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TAB1996 t1_iyj6q2b wrote

Yeah it doesn’t matter how disabled you are if you have money. Truly heartwarming


jdamwyk t1_iyjdn4e wrote

Am I the only one who noticed he should be in a wheel chair, not crutches? This MF disabled physically AND mentally.


the3dverse t1_iyjh20r wrote

i was wondering if that is psychically physically possible or not... i'm leaning toward not


aggi_pidugu OP t1_iyjdwbd wrote

Instead of taking the positive message you are nitpicking here unnecessarily.


jdamwyk t1_iyje35o wrote

I’m not nitpicking, it was a joke 🙄 You’re taking this a little too seriously. If anything this message is condescending. Not all disabilities are visible bro.


Life-Beginning-3168 t1_iykqpg0 wrote

>Not all disabilities are visible bro.

I, an American, identify as 7'1 but I'm only 6'.

No one could tell by looking at me that I've that disability.


Embarrassed-Life5402 t1_iynqdvk wrote

It's a horribly drawn comic with an Andrew Tate/Joe Rogan level take. I.e., total shit.


lunadanger t1_iyji110 wrote

What positive message, exactly? Please enlighten the group with some anti-homeless rhetoric.


llfoso t1_iyjf00p wrote

This is anti-homeless propaganda. The ways the guy without legs has been lucky and gotten help, and the ways in which the homeless guy has been unlucky, are invisible.


pckldpr t1_iyjggqc wrote

I'm still trying to beat the mental programming of failure my parents have me. It's hard to be positive when you were always the failure.


Traumfahrer t1_iyqnczk wrote

It's satire. How the fuck would someone stand upright with two missing legs on crutches.


Original-Ad-4642 t1_iyj562o wrote

Looking forward to a friendly and reasonable comment section.


PositiveLooper t1_iyj8ojl wrote

I dont think we should compare disabilities and decide which is worse or better. The take away from this is that there's always room to help others regardless of your own situation.

..unless I didn't understand the post if so can someone explain to me what I missed?


aggi_pidugu OP t1_iyj90vk wrote

The one who is begging is alright in his body but has a weak mind.. so he gave up on life..

But the one who is giving money is physically disabled but in his mind he is strong hence he is able to earn and live well.


hljoorbrandr t1_iyj8uzv wrote

I..honestly don’t know how to react to this, like it’s clearly ableist but I don’t feel like I can correctly articulate why it is.


[deleted] t1_iylgcc7 wrote

It's ableist because it basically uses a person with a disability as the "lower bound" of what should be possible for everyone else. It's saying "If this guy with no legs can live a regular life, then anybody can" as if missing your legs is meant to be borderline life-ending.

It also assumes that only visible disabilities/struggles count as real problems people face. Although that's more just bullshit than specifically ableist.


PositiveLooper t1_iyj9sw7 wrote

Yea that's the vibe I got from it but I don't really know how to explain it either lol


hljoorbrandr t1_iyjjc52 wrote

Like, the guy receiving money may have an invisible disability like ADHD or diabetes? I think that is why I see it so ableist. It is like “look at this amputee giving money to someone - he can do it so can you”


DrownmeinIslay t1_iyk4kqu wrote

Schizophrenia? Maybe OP is throwing shade at mental illness.


UltraAlphaOne t1_izy6jdn wrote

I think the part about that that is true is “look at that person with challenges, they’ve overcome them and so can you!” Which is motivating.


jdamwyk t1_iyjdref wrote

This mf is definitely mentally disabled. He should be in a wheelchair, not crutches.


projectingwhip t1_iyk2ufx wrote

this post would've been fine with the quote only


Hyalopterous t1_iyjk06f wrote

TIL my mind isn't part of my body


jdamwyk t1_iyjb375 wrote

Mr. Crutches must have a mental disability. Why else would he be using two crutches with no legs when he could be in a wheel chair?


Alwaysunder_thegun t1_iyjhv6i wrote

And what about mental disability? What about opportunity? Some of us get them some of us don't.


freifickmuschimann t1_iyn3jik wrote

No I think I see what you’re saying and I can dig it

I’ve put a lot of effort into the machine itself without necessarily using it for all that it’s capable of; no reason to make and maintain such a functional meat vehicle if I’m not going to take full advantage of it lol


IcyClearly t1_iyjjkaw wrote

I think the quote is accurate, but the image is judgmental to the homeless guy needing help


aggi_pidugu OP t1_iyja2re wrote

Just to clear your doubts about this image .. here is what it means

The one who is begging is alright in his body but has a weak mind.. so he gave up on life..

But the one who is giving money is physically disabled but in his mind he is strong hence he is able to earn and live well.


jdamwyk t1_iyjd84p wrote

In his mind he’s definitely disabled. He should be in a wheel chair not on crutches.


Ramental t1_iyjedc4 wrote

Right? If these are 2 crutches, that must be insanely difficult and quite dangerous to use it this way. If one of those is an artificial leg, then why is it only one leg? Clearly he has money to install a second one and hugely improve his quality of life.

Weird. I get the point of the picture, but there is clearly a lack of understanding of the disabled by the author, questioning his ability to give an advice on the topic.


aggi_pidugu OP t1_iyjdpp4 wrote

You are reading too much between the lines mate.


jdamwyk t1_iyjduv1 wrote

I was kidding bro, that was a joke. Just something i think the artist overlooked.