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addrien t1_iywr8r3 wrote

Sometimes though, it's healthier to just sleep and recuperate, and dream up bigger dreams.


mf723622 t1_iyxg4dw wrote

100%. There should be a footnote that says “continue sleeping if you haven’t gotten 7-9 hours of sleep”. Getting proper sleep, every night, is arguably the most important thing you can do to improve the quality of your life.


amberoze t1_iyxu82f wrote

>continue sleeping if you haven’t gotten 7-9 hours of sleep

Ha. Haha. Tell that to my insomnia. If I stayed asleep that long, I'd be late to everything. It's not usually till about one or two in the morning before I can sleep, and I'm up by six-thirty.


mf723622 t1_iyxv9hf wrote

What time do you go to bed, or start winding down for the night? If you have insomnia you should talk to your doctor because only getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night will likely lead to poor health and an early death. Just saying you should try to figure out how to fix your insomnia.


amberoze t1_iyxyrew wrote

I'm usually in bed around ten pm. Being in the military for twelve years has really messed up my sleep. Seeing a counselor about some of the things that are affecting me. Trying to avoid medication as much as possible for now. Thank you for your concern though.


mf723622 t1_iyy00ly wrote

Best of luck with getting it all figured out!


Harlequin-sama t1_iyxu68g wrote

Ya maybe for ppl without a job.

I want to see how you say that to your boss.


the_other_irrevenant t1_iyz1jz9 wrote

What hours does your boss have you working that you can't go to bed in time to get 7-9 hours sleep?


Harlequin-sama t1_iyz7c3p wrote

He wrote:

“continue sleeping if you haven’t gotten 7-9 hours of sleep”

the_other_irrevenant t1_iyzifco wrote

Sure. Those aren't mutually exclusive.

For example, in many (most?) cases, people go to bed at a time that allows some slack in the morning. mf723622 would presumably suggest using some of that time to make up your 7+ hours if necessary.


mf723622 t1_iyxugaz wrote

I’m fortunate to have a job and a boss that provides this kind of flexibility, but I also have good sleep habits. I got to bed early enough where I can get 8 hours of sleep without having to feel like I need to jump out of bed the minute my alarm goes off because otherwise I’ll be late for work.


MedievaLime t1_iyyv29o wrote

I really really struggle to stay asleep after I get about 5 or 6 hours


tacodog7 t1_iyzo6r8 wrote

I have kids now and am constantly sleep deprived. Any time i complain to boomer relatives, they try and one up me with "oh yeah, well i slept even less!!" and millenial friends will always say "whose fault is that". Never help or empathy, just antagonism from all sides. I want to die. I cant live like this. No one cares.


No-Pattern8701 t1_iyzsgdm wrote

Dude I care.

I don't have kids - but can relate on the sleep deprivation due to responsibilities - regardless of the reason.

That's really tough, and it compounds.

Sleep is a multiplier and when you don't have it - everything is just that much harder and out of wack.

I hope things get better for you and that you get the good rest, peace of mind, and sincere empathy you deserve! 🙂


dr3dg3 t1_iz01935 wrote

I hate that so much. 😣 Seriously it feels like around boomers, suffering is a contest.


Cimejies t1_iyzw1p7 wrote

Proper hydration is incredibly important too


ag408 t1_iz0jfcm wrote

Then I must have dreamed the biggest dream ever. Come here, Guinness World Records.


AnAquaticOwl t1_iywhyvu wrote

Last night I slept for about 16 hours, during which I was in and out of a dream wherein a guy I knew stole my stone duck and I had to pursue him from New York to Boston before he boarded a train to Yuma, Arizona and disappeared forever. It was exactly as stressful as it sounds.


VirtualLife76 t1_iyyajim wrote

My fav, turned into a round wooden table and was running down the highway soaking up oil. Made it to the end where all the oil was wrenched out of me.


Suyefuji t1_iyye0p7 wrote

I always get dreams where I'm back in high school except it turned into a labyrinth and I can't find my classroom, and then when I finally get there I realize that I was naked the whole time and all my classmates are laughing at me. It definitely does not count as restful sleep.


AnAquaticOwl t1_iyyz2r8 wrote

I frequently dream about being in college and unable to find my math class so I never go and then stress out when it's the end of the semester and I've never been to a single class, and also I can never figure out how to do my English homework so I don't do it either


moomoomilk7 t1_iywtswx wrote

Let me waste my day off damn


Pudding_Hero t1_iyxfi5a wrote

Lol fr. I’m swapping blood for cash at the plasma center on my day off how the fuck is this motivating.


Harlequin-sama t1_iyxutfn wrote

I see you like to get penetrated by huge ass needles.

I did it a few times. The first time I saw that needle I asked if she is serious and want to stick that in my arm. I still remember how she pushed that gigantic needle into my arm.


metrobabyyy t1_iyyhvvd wrote

Was it as bad as it looks?


cr0wnedt0rtuga t1_iyyvcrl wrote

Not OP but its preeetty uncomfortable heh...since you have to sit there for a little the person who does it is also a bit of a factor yanno


Harlequin-sama t1_iyz7pck wrote

Normal needles are already uncomfortable. It hurts a bit and is very uncomfortable. But the procedure itself is more uncomfortable the first time. There is this tense sucking sensation of your blood from the machine. The other times only the needle is disgusting.


Grinagh t1_iywyge6 wrote

This person clearly needs a dog you either get up now, or clean up pee later.


tkeRe1337 t1_iyx1jv7 wrote

Cheese is strong in this one


Scoobz1961 t1_iyx387e wrote

Wait, continuing to sleep was an option?


10_Virtues t1_iyx213t wrote

There’s no reality of my dreams coming true. *rolls back to sleep.


garysai t1_iyxywlg wrote

I have no choice. The damn dog starts jumping on me till I get up.


b33r_engineer t1_iyy5h8t wrote

My dream last night was trying to evacuate my family from the aftermath of a nuclear attack, so that dream can stay right the fuck in my sleeping world, thanks.


RollItMyWay t1_iyy2xl6 wrote

Why does it feel more like I’m dodging bullets than chasing anything?


joe4ska t1_iyyyycz wrote

But seriously. Get 8-9 hours of sleep and never apologize for it.


zer0sumgames t1_iyygdnz wrote

Eh getting a bj from my college gf wouldn’t go over well


UniverseBear t1_iyx40ng wrote

Capitalism be like "just make sure you don't chase them so hard you forget about paying your bills and rent or it's homeless time!


metrobabyyy t1_iyyi3cm wrote

Most of my dreams are about the end of the world so I’m gonna pass on this one


MACMAN2003 t1_iyyitf6 wrote

my brain literally won't let me go back to sleep but i want to sleep


DallasCumOnOrIn t1_iyxf01w wrote

Gurl- no political freedom without economic freedom


rndname t1_iyxto32 wrote

Time to wakeup and face the music.


MrElSenor t1_iyy0csu wrote

Then you realize that you're still dreaming because there's way more to achieving dreams and goals than a simple change in mindset. While hard work does help it also helps if you have the resources to be able to even chase your dreams. But this is "GetMotivatedWithToxicPositivity".


SlySkyGuy18 t1_iyy0k0g wrote

Don’t lose the battle to the pillow…


slappyhamface t1_iyy0p5b wrote

Or rip a few bong loads and watch Columbo


inrcp t1_iyykg4t wrote

My dreams are great in bed.


EfferenceCopy t1_iyykwdp wrote

I stopped reading after ‘continue to sleep’


Wjbskinsfan t1_iyz10ph wrote

I’m sick of chasing my dreams. I’m gonna ask them where they’re headed and hook up with them later. -Mitch Headberg.


Sssarahhh t1_iz0dzqc wrote

This person doesn’t have kids


warez90 t1_iyx4v1w wrote

Can I keep sleeping?


wup4ss t1_iyxbhhe wrote

I don’t know, chasing sounds like a lot of work


TheMagnificentCnut t1_iyxbonb wrote

That’s one choice… Not knocking the motivation though.


Crlsmora t1_iyxbvsr wrote

3rd option: masturbate furiously and go back to sleep ;)


MRHBK t1_iyxe8pf wrote

I’d make that first choice


Pudding_Hero t1_iyxfae4 wrote

I disagree personally. Imo it’s an unhealthy and artificial to view things. I get this kind of stuff works for some people but its a very shallow way to deal with deep problems.


sonicstreak t1_iyxkwf5 wrote

It's 2 options. There's only 1 choice.

Yes, I woke up and chose chaos today


_N00bMaster69_ t1_iyxlkvm wrote

So be with them or have them be unobtainable as you chase them?


FoxFourTwo t1_iyxnig1 wrote

Can I go back to sleep to continue the dream to see how I get there?


Kambizan t1_iyxqiey wrote

I tried to chase them once, turns out I was chasing them in my sleep.


arothmanmusic t1_iyxx0h8 wrote

I have a third choice. Hit the snooze and dream about getting back to sleep.


WornInShoes t1_iyy0x9k wrote

I’m gonna stop chasing my dreams; gonna ask them where they’re going, and hook up with them later


I_summon_poop t1_iyy4dzo wrote

My dreams are impossible to catch no matter how hard i try so ima go with sleeping with them.


mostlygray t1_iyyaa8g wrote

Well, my dream last night was that I was back working at a job that I hated but also was no longer competent at. I was working for my friend who resented me and hated me in the dream and he spent the whole time insulting me. Then I screwed up my task worse than I ever had in my life and awoke feeling a sense of fear, loss, and disgrace.

In real life, I have a good job that I'm happy with.

Or maybe I want to chase the dream of being attacked by giant insects with human eyes and teeth like a wolf that bite and claw and tear the flesh from my bones as I try to kill them with my bare hands.

Have I told you about "The Things in the Dark?" They're the worst. You can kill them but it's very hard. They usually come back to life anyway. They have no faces but they have teeth and claws.

I'd like my dreams to stay as dreams please.


TheOneTrueKP t1_iyyk2se wrote

I guess it doesn’t matter: they get away with either choice.


Gabagoolgoomba t1_iyynkyy wrote

The wealthiest place in the world is not the gold mines of South America or the oil fields of Iraq or Iran. They are not the diamond mines of South Africa or the banks of the world. The wealthiest place on the planet is just down the road. It is the cemetery. There lie buried companies that were never started, inventions that were never made, bestselling books that were never written, and masterpieces that were never painted. In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential.

Myles Munroe


twitch-switch t1_iyyns7s wrote

I thought I was on r/deathstranding for a moment


deeplordphoto t1_iyyo32j wrote

If I get a deep enough sleep to have dreams, then I have officially achieved my dreams. Being awake only to go bake to sleep is chasing dreams. Besides that, who really wants to run?


chardeemacdennisbird t1_iyyodg5 wrote

Man, I just want to get my bathroom remodel done after two years. Imma chase that first


Polyanalyne t1_iyyqr67 wrote

I wake up every morning just so that I can afford to sleep and continue dreaming


almeertm87 t1_iyyrz35 wrote

This person never had to take care of a baby. Give me sleep any day, let me dream my dreams.


twirleygirl t1_iyys63l wrote

I'm tired of chasing my dreams. I'm just gonna ask them where they're goin' and hook up with them later.


Delicious_Subject_91 t1_iyyuhf1 wrote

Okay, but my hot neighbor and his wife Linda are pressing charges now...


Sharp-Touch8219 t1_iyyvnwb wrote

We need to wake up with a sense of urgency!


intelligentx5 t1_iyyy2b0 wrote

But get a solid 8 hours or your health will be shit…like for real.

Make sure you set time aside for sleep so that you can slay the fucking day.


ex0ll t1_iyz2t75 wrote

Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or live someone else's as a slave.


Hoedh t1_iyz2yv7 wrote

What if you only have nightmares?


Edwardhunts t1_iyz5ytd wrote

I've already looked bed through the shit I dream about, I don't really want to go back there. My psychiatry bills are high enough...


Endivine t1_iyz6ynt wrote

wish i could keep sleeping and dreaming


Nofapstronaut6 t1_iyz85oy wrote

My dreams are unobtainable. I can fly, underwater. Its so much easier to just live in a virtual dreamland


212superdude212 t1_iyz860u wrote

Yea but my dreams are being about having magical powers, I don't think I can do that irl


akonscousin t1_iyz9gxd wrote

Thought this was that new Kanye schizopost on his instagram


Ovian t1_iyz9sl7 wrote

This is so sad.


noniboi t1_iyz9wrt wrote

or just have a nice cup of coffee? don't feel like chasing


zt5um t1_iyza8zm wrote

Yet here we are chasing the bottom of a social media wall...


H3xRun3 t1_iyzb9g5 wrote

My dream is being eaten alive whole.

I'll just go back to bed now...


Urbam t1_iyzctnp wrote

Naah, my bed is comfy and warm...

Ok. Ok. Gonna wake up. Just +5 minutes...


erectronics t1_iyzev1q wrote

Even if they are nightmares? Like, i dreamt that i lost my teeth last night... how does one chase after teeth?


hdoublea t1_iyzh1ce wrote

Wait...when people talk about their they actually mean accomplishing the (realistic) goals they see in their dreams?

I don't ever remember my dreams....does that explain why I have no ambition?


MaesterOlorin t1_iyzjzpi wrote

🤔 Ummm, this is rather demotivational, at least for me. Snuggle up with my insanely awesome dreams: from exploring the mysteries in a gothic noir greenhouse, to calling on the name of the Lord to confront and rebuke a man-shaped demon made of rattlesnakes, to fighting a worldeating space-squid the size of the sun with a ******* *******ing sword, a SWORD🤘, ... o-o-o-or go to a world where the best and most ruthless liars rule. TBH I don't think I normally have trouble picking go-wake-up, but I'm actually going to find tomorrow harder to face 😰


jrocka86 t1_iyzk1h0 wrote

This weekend I literally stay in bed the entire time except to use the bathroom and get something to eat/drink


hrhrhrhrt t1_iyzl8uz wrote

I am so tired, but must be my depression, or grief, so let me sleep.


leafjerky t1_iyzo4zh wrote

Scrolling Reddit at 5am before work, after reading this I kinda wanna go back to sleep lol


Just_Ban_Me_Already t1_iyzoyf0 wrote

Every morning you have two choices:

Continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and live with your nightmares.


Sir_Lord_Oliver_III t1_iyzp8ow wrote

I don’t think I want to chase after a creep who was trying to SA me in my dream


sirmiseria t1_iyzpoav wrote

I'd rather sleep then. I'm tired of chasing.


FilthyKallahan t1_iyzpvo8 wrote

I choose to sleep with them. I've chased my dreams, they're faster than me


Hadesnt t1_iyzqkwo wrote

Wake up, Joseph


colossalyu t1_iyzutvs wrote

Shut tf up I need sleep.


elonbrave t1_iyzwfto wrote

Ok but last night I dreamt my penis turned into a pencil so I’m good actually


CUNTRY-BLUMPKIN t1_iyzymag wrote

Bitch I don’t make nearly enough money to do what my dreams entail. My rent in over $2k, groceries are looking like $120 a week and I work a minimum wage job. Let me fucking dream about what love and peace of mind because life hasnt worked out for me like it has for you.


midnight4456 t1_iz001rv wrote

How do I chase the magic dream serpent that shows up to eat me at the end of all my dreams? I would like it gone.


css1323 t1_iz01k5z wrote

Hmm. I’d rather sleep a bit more. Thanks.


oelbatouty1590 t1_iz01tzg wrote

Love this - every day is one less day to go after what drives us.


2xfun t1_iz01v8u wrote

I don't have any dreams


Pittedstee t1_iz04h02 wrote

Some mornings, more sleep is what I need. Ill get up and chase my dreams in an hour.


triplesecop t1_iz04ppi wrote

Wake up and live them sounds more realistic.


Tailgear t1_iz08esn wrote

Trite bullshit


EmetalEX t1_iz0b6me wrote

This morning i really really needed that extra sleep


Assassin_by_Birth t1_iz0bmnb wrote

Lol alright… time to take get motivated off my front page.

So stupid.


Draksys t1_iz0bt09 wrote

Cheers mate but my dreams and sleep are vastly superior than what's going on outside.


Lilacia512 t1_iz0c6ve wrote

I want to sleep. My kids want me to get up at 430am.


ODMinccino t1_iz0d0dw wrote

I don’t have dreams anymore. I just want to sleep.


swissiws t1_iz0eekd wrote

This "chase your dream" thing works only if you have dreams


RubySSinters t1_iz0guxa wrote

Or wake up and stumble around all day


KingOfCotadiellu t1_iz0m3dj wrote

Chasing your dreams, AKA the rat race of life. Have fun all of you, I'm going to turn around for a bit more and conserve some energy. Zzzzzzz


masoniusmaximus t1_iz0nh7v wrote

My dreams are weird AF. They can stay where they are.


Napervillian t1_iz0nmiw wrote

Sorry, but sleep is a non-negotiable biological need.


cycoivan t1_iz0no54 wrote

I'm tired of chasing my dreams, I'm just going to ask where they are going and catch up with them later - Mitch Hedburg


Phoenix_3222 t1_iz0tgxt wrote

But I work night shift I have to sleep at 8 am


Nandy-bear t1_iz0zyr7 wrote

I'm not in pain in my dreams lol. I love how I can roll over and resume them though it's my fave superpower.


ncc74656m t1_iz1l55g wrote

I would very much like to sleep with my dreams. They're pretty hot.


NattyGainz t1_iz2d2vd wrote

I’ll take the sleep, thank you


Danitoba t1_iz2psut wrote

Boy the clout attempt is grossly strong with this one. Someone was desperate to come up with a phrase that sounds cool. Lmao


[deleted] t1_iz5navs wrote



oelbatouty1590 t1_iz9wq0i wrote

You’re not responsible for anyone else’s expectations of you. Only your reaction to their expectations and how you manage them.


SatanicMechanic66 t1_iywdb9d wrote

"A dream is what I want to do but still haven't prusued"


asanteJoh t1_iyykw8a wrote

thank you. You've sparked some fire in me this morning


studyinformore t1_iyyxbhw wrote

How am I to chase my dreams when I'm about to be evicted from my apartment.

In the dead of winter no less.