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slippy_fist t1_izask73 wrote

"...beautiful the views are"

Is everyone just ok with illiteracy?

It seems like every third reddit post has an obvious spelling error or incorrect sentence structure these days.


turbomellow t1_izaznld wrote

the preposition is unnecessary anyway, I’d think “[…] no matter how beautiful the view” would be cleaner


[deleted] t1_izb8v0b wrote

Im really starting to think people just don’t care anymore


Artie-Fufkin t1_izdh8lo wrote

Can’t believe I had to scroll down to find this and it wasn’t the top comment. My brain convulsed when I read it.


Tiny-Professor-4543 t1_iz9k0f6 wrote

What does it mean to you?


[deleted] t1_izall9o wrote

Stay away from the toxic but sexy ex.


The_Technician80 t1_izbfer9 wrote

Fuck the timing of this comment and post altogether sucks. I just said to my buddy “ every time I look at her pictures I forget everything that’s happened”


[deleted] t1_izbiglt wrote

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Stay strong fam.

I feel this. I still have the pictures (not nudes) and the PTSD. Not ever going back but damn my ex is fine.


The_Technician80 t1_izbj2ay wrote

I would go back no matter how long she holds this fish out of water. She’s forgiven every time I remember how she messed me up.


Saucy_Life t1_izc2gb6 wrote

Going through something similar. Literally blocked her on all platforms like an hour ago lol

What's worse is she would come back to me if I allowed it, so I'm constantly reminding myself why I broke up with her.

She almost had me last night. Offered me the world and begged me to get a hotel room with her. I couldn't give in. Very tempting tho lmao


[deleted] t1_izc3p56 wrote

I’m proud of you. My ex’s voice used to get me every time. Stay strong. Like Ulysses strong.

When I was able to stop myself from seeing my ex, it was the beginning of self-love and the beginning of the end for self-sabotage.

I’m still single trying to figure out how to take care of me.

For context, it’s been almost two years. And my ex still tries, too.


Saucy_Life t1_izc44bf wrote

Thanks man, no one really knows the fight I'm going through lol

I'm in the same boat as you. I need to figure myself out before jumping into another relationship.


[deleted] t1_izc4s3p wrote

Oh the struggle is real. Life is way better on this side of things though. Lots of love to you.


Mile129 t1_izb6ae7 wrote

I think it's a mixture of hot vs crazy! No matter how hot she/he is, if they nuts, close that window!


[deleted] t1_izc4fwp wrote

Yes. This is so true. Sooo hot. Soooo bad for me. Window is barred shut.


traker998 t1_izcupvv wrote

Dunno but I can still see the view out a closed window generally so it seems like I win


Moraz_iel t1_izaewk4 wrote

When a door close, a window open.

I knew i should have hired a contractor for my house.


Hubianco t1_izai0xw wrote

How can a window hurt you


[deleted] t1_izajnch wrote

I’m trying to think, maybe an abusive partner where there is good times but is mentally or physically abusive is one scenario this could relate too?


finetobacconyc t1_izb7lp5 wrote

no we can all think of relationships that are good and bad. The point is.. what is the analogy here? How do windows hurt people?


Moraz_iel t1_izb80cj wrote

if it's windy and the person stay really close ?

Also, you can still enjoy the view even with the window closed...


BackgroundCow t1_izd7o9l wrote

There is a strong wind, it opens inwards, and you stand in the way?


Ernieonthespot t1_izaogs5 wrote

Well it's a window, you can still see the view duh


ErlAskwyer t1_izb63i5 wrote

That's so good for me right now. I've been dipping into alcoholism, moving from a lifelong hobby of boozy boi. Couple of times it damaged my life recently. I put my kids in danger recently so had my last drink Saturday. That's it. The view seems great. But it's not when you can't stop and your blackout drunk. People around you are basically at risk. This has just bolstered my resolve, thank you.


Mattookah t1_izcda0m wrote

Good for you that’s awesome! Check out r/stopdrinking if you haven’t already for an amazing support system. I just hit 12 weeks recently for the first time ever.


ErlAskwyer t1_izdfjfa wrote

Congratulations! ✊ We got this. I'm starting EDM production, model painting and grow mushrooms. Distractions. It feels different for the long term this time x


[deleted] t1_izdj5wg wrote



ErlAskwyer t1_izdkasm wrote

What a stupid thing to say full of assumptions. I can tell you like having your say at people don't you, it would look good as well if it wasn't so misplaced. Your welcome to your opinions but you have no idea of what happens this end. I have a great business, a big house and all our needs are looked after. Well not all of mine but the 3 girls are fine. We have it better than most. I have been so busy with work I haven't been able to get to the gym as my body can't do both. I'd switched to a few beers every other evening. This over a year has crept into 'most nights' and sometimes 8 or more. Everyone is doing well and very happy including myself however I have some more to do on the house and over the last 6months not a lot has been done. This coincides with drinking. So I have decided to give that up and focus on more healthy things, bringing more energy and more free money to the situation. I'm back at the gym albeit gently because work has settled down a bit thank god. The issue the other day with my children that I feel guilty about was minor but a warning which I have taken stock of and acted on.


[deleted] t1_izdkjk2 wrote



[deleted] t1_izdklzj wrote



teajayyyy t1_izbu082 wrote

So what kind of windows y'all got that hurt people?


destinationlalaland t1_izci4up wrote

Show me on the doll where the bad window touched you.

I appreciate a subtle and artistic use of prose, but this caption is borderline nonsensical.

Personification would be bearable, but no interaction with the window is required to enjoy the view. Did the window call you names?


finetobacconyc t1_izb7rs5 wrote

... I've never closed a window that's hurt me..

how is this quote relatable?


ablue t1_izbw7pe wrote

windows are hurting people?


rainmace t1_izc7twv wrote

So how do you know if a window hurts you. If it has spikes on it?


Forward-Bank8412 t1_izcnguk wrote

You don’t have to look if you know she’s there, and if just looking at her crushes your heart a little bit.

It’s unfortunate, but you’ve got to create some distance to protect yourself, or in this analogy, to close the window.


Beli_feniks t1_izdn5q5 wrote

Tbh this quote does not make sense. You can see out of the window even if it's closed. How can an open window hurt you IRL?


Green-21 t1_izcajf4 wrote

Gonna write a song about this and a window


kitkatangelbaby t1_izchllz wrote

This post reminded me of my crush on Evan Peters and how I have to move on from him because we can’t be together LOL


Hazidz t1_izcmabk wrote

Ah, a simple quote with a typo. Really means a lot when they can't even get the spelling right.


brkonthru t1_izd4w60 wrote

I needed this. Thank you


Luzum_lam t1_izdb5qs wrote

Is this a metaphor for life?


Military_Reject t1_izdkyd2 wrote

I really, really get this. Like I come from a WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) who lived in the suburbs with a 3bd/ 2bth ranch house with attached garage. Church every Sunday and a chicken dinner with all the fixings afterwards. The rose bushes were the envy of the neighborhood and the grass was cut every week. The kitchen yielded home baked cookies and pies, and all the neighborhood kids played in the yard. But I am autistic, trans, and an atheist. I never fit into that world past age six.


PacerJ t1_izdlo7e wrote

Thanks for posting this, really helped.


mcpickledick t1_izdu5ir wrote

I don't really understand the analogy. Why would a window hurt you?


socialcommentary2000 t1_izdzpf8 wrote

Why is a window hurting you? Are your fingers caught in the sash?


KeivanAR t1_izcfxcp wrote

"addictive" or something like that would fit better than "beautiful" in my situation. I don't think of that which hurts me as beautiful.