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Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixc29id wrote

Reply to comment by lowiqmaxxx in [IMAGE] 8 Times Up by kingsadlo

Im trying to its been 2 years discovered no fap thing but I'm still stuck in here on day 1- day 10 Then relapsing again


DesignatedDonut t1_ixcc40c wrote

Don't quit it entirely that's not healthy either, just like food moderation is key, prostate cancer ain't a joke so don't do any of that NNN shit, a healthy amount is 3-4 times a week.


Krasker t1_ixcqazw wrote

How am I supposed to fall asleep tho? One a day, every day, just before bed and I’m out like a light.


DesignatedDonut t1_ixctwig wrote

I mean one a day is aight, it's not like you're going to be a chronic masturbator that does like 4-5 a day straight everyday, now that's a problem lol

The 3-4 a week is the minimum recommended guideline anyway, medically speaking, so one a day isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things just don't dehydrated yourself fellas stay healthy, keep your prostate healthy and your mental health


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixfzo0e wrote

Hey bro i just learned that I'm actually not doing anything wrong because i also do 3-4 times a week In my entire life i never did 3times a day higest is 2 times and i did not do it for every single day, maybe once or twice a year i did 2 times


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixfz2h3 wrote

If 3-4 / week is healthy than why should i do no fap because this month my count got higher, But October was 10 times.


yoakenokuruma t1_ixcqatr wrote

No fap is not really the only answer to most of your problems. Your addiction to fapping (and/or in extension to porn) may have been caused by a much more deeper and complex reason. You first have to identify what is really the root cause. Some may find no fap to be their answer to their problems, but at the same time they may be doing other things that improve their mental health. They may be regularly exercising, trying new things in life, going to therapy etc. Don't make no fap be your only solution. Consult people that are close to you or go to a therapist, they maybe able to help. Also take note that no fapping is not really that healthy either. Evidence suggests that regularly fapping greatly decreases the risk of prostate cancer.


Greedy-Strain8740 t1_ixfy3cl wrote

I learned one thing from my failures that, i have so much free time and i have nothing to do ( jobless guy) But whenever i visit my relatives my urges are gone , because I'm talking & chilling with my cousins all day long , then i release man it's been 5-6 days i don't got any urge or boner , my mind is out of those things. I'm addicted to fap because of my free But im making a promise today (nov 23) that I'm going to complete the 90 days .

It's a promise, Thanks for your help


lowiqmaxxx t1_ixc4e1m wrote

Try and go for 90 days, and use your saved up energy to develop a consistent workout habit. That’s the furthest I’ve gone, the rest you gotta figure out yourself. I’m currently on a 10 day streak as well, having broken a 200 day streak mid Nov. It’s always gonna be difficult, but it definitely beats struggling in mediocrity, which imo is a fate worse than death.