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Clemario t1_iz3tcwy wrote

They even cleaned the sky ❤️


Ravio11i t1_iz5n8y5 wrote

That's what shrinking the cities will do... Smaller cities = smaller pollution. It's science!


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VolunteerHypeMan t1_iz6k16d wrote

As opposed to what? Being dead in the ground from Covid lol


Lord_Sithis t1_iz6tffx wrote

I mean, in actuallity when most people were home/working from home, there was less pollution. So while the vaccine is objectively a good thing for humanity, unvaxxed covid was great for nature. Morbid to think about really, but there it is.


itsvigs t1_iz7kp1u wrote

I mean, if covid just ran it’s natural course and eliminated a huge part of the worlds overpopulated unhealthy population these changes in the environment would be permanent and benefit the rest of us and earth immensely.


Lord_Sithis t1_iz7py3a wrote

From an objective standpoint, you're not entirely wrong. There'd be more resources overall per person, less land needed for farming, less animals/fish needed for sustenance, overall things would be better for those that survived, sorta.


Lord_Sithis t1_iz7pz5w wrote

From an objective standpoint, you're not entirely wrong. There'd be more resources overall per person, less land needed for farming, less animals/fish needed for sustenance, overall things would be better for those that survived, sorta.


GreenTheHero t1_iz6dacc wrote

Idk if this some anti vaxx coent or other, but in the caae of COVID it's actually kinda true.

When people were isolated and vaccine free, city environmenta vastly improved because most people were either not working or working from home, so there was much less commuting, a drop in cases, severity and vaccine all changes this and the environment will feel the difference


copingcabana t1_iz4c9pt wrote

In the end, we learn the real garbage was inside of us the whole time.


BringBackBoshi t1_iz4ecyp wrote

Too often we are the garbage. Ramen noodles cups and coke bottles don't birth themselves and infest places in their own 😓


---throwaway92--- t1_iz5vcw2 wrote

Perhaps the real garbage were the friends we made along the way.


syds t1_iz7p2fo wrote

we are at the stage of mining real garbage for gold


-Snapps- t1_iz99ph1 wrote

Perhaps the real garbage were the microplastics we made along the way.


Guido300 t1_iz3he9o wrote

Ya this is a fake thing going back years. It's from 2018 and only 80 turtles have been counted. Not to take away from the cleanup but the numbers in this post has been misrepresented many times


RateNXS t1_iz4jv2d wrote

I was wondering how the title could possibly be true. Sea turtles return to the beach they were born on to lay eggs, so if there haven't been any born there for decades, it's reasonable that there are very few turtles born there still alive.


GMN123 t1_iz4kt4s wrote

You could possibly transfer some eggs to restart a beach turtle population


HungerMadra t1_iz54s5y wrote

It's possible, but certainly not hundreds of thousands


Coarse_Air t1_iz5ejjb wrote

not to mention it only appears cleaned but it is in fact dirtier than ever as scientists have managed to infuse all of the earth's water with carcinogenic "forever chemicals' which, by defnition, can not be cleaned...


whoknowshank t1_iz5hxhq wrote

Different types of clean though. You can’t argue that having tons of litter removed from the beach is useless.


Shepatriots t1_iz3ustw wrote

96 weeks.. just say 2 years wtf


Kurizu150 t1_iz4106a wrote

How parents with their first baby be like.


Alucard661 t1_iz4wq9d wrote

If you ever have kids you will understand lol


Shepatriots t1_iz4ytt6 wrote

I have two sons. I never call them buy their months I say my son is almost two lol the other one is 6 years old so of course I don’t do it there lol


Alucard661 t1_iz5ey7f wrote

Well they develop by weeks, easier to track the size and development by weeks/month rather than years till he turns 2 after two it’s by years. If someone is buying your kids clothes and they’re 18 months and you say he’s a year old your going to get the wrong size same if you say 2 years old.


Shepatriots t1_iz5gwn5 wrote

Yeah I know this lol when people ask for the size of my kids clothes I tell them the sizes which happen to go by months I was just saying that when I’m talking about my kids in general I just say one and a half or 2. I don’t have a problem with how other people do it though.


Pizzaman725 t1_iz7a7x3 wrote

Pretty sure most people stop going by weeks/months once they are almost 2. Because that's everything to year and weight distinctions.


Traumfahrer t1_iz491d0 wrote

But that would only be 1.841 years!

(Obviously /s)


LICK_MY_SCROTUM t1_iz7ikp5 wrote

I originally read it as 96 years and thought

"Jesus, I had no idea that we were producing trash like that 100 years ago."


RenzoARG t1_iz3l0gs wrote

Where did the trash go?


ronflair t1_iz3ny26 wrote

Into a future “before” shot.


Enorats t1_iz56tqc wrote

Is that where all our trash is coming from? Our future selves have invented time travel, and they're dumping all their trash into the past?


sharksnut t1_iz4b02w wrote

Where did the city go?


Sigmented t1_iz4h61b wrote

Destroyed by hundreds of thousands of sea turtles


SamohtGnir t1_iz4llz7 wrote

Good eye. There is a city in the background of the After shot, so it could be a different spot on the same beach, assuming it's a very long beach. But that also could mean that the other part of the beach is still full of garbage. Probably most likely different locations, and the creator is just trying to send a message.


merchillio t1_iz4mgl1 wrote

It’s also a completely different camera angle. My guess is that the buildings are just to the left of where it is cropped.

Or different focal length and the building are those we see on the right of the picture


Killaim t1_iz5gcy8 wrote

or its just a fake post.


PuppetmanInBC t1_iz5wyho wrote

I googled Versova beach and the top result showed the cleanup of this beach. It took years, and the UN gave an award to the volunteer that organized it.

"Led by spirited young lawyer and environmentalist Afroz Shah, volunteers collected a staggering 5.3 million kilograms of decomposing trash and plastic from the 2.5 kilometer stretch of beach over a period of 21 months."


Cetun t1_iz6ru3l wrote

The right picture is taken at ground level and zoomed in on the city in the background to make the trash pile look larger. In the picture on the right the city in the background is the same city.


Church6633 t1_iz3pxso wrote



abhixec t1_iz5mi3h wrote

We have already started to liter space 🫥


TinKicker t1_iz4hzcj wrote

Outside the environment.


xJellowx t1_iz40hm7 wrote

Like with anything you catch from the sea, you either eat it or throw it back in.

I doubt people eat trash.


Kalip12 t1_iz45ttf wrote

So they threw it under the bed i see


alec_ong t1_iz57knn wrote

to a third world country


RenzoARG t1_iz5e0li wrote

Anything aestetically unpleasing only has to be relocated somewherelse to become "eco friendly". "Making the world a better place, because the world is only where we live at, not those other guys".


nakikinuod19 t1_iz7vf57 wrote

So we need to start sending our trash to space amirite?


patman_007 t1_iz7lan4 wrote

Into the ocean. It's why the seaturtles had to lay egg on the beach.


jgrahl t1_iz3p1kr wrote

This is in Mumbai India


WhitePantherXP t1_iz7x11s wrote

I don't say this lightly, but India is the last place on my list to visit after many documentaries and redditor stories. Some places are beautiful, but I am not sponsoring the crap that goes on there. The last documentary I watched was about how the majority of the bus drivers in a particular area rape little boys with nowhere else to go for a buck or two, and it's just a normal Tuesday. The crazy gathering around of beautiful women to post online that it's their girlfriend, the general rape culture in those popular tourist places like Bangladesh. All of the pollution they cause to the ocean, the disregard for the laborers lives who are regularly lost when decommissioning ships in the of the scam capitals of the world...nah I'm good. I know my country has a lot of issues, but there are better countries than that to contribute to. Also, I realize I may be downvoted as this is all generalizing, but I know of few other "1st world" countries that have more glaring issues than many places of India.


GMN123 t1_iz4khqe wrote

Must have taken ages to move those skyscrapers.


jahlim t1_iz3i79h wrote

Pictures from very different angles and the background buildings so it might not even be from same beach.


man_lizard t1_iz5j7qz wrote

And they took away the habitat of hundreds of thousands of rats. Nobody every cares about the rats. Disgusting.


willxrocks t1_iz5u7ja wrote

That's just sad.. but on the bright side, they can see the advantages of setting new waste removal procedures. Not only for humans, but sea life as well


DumbSkulled t1_iz6z4rk wrote

Came here to say this. Sad. Also that article is from 2017… so I can only guess it is even worse now?


noobvorld t1_iz76h0m wrote

Nope. Mumbai's beaches have been getting progressively cleaner, and while there's still more than can be done, I think it's a great start. I've grown up on those beaches and I've seen first hand how different they look compared to what they did 10+ years ago.


DumbSkulled t1_iz9mo0n wrote

I am very happy to hear that! Thanks for chiming in ☺️


shar72944 t1_iz9b6s2 wrote

It was clean when I went to that particular beach in 2019. Recently I visited other beach and this was also clean. Not squeaky clean but at least not garbage piled up.


sassyhusky t1_iz8o230 wrote

Because, the reason is people there and in many other parts of Asia just directly dump truckloads of garbage into rivers. They confirmed that river dumping is the source of these particular never ending tsunamis of garbage…. Shocking indeed.


Florida2000 t1_iz3ldqu wrote

Thank God they have the before and after label or I wouldn't ha e been able to figure out which was which?


Portocala69 t1_iz48hz5 wrote

Theoretically you can invert the labels to show how it got polluted and it's current status.


PuppetmanInBC t1_iz5wk9v wrote

This is Mumbai:

"From filthy to fabulous: Mumbai beach undergoes dramatic makeover"

We were in Mexico recently (Puerto Vallarta), and it's pretty bad - dirty diapers on the beach, garbage on street corners.

I left thinking that it would be paradise if it wasn't for the human beings.


zentribes t1_iz3verg wrote

They somehow managed to clean the sky too. (It’s fake)


kenjose t1_iz3wfh2 wrote

Meanwhile, the companies that keeps on producing plastics are still doing it.


kahrabaaa t1_iz451eq wrote

The bigger problem in India is waste management

There aren't garbages in the streets nor does anyone do anything about it

People just burn their trash in front of their homes and the whole country stinks of burned garbage


Vipertje t1_iz468zj wrote

Yeh well shit hole country does shot hole things. What else is new


Traumfahrer t1_iz49353 wrote

Meanwhile the consumers that keep on buying products containing plastics are still doing it.


miggins1610 t1_iz4kscy wrote

It was actually only 80 turtles


fataii t1_iz5vx95 wrote

Can we see the before and after where they put all this shit?


BeavSteve t1_iz3zby4 wrote

The narrative is dangerous! Not everything can be cleaned and we should start realizing that some things cannot be cleaned/fixed and we maybe shouldn't do them..


xplozion15 t1_iz458vh wrote

How can i have a blue reddit profile pic like u?


Vipertje t1_iz46bpu wrote

Yeh good luck cleaning old windmill blades that we create our green energy with.


amitrion t1_iz4ump8 wrote

We the virus...


MeppaTheWaterbearer t1_iz5kmka wrote

Not even the same location lol

Also that garbage doesn't just magically appear on the beach it comes in from the ocean. you clean it all up but people still dump hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage and plastic in the ocean every year so it's just going to wash right back up.


jbcmh81 t1_iz6kfqp wrote

Technically, it comes from waterways emptying into the sea nearby. Cut off the trash entering the ocean to begin with and you won't have trash washing up on the beach.


jhaxvile t1_iz6dteb wrote

How many time's are they going to do this? i see them doing this on a monthly basis. do they never learn?


keepinitoldskool t1_iz7lxh7 wrote

Where is this shithole so that I can avoid it? Also helps if the after picture is at least 10% similar to the before picture. "Anything can be cleaned!"


AbjectConclusion90 t1_iz7v37z wrote

You haven’t seen the vid of the guy playing in a septic tank…


hkuspc40 t1_iz7wqxx wrote

We all can do small part and contribute…I wash food to-go containers and on a bi-weekly basis, drive a 1/2 mile to friends house to dump into his recycle bin since our city does not have them bins. It seems insignificant but it’s the least I can do.


MrPanda663 t1_iz7zznj wrote

Most people can't even clean their own bathrooms. CLEAN IT.


ChickWhoReddits t1_iz82p5n wrote

If I had thousands of volunteers cleaning my house I would get that done too! It is true anything can be cleaned! So who is volunteering to do it for me? ….


StevynTheHero t1_iz47gpz wrote

Dubious. Take the photo in the same spot next time.


mehjohnson t1_iz4oo2j wrote

left looks like my room when i was 16


random_cable_guy t1_iz4pypt wrote

Sometimes I just got to throwout those boxers.


Solanthas t1_iz5e2w4 wrote

This is beautiful, bruh I am STRUGGLING to clean my house for years now like wtf


kaowser t1_iz5glpg wrote

so, its ok to throw trash in ocean. because a volunteer will clean it.


CharlieTrees916 t1_iz5i4bd wrote

My life feels like Versova Beach sometimes lol


Artyturo t1_iz5i855 wrote

How long until it’s dirty again?


wolphcake t1_iz5i8ze wrote

And all the while the world works furiously to create more garbage.


it200219 t1_iz5mdm9 wrote

Hope they can maintain the clean-ness for next 2-3 years.


it200219 t1_iz5mnss wrote

Panipuri-wala, looking to open food stall there. As its clean now, so more people will come here to visit ;)


auntjamima513 t1_iz5nxza wrote

How does one "clean" radiation? Is burying it truly cleaning it? Just a thought.


Darth_Mims t1_iz5qzfr wrote

Where are the TURTLES!!!! - Michael Scott


WeekendCautious3377 t1_iz5vqwv wrote

This was built into korean education when I was in school. We didn’t hire janitor. When you know the cost of cleanup, you are suddenly way more invested in the upkeep of what you have.


Elmst333 t1_iz5woxd wrote

You goddamn right


caelis76 t1_iz5wrea wrote

If see things like this one question comes to my mind .

Where did you leave the garbage now?


KuramaKitsune t1_iz5wt7p wrote

My boy Deku can get that done in month by himself


Shadow368 t1_iz5xoy6 wrote

This gives me hope for the human genome.


Glenster118 t1_iz5xynk wrote

To be clear, they removed the trash fron the beach and just moved it somewhere else.

The world is equally as dirty now as it was 96 weeks ago


lunchis4wimps t1_iz629k9 wrote

In 5 years lodus from bihar will ruin it all over again


Maleficent_Moose_802 t1_iz63w2s wrote

Wow, amazing, can you clean the fukushima nuclear waste water too?


SlangC t1_iz6ce2i wrote

Where did they move it to?


KevinAcommon_Name t1_iz6es6w wrote

There is a Mormon saying if is to happen do it it must be done


R-Mecha t1_iz6ltsi wrote

Deku had to get ready for One For All!


MM0nster t1_iz6qr33 wrote

What the hell is that humanoid creature on the left lmao


xiroir t1_iz6tgm5 wrote

Pastic industry executive: "hehe everything is working as planned. We earn they clean. "


MRHBK t1_iz6vj5e wrote

Not my conscience or soul unfortunately


Human420 t1_iz6ydw0 wrote

It sucks we haven’t found a way to completely destroy our waste yet. It’s great that that beach is clear now but where is all that garbage going now? This problem really frightens me


jaffa609 t1_iz6yha6 wrote

Not my dishes though. That's a step too far.


Reddit_Mom1 t1_iz71q7q wrote

🤔 is that even the same place? 👀


rapture189 t1_iz75858 wrote

I bet you can't clean my filthy mind


BerserkerMP t1_iz7dqiz wrote

Clean that beach young Midoriya


evillman t1_iz7ex0u wrote

True question: where did all the trash go?


vendetta0311 t1_iz7j92g wrote

Weird how the city moved out of the photo /s


Alldayaf t1_iz7o2y8 wrote

But where’d it go tho?


Military_Reject t1_izh1mdj wrote

As someone who makes my money cleaning up after others, I can assure you that the job is not done. It is never DONE, because the people who make the messes will always be there.


DallasCumOnOrIn t1_iz3supm wrote

Taps keyboard indiscriminately: “microplastics says no”


Frency2 t1_iz4c7nw wrote

I wish there was a way to clean uncivilized mindset out of humans. Well, for that there's a proper education that clearly lacks worldwide, but these news give me always hope in the good part of humanity.


LilMissPicklechips t1_iz4h63m wrote

Ohhhh this gives me such a warm little touch of joy with my morning coffee. Thank you


Holgg t1_iz4spwr wrote

Next clean up world corruption! Anything can be cleaned!

The benefits are world pace, climate stability, wold economic stability and growth. Stable ecological and environmental in equilibrium whit humans, and many more benefits

Edit: spelling


53881 t1_iz5nsse wrote

I bet how they did it was some dude bought a brand new Lexus and drove it up and down the beach a shitload being all cool and doing donuts and stuff capturing all the trash and then just got to chill and smirk while watching his supreme environmental impact pay off!