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S-TEC t1_ixjc7sa wrote

Not sure OSHA agrees with this..


Muse9901 t1_ixjydoy wrote

Worked in a food manufacturing facility where the maintenance manager completely lied about forklift experience and just winged it. He fessed up to it like a year and a half later lol


retrohGamr t1_ixkd1cb wrote

assuming U.S.A., that's on HR. if he wasn't licensed there's huge liability. if he was newly licensed... meh, immoral but we all gotta feed ourselves somehow, i wouldn't snitch.


Adept-Crab3951 t1_ixkqk6c wrote

You need a license to operate a forklift? Been operating one for 6 years now with no issues.


Lyndons-Big-Johnson t1_ixl8o57 wrote

This guy is the maintenance manager lol


Muse9901 t1_ixm2sru wrote

Yeah he had a degree in engineering. Was great with fixing equipment and building maintenance but just made up having forklift experience because he wanted the job lol I thought it was amazing. No one could tell he never had experience because he just took it slow and learned operating it while using it.


Plan3953 t1_ixm2ncd wrote

It’s a common misconception. You need to be “certified” that can take many forms but ultimately it means the company has to make sure you have the skill set and knowledge to operate a forklift.


threenamer t1_ixipru6 wrote

I do this every time I show up to work. It’s exhausting.


Pizzapatron t1_ixk1pt6 wrote

I’m gonna jump into a forklift when I’m back at work. True growth!


scared_shitless__ t1_ixkvn53 wrote

You joke but small companies don't care and will let you


DownstairsB t1_ixl2rx8 wrote

I was at a temp job and they had me use a forklift occasionally. I was capable but not exactly qualified. One time the boss left his expensive car in the warehouse while on vacation, and i had to manuever around it.
Anyway nothing bad happened but I had never been so careful doing anything before that, nor since. I still can't believe they trusted an unknown 20-yr old with that.


oxygenium92 t1_ixl83jz wrote

You really have to think about what you do with your limbs. Been there.


hux__ t1_ixk7e2p wrote

I'm proud of you!!!! I think you have it in you to keep going!!!!


Lancaster61 t1_ixmp80j wrote

And you’re perfectly doing what the post is about! Growth is never easy. If it’s easy, you’re not growing.


Chuggles1 t1_ixl5ztk wrote

Anal sex for me. Definitely don't have qualifications, but I do grow everytime I do it.


Choppergold t1_ixivkkj wrote

Going to grow myself into the cockpit next time I fly


originalusername__ t1_ixjd1rv wrote

I tried telling it to the building inspector after I finished rewiring my house but he kept talking all this mess about “codes” and “fire hazards.”


jesuisbryx t1_ixjo5v8 wrote

Just wait until someone asks if there’s a doctor on the plane. You’ve got this.


I-hate-this-part_ t1_ixj1062 wrote


Enorats t1_ixj47my wrote

Rimworld ftw.

Powerleveling your doctor by repeated impregnation and abortion, at least in the new DLC. Or there's organ harvesting. If all else fails, simply go for the two for one deal and have someone whack a prisoner within an inch of their life (melee skill xp), then bandage them up repeatedly for the medical xp. Doctors have such varied means of advancement available to them.


I-hate-this-part_ t1_ixj9zj3 wrote

Every time I decide to play that game I spend 2 hours looking for mods, 1 hour setting up a new custom game, and then am completely overwhelmed a couple hours later. I just don't think I am good at either setting up the correct game for myself or just playing this game in general.


FireTyme t1_ixkjxbb wrote

honestly play unmodded or lightly modded and just wing it on the games not bothering too much with custom stuff.


Enorats t1_ixjbvzq wrote

Yeah, as with any heavily modded games it can take awhile to figure out which ones you want to use and then figure out how to make them all work together.

Hardest part for me is the body/facial animation mods, coupled with the alien races that have their own body types.. or clothing/armor mods that don't always fit a modded body shape.

The new DLC also recently stirred the pot a bit, leaving lots of mods in need of an update. Many are working again, but last I played some were still unavailable.


I-hate-this-part_ t1_ixjc45p wrote

Yeah, a game that gets frequent updates usually turns me away too, almost always breaking something.


mostlygray t1_ixj4eau wrote

Tried that once. Didn't work. I think I used the wrong stir stick. Maye a broom handle would work better. I mean, I know a hammer's the wrong tool but, if at first you don't succeed...


ImWithStupid_ImAlone t1_ixjdu8s wrote

Nah. This is bad advice.


DataSquid2 t1_ixk8hol wrote

Not typically. There's certain professions where it's bad advice as seen in this thread: surgery, flying a plane, etc.

However, a lot of learning on the job, or just in general, is doing exactly this. If it's something where you can hurt someone by doing it then don't, otherwise try your best and learn some new shit.

Source: I got into my profession by doing work that I was unqualified for until I got good at it. I now work for start-ups to do that thing.


hal0t t1_ixkojvz wrote

There is outside of comfort zone, then there is unqualified. Those are 2 different things. You grow by going out of your comfort zone. Even a fully qualified surgeon goes out of his/her comfort zone every time they try a new surgical advancement. You shouldn't do shit you are totally unqualified to do.

Learning on the job means you are in the job, lyou might be lacking here and there (underqualified) but someone already judged you qualified for that job


DataSquid2 t1_ixkssk0 wrote

There's two arguments here.

One: that's getting into the pedantics of what being qualified means. I perceive it as if you feel that way. Considering the sub I think self identification of that is fine.

Two: that you can do things outside of your job description that you are unqualified to do and if it's good enough to show it off.

I am talking about both of these things. I constantly do shit that I perceive that I am unqualified for and also things that I am unqualified for. Also, as previously stated since we're getting weird here, only if it doesn't hurt someone.

We can reframe this as underqualified or however you want to take it. At a certain point it's understanding the intent of what's said.

Tldr; do shit you're unqualified for.


hal0t t1_ixl900x wrote

You were underqualified, not totally unqualified. People underqualified is different from unqualified. Let's just agree to disagree.


DataSquid2 t1_ixldvit wrote

Not the case, that's not my story. You really shouldn't tell othet people that their lived experiences are not real because you can't imagine them.


wsdpii t1_ixkkutd wrote

Gets told to do something that I'm unqualified for with no training or advice.

Fails miserably for obvious reasons.

Gets written up because I did it wrong.

Repeat because my boss hates me.


DataSquid2 t1_ixklzmg wrote

That falls under the "if it doesn't hurt someone" statement with you being that someone.


BataBataShiteiru t1_ixk9eu9 wrote

It can be, yes, but only if you use it as an excuse to ignore common sense. I find it worthwhile to think about the fact that anything you are even remotely competent at began from a place of complete inexperience.

The advice is meant to counter the risky feeling of beginning something, not a critique of the importance of expertise.


PersonOfInternets t1_ixkhd2z wrote

No it's not. It's actually exactly what I needed to hear tonight. He isn't saying to do work that requires licensing without a license.


ThinkingTanking t1_ixle5n1 wrote

You took it literally and some joke about it if you take it literal. It's good advice if you use your brain.


ImWithStupid_ImAlone t1_ixmgswo wrote



ThinkingTanking t1_ixmuos8 wrote

The quote is saying to try new things. Not to start flying commercial planes or do surgery on someone.

Similar to "If you only do what you can, you'll never be more than what you are"


Lancaster61 t1_ixmpeaq wrote

Maybe “barely qualified” is the right word. Like you’re technically in the right place, but you’re the tiny fish in a giant ocean.


Poca154 t1_ixkk8dq wrote

me on my way to grow as an untrained heart surgeon


Matt1050 t1_ixj9jbn wrote

I'm gonna build a sky scraper with a children's hospital at the top, thanks Sahil Lavingia!


not_a_droid t1_ixjl5dk wrote

“qualified”, fuck that. Decent idea, bad wording


invent_or_die t1_ixjmv44 wrote

I recently changed my garage door torsion springs. Risky. Thought through every step, every move. Was empowering to see the door working well.


BigfootsBestBud t1_ixjghr7 wrote

Fucking hell I needed to read this today. Bless you OP.


PersonOfInternets t1_ixkhgub wrote

I'm in the same boat. Feels like it clicked something into place that was subconsciously holding me back from starting this business.


ThorsTacHamr t1_ixkmulx wrote

Then why hasn’t Elon grown up yet?


drklunk t1_ixjfn7u wrote

Got in trouble for executing PowerShell scripts to fix a common and company wide error after learning the basics of scripting. They were good, but was bothered by getting reprimanded for expanding my horizons. Not a big talking but enough to say "don't do it again"

So now I just don't tell them I'm doing it lol


KalWilton t1_ixk55qi wrote

To be fair this is a lot like finding a toddler with a hammer after they just put up a picture perfectly. You are impressed they hung the picture properly but suspect that things are about to go south very fast.


Smegma_On-Demand t1_ixiqpcn wrote

Nah, if you want to learn how to fly a plane, then you should definitely be qualified to fly a plane before just hopping into the cockpit and hoping for the best.


crkspid3r t1_ixjil9f wrote

It’s also happens when my cells decide they just want to stop working correctly.


Whole-Recover-8911 t1_ixjtud1 wrote

No Elon! That's not what that means! Writing a book and taking over a multibillion dollar company in an industry you know nothing about are two different-- Elon! Fuck.


DarkenedSkies t1_ixlcw8y wrote

What about anti-vaxxers giving medical advice?


crazzyfuzzy88 t1_ixj6fz9 wrote

Like buying options 0dte? Asking for a friend .


Zauberer-IMDB t1_ixl75n0 wrote

Unless you're a lawyer and get sued for malpractice.


ultimaIV t1_ixleux6 wrote

This is what I said in court when I stole a fork lift.


mrb117 t1_ixlhwp8 wrote

I see Elon is going through a lot of growth atm 🧐


GrandStyles t1_ixlisuu wrote

Alright, who’s ready for open heart surgery?


Arijan101 t1_ixn0mqt wrote

Don't let them tell you that you can't perform brain surgery just because you don't have a fancy medical diploma and years of specialized experience, or that you can't fly a passanger airplane across the Atlantic just because you're not a pilot!

Do the things you're unqualified to do, that's how growth happens!



WildTilt t1_ixn36mt wrote

That is the kind of inspirational quote I like to see in my doctors office.


SonicLoverDS t1_ixiqsax wrote

Time to go fly a plane despite not having a pilot's license.


DarkestDusk t1_ixjm0dz wrote

Grown Men and Women Don't need to Grow Anymore.


The84thWolf t1_ixjtp9g wrote

I mean…true, but feel like this could be said better. I know lots of people who are unqualified for things and don’t grow


PatMenotaur t1_ixjv02l wrote

*Me, scrubbing in for brain surgery: "It's ok everyone, I'm growing!"


thecwestions t1_ixjyaah wrote

Interesting. This is also how unmitigated lawsuits happen!


Leroyjenkins73 t1_ixjzbty wrote

Lol, applying this to people who are in positions they shouldn't, really gives this a different vibe.

What kind of growth are we talking about? Malignant growth?


crackhousebob t1_ixk0owz wrote

Well, hiring managers might disagree because they always want qualified people for the job.


Full_Temperature_920 t1_ixk1lk0 wrote

Is he trying to be profound? All he's described here is the process of "learning"


MuletTheGreat t1_ixk51eu wrote

And education is the place to do it.


2KilAMoknbrd t1_ixk8qpw wrote

Within reason, I guess .
Trust me, I stayed in a Holly Day Yin


BroMan-Z t1_ixkacx4 wrote

Should be learning things you’re unqualified to do but I get it.


drewbeardcore t1_ixkbfh0 wrote

Yeah that’s dangerous advice. There’s enough people out there doing things they have no business doing, we don’t need to encourage more stupidity.

“Growth happens by trying things you’re scared to try” would be a better statement.


NoDadImJustADragon t1_ixkdyqq wrote

My god, I work in a CVICU and I am fully qualified legally to be there, but I have insane imposter syndrome and feel like I have no idea what in the actual fuck I am doing. I know these drugs make BP and HR go up, and those make BP and HR go down, and a lot more to be honest, but when a complex patient starts to deteriorate or code, I am just so fucking useless. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it, but otherwise I’m just looking at stats without a clue as to what to do waiting for a smart doctor help.


MithandirsGhost t1_ixkdyw0 wrote

The court calls it practicing medicine without a license.


Hmccormack t1_ixki7w7 wrote

Like drawing a self portrait?


WSB_KnightOfTheVale t1_ixkjqfd wrote

Instructions unclear- attempted to do open heart surgery as an RN and got fired and sent to prison.


Raz1979 t1_ixkp0os wrote

So does potential prison sentences


Upst8r t1_ixkt5ew wrote

I started IT work maybe 20 months ago, and my gut reaction half the time is FREEZE! because I don't want to get it wrong.

Maybe 5 months ago I was finally comfortable doing this that I'm ready for whatever comes next. The only way I got here was 15 months of uncertainty, asking questions and figuring my way through things.


SadShots t1_ixktztd wrote

This sounds like potentially dangerous advice.


Zeniyah t1_ixkuavw wrote

Just got a job making more than doubled my current job’s pay. Didn’t qualify for the job on paper, but I somehow got it. Woohoo!


jardonm t1_ixkwizi wrote

Death as well


grrrreatscott t1_ixkxcae wrote

I bet Elon Musk is doing some top-tier growing right now


ronflair t1_ixkxp9o wrote

I managed to cure every patient that I diagnosed with terminal cancer with this one neat trick. Doctors hate me.


sandleaz t1_ixl18pp wrote

Imagine pretending to be a surgeon, going to a hospital and try to do surgery. Best luck to whoever gets this new unqualified surgeon.


[deleted] t1_ixl2n5s wrote

Chopped my legs off using the auto saw after specifically being told I want qualified to use it. I’ll show them I thought.


TKCerbs t1_ixl4fu9 wrote

What a dumbass quote. Qualifications are required to do qualified things. Maybe growth comes from doing things uncomfortable to do, or hard to do.

Try getting in a cockpit with this dumbass saying and see how it goes.


the_last_gingernut t1_ixl4tui wrote

Yes that is why my roof is falling off but I have grown so who cares


Jackamalio626 t1_ixl5dq0 wrote

Sounds like corporate propoganda to get you to pick up your coworkers slack after they fire them to save money.


Adeno t1_ixl96za wrote

Let's go *******


Bicdut t1_ixl9gyk wrote

Is this a practice makes perfect or fake it until you make it


kuismis t1_ixlakmw wrote

Good advice if you enjoy anxiety and panic attacks


Lilkko t1_ixlalnk wrote

I feel awful for saying this but it's midnight and I'm really tired and I swore his last name was "vagina."


iamappleapple1 t1_ixlbfb9 wrote

This may be what he’s thinking when he’s drawing his twitter profile pic


Kumimono t1_ixlbi2l wrote

OK. Anyone up for surgery?


PetraLoseIt t1_ixlblop wrote

Please ignore this advice if you're a visitor in a hospital and an alarm starts beeping.

Same if you're a visitor and touring a nuclear plant and an alarm starts beeping.


GhastlyRain t1_ixld059 wrote

That’s why I’m currently working at a nuclear power plant <3


jameszka997 t1_ixldd6v wrote

Guess it is time to press buttons in the nuclear reactor control room


albundyhere t1_ixle2ty wrote

Barney Stinson, here's a scalpel. Challenge accepted! yeah right. you think i'm some Doogie Howser or something?


Lectricboogaloo t1_ixlkat0 wrote

I know a lot about liquor licensing. I don't know shit about Town Planning. I left my liquor licensing job. Now I make town planning applications like a pro...


ihave2blackfriends t1_ixlkyjv wrote

That's it! Tomorrow I'm gonna drive the forklift! Thanks OP!!


ArziltheImp t1_ixllcs0 wrote

Getting ready for my first surgery. Thanks Twitter man.


Antares86 t1_ixlm7zk wrote

Know how I like my doctors and surgeons? Qualified 😎


red_rocketd0g t1_ixlmt1d wrote

Not applying flying a plane and forklifts, this is definitely great advice. The stress I felt doing things I wasnt ready for is what helped me to excel in my personal growth and business life. The stress, sweat and tears can make you want to break but once you persevere, all those things become easy to you and the stress goes away.


notavegan90 t1_ixlnoop wrote

What? I’m unqualified to build a bridge. Pretty sure the only growth happening there is six feet at a time into the soil.


Yue2 t1_ixlo1a2 wrote

Time to become a surgeon!


T1sofun t1_ixlq7y6 wrote

“Lie down.” ‘Why?’ “Just lie down.” ‘What are you doing?’ “I just need to pull out a couple of your teeth. I’m not qualified, but I want to grow.”


pwuk t1_ixlqx1w wrote

Fine line between success and sharp end of being sued.


Lillymorrison t1_ixltjub wrote

True. But I feel growth comes from actually learning how to do it.


magical_bunny t1_ixlu8el wrote

Hence why getting stuck in a dead-end job is one of the most soul-destroying things on earth.


H3racIes t1_ixly4ue wrote

Fuck this. That's how people get injured or die. Get qualified.

"Hello passengers this is your captain speaking. It's my first day on the job and I just thought about becoming a pilot today. It's my first day ever seeing any of these controls, I wonder what they do. Anyways, good luck with your flight"


arrowmarcher t1_ixlzk3l wrote

Reaches out hand nervously: Scalpel


SimonSaysYeah t1_ixm279j wrote

That's how faketaxi started out too


wiskeyjack123 t1_ixm4f5h wrote

Heart Surgery is next... always wanted to grow in that direction.


gameober122 t1_ixm4x1m wrote

At work when im digging into machines, I get asked the question “are you qualified to do that?” And i reply with a hearty “Nope!”


elpajaroquemamais t1_ixm67bt wrote

Don’t have a medical degree? Perform surgery anyway! Grow!


markoer t1_ixm8mwb wrote

Okay; now I want to do open heart surgery, who needs one? I promise I’ll do my best


Vanrainy1 t1_ixmcw6r wrote

Instant death can come about in exactly the same fashion...


armchairwarrior69 t1_ixmnenp wrote

Uhhh.... growth comes from learning how to do it.

Growth doesn't come from flying a plane with no understanding and killing everyone on board.

These "motivational" messages are so fucking stupid so often if you actually apply them to most things.


Laleaky t1_ixmnhlx wrote

Hopefully he’s not in the health care industry.

Or aviation.


Demanicus t1_ixmoh4e wrote

Said my surgeon as the sleeping gas hit


uZeAsDiReCtEd t1_ixmt0a5 wrote

Great. Gonna practice some brain surgery tomorrow


tezomby t1_ixmzbes wrote

this is a terrible idea


ripyourlungsdave t1_ixn0wmo wrote

Growth is asking for the help you need to learn how to do the things you don't know how to do.


Frost1235 t1_ixnyj4d wrote

BAM. This comment!

But this shit quote is how companies take advantage of employees.


VigilanteP t1_ixrjiye wrote

So true.

This is why I began practicing internal medicine without a license or formal education.


daywalkker t1_ixufwtj wrote

That is also how accidents happen.