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Brianna_Bust t1_ixjct7x wrote

I force myself to get things done like my fitness routine or cleaning, by rewarding myself later on with a favorite tv show or a few potato chips. Pretty tough in Winter though. Get outside while the light is bright!


TeacupExtrovert t1_ixjtrcg wrote

If I absolutely cannot keep my eyes open I just go to bed early and wake up two hours early the following morning and get stuff done. Either way, they're my hours, but in the morning I have the energy that I cannot muster after work when it's midnight...I mean 6 pm.


Demonthrall22 t1_ixkf63l wrote

Get up earlier. You’ll start your day with free time and your gas tank full


katierthanmost t1_ixkandj wrote

It helps that I have young children, so the evening is really the only time I get to myself.

I keep most of the mindless stuff for night time, so it doesn't take a lot of energy or brain power. I will often clean and listen to a podcast, music or watch a show at the same time.


BedaHouse t1_ixj020y wrote

Bit ago I had the same revelation regarding the short days as I did about cold weather/winter:
I only have so many days/week/months in the year. By choosing to stay inside because the weather is cold/dark, then I will end up missing out on a 1/3 of the year. I will go into hibernation even more so than I already do. All of this will mean I will lose that time, time I will never get back.
So I try to apply the same to the dark months: If I limit myself to doing only things when its light out, I will essentially get nothing done during the week, and spend all weekends/daylight time doing the things I have to do, versus what I want to do.

It doesn't make it "easier" or fix the problem; however, it serves as the fundamental motivation to get my butt moving.


IntrepidFish1264 t1_ixk8xgh wrote

I light candles, put the tv or a podcast on, and bright lights.


FostersExploration t1_ixkw13h wrote

See, I love these posts because I used to live in Boise, Idaho, now on Oahu. If you know either of their weather, you understand the difference it made to being generally happy through my day. Do gotta say though, you love when it rains.

Goal of life: vitamin c all the time


[deleted] t1_ixm291z wrote

If you aren't at a high latitude, just wake up earlier with the sun. I enjoy waking up with sunrise the most.

At sunset, turn on all the lights in the house.