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ahhshits t1_ixz1mzi wrote

Self help books are like 95% fluff with 5% of good advice that are usually just reminders.

Reading doesn’t have to be self help stuff as it sort of implies in this post


dedicated-pedestrian t1_ixzihxa wrote

There's a lot you can learn about life or yourself from fiction alone. But even just doing random research binges can be fun and fulfilling too.


SirCSquared t1_ixzuw69 wrote

This is true. In my 20s I found so much wisdom in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut.

Reading doesn’t have to always have some quantifiable goal or purpose. The act of reading itself is valuable. Do it enough and it’ll completely change your life.


zach8555 t1_ixzww1x wrote

>This is true. In my 20s I found so much wisdom in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut.

like what? ive been meaning to read him.


SirCSquared t1_iy004kl wrote

I think he captures a lot of humanist philosophy, and he’s so good at satire he’s able to make these pithy rebukes of consumerism, mass media, and the baseless absurdity of our longings. He’s just excellent. I recommend Deadeye Dick.


Vessix t1_ixzrqxs wrote

Likewise with podcasts. Not all are created equal, and I'd argue there are several that promote a regression of character rather than a progression.


UncoolSlicedBread t1_iy09k5m wrote

The trick for self help books is that they usually either do an end of chapter recap or a dedicated chapter to recap all the info. If I’m browsing a store I usually just look for these parts of the book and leave.

Reading for me helps most through non-fiction recounts and fictional stories.


PeKenaLarVa t1_iy01gtf wrote

Same goes to podcasts. The advice is only fine as long as you have access to good and curated material.


Seth_Gecko t1_iy1bjc6 wrote

I don't think that's what the post is implying at all. It's just suggesting that you think about what you're reading and what it might be trying to tell you; not all writing is trying to tell you something, or teach you a lesson, but if you go into any book open to being taught, to learning, you can almost always take something positive away. That's what reading is all about! That and just plain old fun!


bradforrester t1_iy1mg8s wrote

The description does not sound like self-help books to me.


ahhshits t1_iy39xpb wrote

When it says “advice from mentors,” I don’t think it’s implying Tolkien when reading Lord of the rings.

Although Tolkien is a great mentor. You’re not getting direct advice out of fictional/fantasy novels.


bradforrester t1_iy3gjjc wrote

The “throughout history” part that made me think this could mean reading biographies of great leaders from the past.