4 wrote

This is actually from the bible first, b4 it became a Japanese proverb.


AronTwelve t1_ixc144v wrote

I trust pepe with my life


MathieuBibi t1_ixcidqk wrote

I hate usually japan, but I vibe with this proverb alot, I like it.