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Odd_Rutabaga_7810 t1_ixz0vl9 wrote

Thank god it left off exercise


dedicated-pedestrian t1_ixzi7xc wrote

To be fair, if exercise is something you relish not being on this list, it's probably outside your comfort zone... So it actually is on the list, just not explicitly.


Jyanmara_robert t1_iy03ep5 wrote

Climb stairs every day was the first suggestion.


Odd_Rutabaga_7810 t1_iy1geav wrote

I believe "standing on top of stairs with your hands sticking up" was the first suggestion.


tikiporch t1_iy0dbkx wrote

Good joke, but many of these are not explicit so if you set a goal to exercise that's good enough...


gamesquid t1_iy2f9sz wrote

only if your goal is to not be fit, haha


inkstainedquill t1_ixzdkqt wrote

“This message brought to you by (random podcast company) and our sponsor Casper. Only we bring you the best in fiction, news, self-help, and mattresses.”


ahhshits t1_ixz1mzi wrote

Self help books are like 95% fluff with 5% of good advice that are usually just reminders.

Reading doesn’t have to be self help stuff as it sort of implies in this post


dedicated-pedestrian t1_ixzihxa wrote

There's a lot you can learn about life or yourself from fiction alone. But even just doing random research binges can be fun and fulfilling too.


SirCSquared t1_ixzuw69 wrote

This is true. In my 20s I found so much wisdom in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut.

Reading doesn’t have to always have some quantifiable goal or purpose. The act of reading itself is valuable. Do it enough and it’ll completely change your life.


zach8555 t1_ixzww1x wrote

>This is true. In my 20s I found so much wisdom in the novels of Kurt Vonnegut.

like what? ive been meaning to read him.


SirCSquared t1_iy004kl wrote

I think he captures a lot of humanist philosophy, and he’s so good at satire he’s able to make these pithy rebukes of consumerism, mass media, and the baseless absurdity of our longings. He’s just excellent. I recommend Deadeye Dick.


Vessix t1_ixzrqxs wrote

Likewise with podcasts. Not all are created equal, and I'd argue there are several that promote a regression of character rather than a progression.


UncoolSlicedBread t1_iy09k5m wrote

The trick for self help books is that they usually either do an end of chapter recap or a dedicated chapter to recap all the info. If I’m browsing a store I usually just look for these parts of the book and leave.

Reading for me helps most through non-fiction recounts and fictional stories.


PeKenaLarVa t1_iy01gtf wrote

Same goes to podcasts. The advice is only fine as long as you have access to good and curated material.


Seth_Gecko t1_iy1bjc6 wrote

I don't think that's what the post is implying at all. It's just suggesting that you think about what you're reading and what it might be trying to tell you; not all writing is trying to tell you something, or teach you a lesson, but if you go into any book open to being taught, to learning, you can almost always take something positive away. That's what reading is all about! That and just plain old fun!


bradforrester t1_iy1mg8s wrote

The description does not sound like self-help books to me.


ahhshits t1_iy39xpb wrote

When it says “advice from mentors,” I don’t think it’s implying Tolkien when reading Lord of the rings.

Although Tolkien is a great mentor. You’re not getting direct advice out of fictional/fantasy novels.


bradforrester t1_iy3gjjc wrote

The “throughout history” part that made me think this could mean reading biographies of great leaders from the past.


nvcNeo t1_ixzwnla wrote

You know it's interesting, I had a professor in uni that did a talk about how people were destroying their ability to focus by multitasking all the time, e.g. listening to podcasts while doing menial tasks. He recommended specifically doing menial tasks, like washing dishes, uninterrupted and concentrating on just them, to improve our ability to focus.


cornbread__ t1_iy0zl29 wrote

Came here to say this. It’s gotten to the point for me that I can’t even play a video game without reaching for my phone to put on a podcast or YouTube video. If one of those two things can’t fully stimulate you, then something’s wrong.


ValyrianJedi t1_iy0ckqk wrote

That requires having enough time that doubling up stuff isn't a requirement... If I never multitasked I'd be spending 20-30 hours a day on stuff


Seth_Gecko t1_iy1ce0q wrote

I don't buy that one bit. Consciously avoiding multitasking isn't going to teach you to focus. Being good at multi-tasking is all about being able to focus while doing multiple things.

Why wouldn't I want to fill otherwise mentally unstimulating, unbenficial hours with audio books or podcasts or whatever? Heck, I now read like 3 times as many books as I did before I started using audible during housework and whatnot. And for someone like me, whose worst mental torture is thinking about my ever-expanding backlog and the fact that there just isn't enough time in my measly human lifespan to read all the books I want to read, that's a true godsend!


nvcNeo t1_iy1jti9 wrote

I don't recall exactly what his reasoning was, the talk was a few years ago, but it was something along the lines of true multitasking not actually existing. He said it was a myth, and what was really happening was that our brains were constantly switching our focus between these "micro"-tasks back and forth creating the illusion of multitasking. Multitasking as we know it is hurting our working memory, which in turn is what negatively affects our ability to focus among other things. If you search for it, there has actually been quite a lot of research on the topic, as well as the effects.


Seth_Gecko t1_iy1k2hz wrote

I don't buy it. No one is going to convince me that multi-tasking and trying to make the most out of my time is a bad thing.


nvcNeo t1_iy1knc9 wrote

You do you, bud. I'm not trying to convince you, I just thought the subject was interesting.


Seth_Gecko t1_iy1zwe7 wrote

I'm aware. I'm just participating in the conversation, same as you. Not sure why that's a bad thing but okay 🤷‍♂️


Muscalp t1_iy2p6ul wrote

There is a point to be made about focussing on a single thing. That‘s essentially what meditation is. Also I think there‘s a big difference between multitasking while doing senseless stuff like laundry, or „multitasking“ by looking at your phone while watching a movie.


Seth_Gecko t1_iy6lgrd wrote

I wouldn't consider looking at your phone while watching a movie "multi-tasking." Simply doing one thing when you're "supposed" to be doing something else isn't multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is doing and paying attention to muliple things at once. For example: I work at a marijuana dispensary, and a lot of our downtime is spent rolling joints. I always listen to an audio book or podcast while I'm rolling, and I can easily focus on both tasks. No one is going to convince me that that isn't more productive use of my time.

I have a severely limited time on this earth: not nearly enough to consume and learn everything I want to. 🤷‍♂️


Muscalp t1_iy6oh7o wrote

That‘s more or less my point, yeah


DankLoaf t1_iy2o7r6 wrote

I read a book recently called "Deep Work" that gave very similar advice to what OP stated. Basically your ability to focus solely on a single task is a neural skill that you need to learn and build over time, and by constantly stimulating your mind with some form of entertainment you're degrading that ability. There are other similar schools of thought (like "flow state" which is probably a bit more popular) that will advocate for the same thing

The counterpoint to this is that for some, the need to deeply concentrate on a single task isn't relevant. This usually applies to managers or executives. To them the ability to rapidly task switch is much more valuable than the ability to deeply concentrate


SgtDoughnut t1_ixz4lm1 wrote

Some of these things you can't just do.

Surround yourself with successful people is a lot harder than just saying it.


vingeran t1_ixzccew wrote

One can surround yourself with imaginary successful people. Recite their mantras and get better at things.


SayeretJoe t1_ixzfh43 wrote

That would be the podcasts and books category, right?


dedicated-pedestrian t1_ixzibws wrote

Bingo. You don't have to know these people to surround yourself with their thoughts and absorb a bit of how they think.


SayeretJoe t1_ixzqbj8 wrote

Agree! Also in my case, try things even if you know they will not be perfect. Do not be afraid to break things while trying. Sometimes perfection makes you endlessly research and stuff but never get started actually doing the things we set out!


Sealworth t1_ixzp5hv wrote

It really depends on how you define success. If you take it to mean rich, yes that can be tricky. If you take it to mean respected at their job, generally liked by people, and not drowning in debt it is a lot easier. By the first definition I know maybe one person (or at least on their way to rich). Using the second definition it describes almost everyone I surround myself with.


GrizDrummer25 t1_ixzisn8 wrote

I think the point was more to carefully choose the people you spend the most time with. It's a real thing that you assimilate into/become influenced by the people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with positive people and you'll begin to mirror positivity.


Toast_On_The_RUN t1_iy17pg4 wrote

I wish I could choose anyone to spend my time with. But I can't pick and choose because theres no choices. Either the few friends I have or no one


GrizDrummer25 t1_iy1m4uh wrote

And if you feel like your friends aren't leading you down a path you like, or you find yourself making choices with them you normally wouldn't otherwise, the optimal answer may very well be 'no one'. It's never an easy conversation to have with yourself, much less to tell the others in question.


ScaleneWangPole t1_ixzv45k wrote

If I'm trying to surround myself with successful people, and they are trying to surround themselves with successful people also, then we'll never hang out until I'm already successful.

Better advice: set boundaries with the people in your life, both toxic and non-toxic.


yousing65 t1_iy45thl wrote

I believe everyone has their own set of strengths that you can be inspired by and learn from and they also have their own set of "toxic" traits (this includes people that society labels as "successful").

I would say as long as you surround yourself with people that: (1) make you feel happy, (2) believe in you and motivate you, and (3) are actively working towards their own self-growth, you should be in good company.


ValyrianJedi t1_iy0c8ry wrote

Surrounding yourself with successful people may not be immediately easy, but is definitely doable and makes a massive difference


bateees t1_iy1o50w wrote

no kidding especially when you live in the south


Platti_J t1_iy09l00 wrote

Successful people don't want to hang out with non successful people, they hang out with other successful people.


SayeretJoe t1_ixzepxw wrote

You can start with one professional that you will pay to give you advice on the subject you want to improve, after that you will probably meet people from the “industry” on your own!


Venogrim t1_ixyx61m wrote

Or a list of 8 other random activities!


ValyrianJedi t1_iy0c0ny wrote

I wouldn't call goals, seeking criticism, surrounding yourself with successful people, etc. "random activities". Those are very much all directly geared towards improvement.


Venogrim t1_iy0daud wrote

Why 8, instead of 3 or 80? Why these exact ones, instead of others equally fine ones?


ValyrianJedi t1_iy0e2nf wrote

Because there is a limited amount of space so you have to prioritize when deciding what to put on them. That definitely doesn't make them random


Venogrim t1_iy0gpji wrote

Random crap, or noise, like most of these collections of "wisdom".


ValyrianJedi t1_iy0k7o1 wrote

How on earth is recommending setting goals or being open to change "random crap"... It genuinely blows my mind that someone can possibly have a problem with this post. You're pretty clearly just looking for something to complain and be negative about, which really doesn't belong here


tacodog7 t1_ixzpnwq wrote

Most of these things are fluff that morons use to pretend they are smart or motivated. Anytime someone says they are open minded, it usually means they believe crazy things about vaccines or democrats


SayeretJoe t1_ixzr7wi wrote

Agree! There is so much positive toxicity out there, the “one more rep”, “no pain mo gain” “stop depression by smiling” crowd out there is everywhere!


BobDope t1_iy0acgs wrote

Yo I listen to Joe Rogaine all night but I feel like I’ve just gotten dummer


b4k4ni t1_ixzltwz wrote

Way too exhausted for this from my day-to-day work.


SayeretJoe t1_ixzr1hh wrote

Self-improvement and work stress have to be aligned and considered for your plans to work!


barabara4 t1_ixz6igp wrote

I've been surrounded by successful people most of my life and I still haven't learned anything. I'm the most pessimistic, negative person. My selfsteeim is on the floor.


vingeran t1_ixzcnll wrote

Ok so you need therapy. If you are suicidal, you need to call the suicide prevention services. Eat good food, run outdoors, get a pet, seek therapy.


barabara4 t1_ixzdshp wrote

Thank you. I think the only thing I don't do from the list you suggested, is eat well. I run, I have a few pets, and I am in therapy. I'll just keep pushing through. Thanks again.


SirCSquared t1_ixzv9v5 wrote

I’d depersonalize that language a bit. Things like pessimism and negativity are emotional experiences we all have. You may be in a place because of circumstances or experiences or chemistry that you reside in those states more often or regularly. But, you are not those things in terms of your intrinsic character.

This helped with my OCD treatment. I wasn’t an “anxious, obsessive” person, I was someone experiencing anxious preoccupation. Now that my disorder is treated and managed well, I don’t identify with it at all.


SayeretJoe t1_ixzi86z wrote

Never compare yourself to others, your success is from being better than you were yesterday, only compare yourself with your old “you”. And it sounds like this is the case, love the process life will never be perfect, there will always be that next shiny achievement to unlock, be happy with the process and be present in life! Best to you!


barabara4 t1_ixzkobx wrote

I will keep doing my best for sure. Thank you


SayeretJoe t1_ixzq1es wrote

Our best is all we really have! However do not torture yourself just for “discipline” sake, if you hate running change it for something else, switch it around have fun with it! :)


ALQatelx t1_iy0md4n wrote

What is the 1800 number gonna do exactly? If i wake up every day wishing i didn't is some random thats being payed to talk to me gonna not make me feel that way,


Platti_J t1_iy09p1s wrote

Successful people don't want to share their road to success because they don't want competition.


barabara4 t1_iy0bx8s wrote

I was referring more to the side that if you are surrounded by successful people, you will learn from them and get better and better. Successful people go to a lot of troubles too, but they have that ability(if you can call it that) to push through and get to where they are.


Rage_VIIX t1_ixzg1tj wrote

‘8 ways to emulate successes people’.

Fixed it. Since the title sounds like something is inherently wrong with every human ever.


Sputnik_Butts t1_ixzvu9r wrote

Criticize yourself, not others.


Love_Activist t1_iy390pb wrote

Well it’s pretty much the same thing. Criticizing others is usually a reflection of urself, it’s a defense mechanism, a projection onto others


Sputnik_Butts t1_iy5fe11 wrote

Yeah, personally I don't think a lot of people that criticize others realize they are projecting.


Iconoclast_2 t1_ixzvcg7 wrote

When being around successful people remember that you define what the term successful means, not society etc.


Bfiang t1_iy0gh3x wrote

I can’t recommend exercising enough. It helps you feel better physically and mentally, gives you a sense of control over yourself, and also gets your body and mind into a state of improvement. For me it also helps me with eating healthier, cause if I’m going to put time in the gym, why would I destroy that time by eating like crap?


LaBlancheHermine t1_iy35kdl wrote

I thought going to the gym on a regular basis 3 to 4 times a week would change my mind about eating like shit but this has not happened yet. Most people I know think the gym is the hard part but to me it's definitely the diet aspect I struggle with.

In any case sports can't hurt even if you can't fix all your bad habits at once, it's better to start anyway imho ✌


ChessieJackson t1_iyf54zm wrote

Exercise has never once helped my mood. Made it worse usually.


Bfiang t1_iyf6676 wrote

I use to feel that way at times. Sometimes exercise doesn’t always bring me to a better mood even to this day. But the majority of the time, and especially over time exercise has helped my physical health and mental health. Maybe you have to find a certain kind of exercise that works well for you! I love playing sports like basketball and I also like weight lifting. But I honestly don’t like running at the moment. Just a thought!


ChessieJackson t1_iyf6od9 wrote

I went to the gym 6 days a week for about 3 years. I hated it. I got up at 1:45 AM some days to fit it in my schedule. I tried bullshitting myself that it made me feel better, but it never did. I think about shit while I exercised and would leave the gym angry. Hated every aspect of that fucking place.


Bfiang t1_iyf77ir wrote

Going at 1:45am I think would hate it as well haha. Also 6 days a week is a lot! I only go 3 days a week because that’s what my schedule allows at the moment. Again, maybe something a little lighter on the schedule and something other than the gym would help. Walks/Hikes outside, a short run, or something


ChessieJackson t1_iyf7ive wrote

My schedule changed in the last few years where I work every shit in the course of a week. I start on afternoons, move to mornings, and finish with a midnight shift within 5 days. I don't have time to do anything.


Bfiang t1_iyf7qiz wrote

That’s tough, I went through your comment history, seems like life is pretty rough for you, hope there’s something that can go your way!


riemann3sum t1_iy0k73o wrote

i hate podcasts and the radio


shoojx t1_ixzrosi wrote

You should ask why you need to constantly improve.


thislittleplace t1_iy074u0 wrote

To live a more fulfilling life? As individuals we get to define what that means to us, but since we have very limited time in our lives, it makes sense that most of us are trying to make choices in order to create our best possible future with the time we have left.

I agree with you that we should all question the things we strive for so that we don't fall into the trap of blindly chasing societal ideals.


Toast_On_The_RUN t1_iy18hlq wrote

You're constantly changing no matter what you do. So why would you not aim to improve? There's always things you and I suck at, that we could get better at. What could be wrong with always striving for the best version of yourself?


Evil_Knot t1_iy02izf wrote

More like, surround yourself with the baddest bitches.


JizzOrSomeSayJism t1_iy1ckyo wrote

Reminder that it's OK to have quiet, unproductive moments too. I've found that I'm more productive when I'm not worried about learning from a podcast during every empty second of the day. Throwing on your favorite artist or just sitting in the silence can help you recharge inbetween the important stuff


SayeretJoe t1_ixzfwmz wrote

It is a bit of the: “what came first? The chicken or the egg” situation, but the self is not a closed system, quite the opposite we are a product of our environment.


wyllyam1111 t1_iy0jrto wrote

Successful people must be surrounded by a LOT of unsuccessful people by now.


LuneBlu t1_ixzzmgr wrote

I generally run away from successful people. They are normally conceited in their mediocrity, and quite callous. They're usually interested in their success, not so much in yours...


TheReoDeo t1_iy1wpq7 wrote

Always have a goal in mind! Helps me through most of my days, even if it's just a small one like making yourself breakfast.


NotInsaneMe t1_ixz02i3 wrote

Do you have recommended books tk read?


SayeretJoe t1_ixzhqvp wrote

I like the book by Casper Van der Meulen - MindLift. It helped me map out areas of my life and get ideas of how to organize activities to make improvements. Its a book I usually pickup once a year to see how I am managing.

Also: “How to do the work” by Dr Nicole LePera


Dingle_wallaroo t1_iy03dw5 wrote

Get off your ass, and avoid addictive things that won't serve you like social media.


Alienissimus t1_iy09thi wrote

Fuck. I'm supposed to be looking for a job right now.


gloerkh t1_iy03q9n wrote

Do not split infinitive. That’s #9


PoliSciNerd24 t1_iy0544f wrote

Goals: earn some money to buy cocaine to get through the day and enough to party on the weekend really hard

Podcasts: tune into old cumtown episodes and the Adam Friedland show

Successful People: hang out with no one but my parents

Create new things: come up with really bullshit ideas for comedy sketches I’ll never shoot

Read books: mein kampf?

Criticism: play any video game and listen to people tell me I suck

Be open to change: go out and do degen sex acts with strangers

Step out of comfort zone: see above, engage in cruising culture


Hayaguaenelvaso t1_iy09qj6 wrote

So.. if I read books, but they are all novels... Eh... Well, I guess they still have advice in them


CocomyPuffs t1_iy0atwf wrote

I thought this was a cute post...until I saw the thing about podcasts. I have such bad ADD, I cannot pay attention when someone's talking unless I am concentrating on actively listening. Otherwise, I don't hear shit.


UI_Daemonium t1_iy0d9dm wrote

Be open to change is definitely a good one


Areyouuk2 t1_iy0fqk9 wrote

So listen to Andrew Tate. Got it.


humvee911 t1_iy0kq9r wrote

What constitutes educational audio?


SpaceZZ t1_iy0pt7f wrote

Everyone road is different. Don't mold yourself after some bullshit media feeds you. There are many roads to success and more then one definition of success.

Be your own man.


RPicster t1_iy0tisu wrote

I'm tired of this "read books" advise... As there is no other means of getting knowledge or consume inspiring fiction in the 21st century. Nothing against books, but c'mon ...


xtatic69 t1_iy0wp0o wrote

What's some good educational podcasts?


Scp-vexulus t1_iy0z7n9 wrote

New wall paper background


starstar420 t1_iy11ipm wrote

how about like love yourself


TheCrusader12 t1_iy11p2j wrote

People should also be ok with themselves. Everything is centered around self growth and career advancement. Push. Push. Push! Never stop learning! It is ok to be yourself, enjoy your time and where you are now and sometime not feel the need to have to be more than you are now


DefinitelyAFakeName t1_iy19n85 wrote

I like most of these but I'm not sure about the Podcasts one. There's something to be had about putting all you have into an activity instead of focusing on other things


MedicalWonder7739 t1_iy1eodh wrote

And stop constantly using your smartphone. Put it away.

The reason is that it's a huge distraction while you're doing these 8 activities listed here.


Ambrosed t1_iy1k077 wrote

Should have said: take constructive action without fear.


fragglerockerpoo_22 t1_iy1lt7h wrote

Self improvement is masturbation; now, self destruction...


EasternProd t1_iy1lvse wrote

It would be nice. People say do this and do that but not the steps to get there


Typewar t1_iy1rduf wrote

Yes but... I don't know about you, but who are actually capable of constantly improving without taking breaks?

Sure, you can take a break by reading a book?

Maybe I'm not as motivated as you guys are


MinnieShoof t1_ixztp7j wrote

“Read books.”

Anleitung unklar. Lektüre von Mein Kampf


Ashahoocherie t1_ixzwec8 wrote

Would love to get a poster of this to put in my classroom


gae42 t1_iy0l5ym wrote

i should probably just start taking ritalin again


jhnd7710 t1_iy0n8z3 wrote

And can you please translate it to like 2000 BC? :)


elektromas t1_iy0y9gr wrote

Thats alot of stuff to do every single day, enough to give me anxiety..


Chaosgremlin t1_iy13hm6 wrote

  1. Stop browsing Reddit or the internet in general. Good night.

tysons1 t1_iy13m9q wrote

Yes, let me read, "Final Exit".


Des8559 t1_iy1661g wrote

Why rubbish some of those are


belisarius93 t1_iy1hhio wrote

I feel like you could have left it at number 1 really. Incredibly nebulous.


NordF150 t1_iy1rpqe wrote

Anyone have a learning Spanish podcast they recommend?


TinaLikesButz t1_iy1xcig wrote

I'm not doing any of this bullshit.


justshywoman t1_iy2b5k0 wrote

To surround yourself with successful people is not within everyone's reach. To do this you have to be or become a successful person. No successful person wastes time with regular people!


gamesquid t1_iy2f6ro wrote

Jeez, step out of your comfort zone every day.


Fryman35 t1_iy2k5ak wrote

Why do we need to constantly improve? By what metrics am I improving on and why?


thisisgandhi t1_iy3beso wrote

Everyone & their mother has a podcast now


ChessieJackson t1_iyf5q6r wrote

I need to step out of my comfort zone and go ahead and hang myself.