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Since you censored the I, I now have no idea what word that is. Care to help me out?


xXZer0c0oLXx t1_izjymdm wrote

Ya it's bull*hit


Higira t1_izk0paq wrote

No, it's clearly bullshi*


pennynotrcutt t1_izk48ur wrote

Wow, what a group of uneducated buffoons. It’s very obviously bu*lshit.


sonderlulz t1_izkah2w wrote

No, think about it.

As a whole, societies and their citizens are doing better than ever before.

Poverty and starvation levels are lower than all of history.

Many people have access to healthcare to varying degrees.

Internet access to knowledge is spreading globally.

Overall, this and the future are the best times for humans to be alive, for now.

Will it remain that way? Who knows, but for now: it's better.

Besides, those youngest people always joke about how death is best..... and nobody makes it out of here alive.


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Lmao this guy


sonderlulz t1_izki186 wrote

I don't know about you, but I like clean drinking water, hygiene products, vaccines, and the internet.


Castrosbeard t1_izkqbe5 wrote

You could have said something similar in spirit right before one of the world wars you know. And shit, one in four people don't even HAVE access to the clean drinking water you just mentioned. There's a looming climate catastrophe that threatens to kill billions within our lifetime. Things may yet get better, but it isn't a given


Dengareedo t1_izkvcxp wrote

One in four is better than three in four

Threatening to kill is different to it happening

It’s also not set in stone to be terrible , sure bad things will happen but everything about the future is just a guess


Hirotrum t1_izixiyc wrote

We have no fucking clue about that


dewag t1_izjh7ub wrote

Right!? Seems like whoever wrote that works from home now and hasn't been outside in a while.

The forecast is looking pretty bleak. 👍


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Deadlock240 t1_izjwt4l wrote

What an incredibly narrow-minded point of view.


jnemesh t1_izjzdi3 wrote

I would argue the ones with their heads in the sand about current global events are the narrow minded.


[deleted] t1_izk73ui wrote

QoL globally consistently improves over time, so yeah we kinda have a clue. Bad shit might happen in your life, those are singular events, things on the whole will inevitably improve


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Well, how about looking at it this way. We usually tend to think about the past, what we lost, mistakes we made, things we aren't proud of, etc., and this quote rather suggests that focusing and thinking about the future is better than keep presenting the past, and things would definitely get better if you worked for it.


siler7 t1_izk5th5 wrote

I call this the "it would have been right if it had been" gag.


yousa_queenie t1_iziz9pa wrote

climate change? inflation? war? water shortage?

which one?


GuiltyGrapefruit840 t1_izji2xu wrote

Sea levels will rise and fix the water shortage, just you wait


Scott_A_R t1_izk5wro wrote

Because it's not DRINKING water we have a shortage of.


Defie22 t1_izmkpb4 wrote

You can drink it and very probably you will avoid the war and climate change.


day7seven t1_izk8vhd wrote

All of them if you are a greedy corporation. Disasters are good for business.


ericstern t1_izkh87f wrote

Is there one that also highlights my future inadequacy in bed?


ValyrianJedi t1_izjc894 wrote

Pretty sure only one of those things is something that people on here should be genuinely concerned about having any long term impact on their life.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_izjgg6v wrote

If you're younger than 50, all of these will fuck you up.


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The whole issue it that it won't be falling from the sky in the manner we're used to. Plenty of places will dry up entirely, as California already is. Many places with an abundance of it will be flooding regularly. Agriculture will be tapping everything that it can. If you really are in a place that will remain stable and maintain consistent access to untainted water, we'll, how many people can your well serve? Because in that case you are where the refugees in your own country will be headed.

Furthermore, should things get that serious... The idea that you legally own the water that falls or otherwise gathers on your property, or that you will even remain the sole legal owner of such valuable land, is one that can be changed very easily by a thirsty population or desperate government. Not only that, wells represent the tapping of an areas water table. Any one can do that, and there are far more efficient ways to suck out the water table until it sinks out of reach. When water is that valuable and you have it, you'd better believe the water companies can and will drain you dry.

All of the norms that you rely on as the foundation of your way of life are subject to change, at the hands of nature and person alike. All of them.


ValyrianJedi t1_izkj20j wrote

I'm sorry buy you are just blowing scenarios far out of proportion to the extent that virtually no experts are claiming that what you are will happen, to the point that there really isn't even any point trying to respond to it... Think whatever you want obviously, but I don't really see any point trying to discuss it with you after that one


_Pretzel t1_izj70la wrote

Sub's slowly becoming wishy washy positivity


youtocin t1_izl2894 wrote

Always has been. False platitudes and pseudointellectual bullshit.


ComeFromTheWater t1_izjg74q wrote

No this sub is full of miserable people who come into the comments and shit on any positive message posted.

The sub called Get Motivated. Why are you and everyone else here then?

The unpopular opinion is that we can’t control what happens to us, but we can control our reactions. All I see in here are a bunch of people with shitty attitudes, and a shitty attitude is no one’s fault but your own.

I get it, life can suck. Many have been unjustly traumatized, abused, and neglected. I certainly have. But no matter how bad things are, you can turn your life around. It just takes an investment in yourself that must be nurtured consistently. Every single day try to get just a little bit better at something. Then one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re good at it. But it can take YEARS. The good news is that it’s almost never too late.


Castrosbeard t1_izks66t wrote

Personal investment? Work? But according to the OP's image what's coming is going to better anyway, so may as well not waste the effort.


ComeFromTheWater t1_izkuuhp wrote

Working on yourself. Eating better, exercising, pursuing a passion. Developing a skill. Reading. Watching less TV and spending less time playing video games. Getting involved in your community.

Yes, work sucks, and we’re all tired, but the hardest part is starting, and the second hardest part is being consistent.


NuclearFoodie t1_izkajvs wrote

When was it anything other than bullshit delusional drivel.


Crazy95jack t1_izj8lxy wrote

Anyone under 30 disagrees


Bazzatron t1_izjdo8v wrote

I'm going to go out on a limb and broaden this to most people.

The only ones looking forward are the ones that stand to profit from the coming storm.

Even if you just have a job, the coming shift will be just as much fun as the last.


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Bazzatron t1_izk57wj wrote

By shift I mean a shift at work. I was going to say "9 to 5", but remembered that tomorrow is Saturday, so the 9 to 5 crowd literally are better tomorrow 😅


[deleted] t1_izk7jqj wrote

Because most people under 30 are too naive to see the truth of existence, y’all just love complaining and whining, life is beautiful.


Crazy95jack t1_izk8qy3 wrote

Cant wait for my body to get more aches and pains while global problems that will affect the rest of my life continues to worsen. If life is so beautiful why are 600 million people without access to safe clean water globally. Why are Ukrainians being executed in their homes. Why does 0.1% of Americans have more than the bottom 90% of Americans. Ignorance is bliss.


[deleted] t1_izkd0qp wrote

Keep crying about things you couldn’t help even if you dedicated your life to helping them, that’s a miserable existence. More and more people are pulled out of poverty, given clean drinking water, given access to proper nutrition, and given access to proper education every year, really easy to look at all the global negatives in the world but things have only gotten better and will continue to get better, that is a fact, not an opinion


Crazy95jack t1_izke22l wrote

Helping other is the most satisfying existence anyone could ever experience. Since covid started more people have been dragged back down into poverty, unable to heat their homes without going hungry. Huge numbers of workers striking due to pay and working conditions. All it takes is the likes of Putin releasing nuclear weapons and life for us and our children's children would be miserable. You don't speak fact but words of blind hope. Nothing in the future is guaranteed, thats a fact.


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And how many people have you helped? I’m willing to guess none, the people that complain the most do the least. I donate to charities frequently and work in my community’s local soup kitchen and I see the effects of my work. So keep being miserable, I’d rather think like me than you any day


Crazy95jack t1_izkfgth wrote

I run a 3d printing business and freelance design work. An area I specialise in is mobility devices for injured pets.


[deleted] t1_izkgumk wrote

Charging people for a service is not charity, it’s nice and easy to point out bad shit happening but people won’t get their hands dirty, it’s all virtue signalling to make you feel good


fuckaliscious t1_izj32oe wrote

Feels like the signs in "They Live" from 1988.


FoxFourTwo t1_izj712e wrote

Pre-covid vs post-covid would like to have a word...


kyleli t1_izjf2iu wrote

Tell that to death row inmates.


johnsolomon t1_izk4xbo wrote

In OP's defence, they never said who the future would be better for xD


frupp110 t1_izj2d9b wrote

Unless you are a roll of toilet paper


stevengreen11 t1_izjddcm wrote

You honestly should just be focusing on the moment you're in. Right now.


montrealcowboyx t1_izjkksz wrote

Said by someone with a young person's knees.


johnsolomon t1_izk51ps wrote

Futuristic sci-fi hover robot knees are better than young people's knees


[deleted] t1_izjlsys wrote

Yes, my suicide will be better than my life I’m living now.


Avalanche2 t1_izjrg2n wrote

We all wish that was true.


drewbles82 t1_izj5ewh wrote

A warm home, food on the table, money to actually spend and have a life...yeah right.


K-Dave t1_izjfw6v wrote

Maybe. I guess I'd rather know what really the deal is, since everyone has their own interpreation (and you barely find any modern art, where those fears are not expressed). Instead of processing all of that, the most motivating thing would probably reducing all of that to whatever shit we're really dealing with and then workikg exactly on that. No more speculating, no "new times, new world" metaphors. As good as the intention might be, there still this gut feeling that it's just a little piece of what should be talked about.


jnemesh t1_izjzadv wrote

Yeah, no. We can HOPE this is the case, but we really don't know. We could be at war with China at any time now. We could have something happen with Russia. We could have some unforeseen pandemic emerge. We could have a natural disaster.

Point being, while it IS a nice thought to think the future will be better than the past, this is FAR from guaranteed, and there's another saying, "The past is prologue." Or, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch"!


jollynotg00d t1_izknl3n wrote

Wow. I don't know why most of you are here, considering how irritated you get when you see the most basic optimistic statement ever.

"It will get better."



jahwni t1_izla806 wrote

lol what a ridiculous statement


lifth3avy84 t1_izj8b18 wrote

And anything is better than this photo edit


Ok-Radish6641 t1_izjc1ma wrote

Freedom to choose/visualize this next chapter in my life .

I don’t have to stay stuck in a loveless marriage anymore and that I don’t want to live how he lives and want what he wants and that’s ok. He fucked a call girl without a cape, so 🙄 I’m going to focus on myself now and observe how my dgtrs navigate their early adult lives!

I can move to the mountains which I has always been my dream and I can find out who I am as a woman, not a wife, mom, nurse, the domestic engineer of 3 other people has been lifted since the kids are going to be living their own lives! The marriage is ending, but we will take care of our girls and my career path is opening up due up a recent masters degree in public health nursing.

I’m excited for what is to come! I’m excited because I don’t know! However, I do know that fucking call girls


ccdan t1_izjddbm wrote

Hopefully so! Without hope we're lost!


RanchPoptarts t1_izjha0u wrote

I'm gonna make it happen, these things don't just fall in your lap. Small steps at a time, I will get where I need to be


universalrifle t1_izjhgtg wrote

Time is cyclical so we have already experienced technology ot just did not last as long as the planets. We should really be returning our phones and getting back to nature. Gravity wins


nagelbitarn t1_izjih5r wrote

This is obviously false, or at least the premise is idiotic. If you want to tell someone who is struggling that it will get better because what is coming is (always) better than what is gone, then how did the person end up miserable in the first place?


DefilerDan t1_izjirfq wrote

If I could give this multiple down votes, I would. What the serious fuck.


medi3val11111 t1_izjj082 wrote

Interesting that people seem to disagree with this, yet mostly vote to change the system that made things great in the past.


n0ahhhhh t1_izjj0f8 wrote

My mom died a few months ago. A lifetime without her does not seen better at all.


SubMikeD t1_izjjfgz wrote

How the fuck is a platitude this empty supposed to motivate me?


Kuroude7 t1_izjn1w1 wrote

Yeah, I take issue with this given my brother passed away last year at 37.


Madg5 t1_izjpou3 wrote

I tried to teach my brother this when the count to 10 and take deep breaths method didn't work. My method worked for 3 days, then when my mother heard what I did she said I was overruling her parenting, YES IM OVERRULING IT, YOUR CHILD TOLD YOU IT WASN'T WORKING AND YOU PROVIDED NO ALTERNATIVE. THEN YOU DISCIPLINE THEM WITH A BELT WHEN THEY MISBEHAVE, AND WONDER WHY THEY HATE YOU GROWING UP.


Ansatsushi t1_izjqb5w wrote

The moment of peace and quiet you had to yourself before a car comes running through the wall of a library.


CptGigglez t1_izjt1wc wrote

Yay 35 more years of work or an early death


DemonVice t1_izjy4y4 wrote

Early death seems desirable. Not only do i get out of work, i fuck over whoever was going to underpay for that work


Madjack66 t1_izjt2k0 wrote

I'm sure Michael J. Fox appreciates this.



Adept-Crab3951 t1_izjw5m9 wrote

You're healthy now, but cancer may be coming later!


Skrendie t1_izjw61h wrote

Which according to buddhism is actually one of the causes of suffering.


Texas12thMan t1_izjzrbz wrote

If Hershel Walker beats Warnock?


Therealbluelychee t1_izjztvj wrote

Not if you live under a conservative government (any country).


FerrickAsur4 t1_izjzukr wrote

I lost an uncle who I was very close with, and then I lost my grandfather, and then I lost my dog who I still dearly miss till today, and all of this happened in the same year so this statement can go fuck itself


WINDMILEYNO t1_izk0t6i wrote

Is this a Brexit advertisment?


Tsu-Doh-Nihm t1_izk4i5w wrote

A lot of people want a socialist dystopia where they will eat bugs, and they might get it.


Spacecommander5 t1_izk544u wrote

This is just toxic positivity. It’s not motivating anyone to do anything.


DamMofoUsername t1_izk5hwi wrote

I don’t know if the women is coming or going? Can anyone clarify?


Talonsminty t1_izk6mnb wrote

Ah, spoken like someone living without joint pain.


Cyber_Druid t1_izk75bx wrote

What is this, an ad for gentrification?


[deleted] t1_izk7c9l wrote

Why do people follow this subreddit and then shit on all legitimate motivation posts? Y’all some sad ass mfs. Every year the world is more free, more fair, and more fun globally


madambolam t1_izk7lk5 wrote

In my country they say what is coming probably will be worse than what is gone. But I liked this one more


Stallings2k t1_izkcqv6 wrote

Someone better than The Beatles is coming?


lupatot t1_izkeqe7 wrote

So when I eat cake, the shit will taste better right? Is this a quote by the same people that coined the phrase money doesn't buy happiness? Gtfo


Bacnnator t1_izkfb7m wrote

I’m picturing Vader saying it. Not sure how I feel now.


dickwildgoose t1_izkfjmg wrote

I wish I could still believe shit like this.


neuropotpie t1_izkkox8 wrote

Is this about being in the moment vs post-nut clarity?


ronflair t1_izkl38b wrote

Let’s play a guessing game! Motivational poster or concentration camp slogan?


Swedish_Chef_bork89 t1_izknnpe wrote

That’s what we thought in 2019. See how that worked out?


starfirenitee t1_izkon3c wrote

This isn’t always true, but it is a nice thought. It’s more that there are still plenty of other great things too come AS WELL


ZephyrPt2 t1_izl14ug wrote

You don’t know that.


idistaken t1_izl4sha wrote

I would say tell that to my bedridden mother who has dementia and practically can't speak, but she would probably not even understand what the he!! you were talking about.


Whisperingsoup t1_izlekx8 wrote

You actually can't definitively say that. All you can say is that it will be different, and that's exciting!


amberkabrick3 t1_izlf7r6 wrote

I might be the only one that likes this quote. Depends on what you're thinking about when you read it I suppose! 🤣


Korvun t1_izlg4pj wrote

What about when the rum's gone? Where's the rum gone...


Globbelgorb t1_izlqktb wrote

Nuclear annihilation is better than covid?


loneburrito t1_izlsajc wrote

I can’t wait for a hot load of trauma!


specizripn t1_izm7gb9 wrote

Policy, crime, affordability etc. just keep getting worse… i think I would prefer to go backwards at this point


fenderpaint07 t1_izma7m8 wrote

And what is happening now is better than either


Sure-Ad-1563 t1_izmcch9 wrote

I’m gonna read this for motivation every time I’m about to drive home from the bar


[deleted] t1_izn4rgf wrote

Happiness is gone. My massive gay cell mate is cumming :-(


Bitter-Ad8728 t1_iznhd9i wrote

That’s a good one, sounds like Brian Tracey who said, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, it matters on where you are going.

And one from scripture, king Solomon,

For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

  • Ecclesiastes 9:4

This is why I like the rhythm of work, gym, church, for there is benefits in all three, with work, you collaborate with your boss and coworkers, increasing productivity and your finances, via good friendships, and with the gym, you team up with your brotherhood, collaborating on health and improving your body, strengthening it, and tuning it for longevity and athleticism, and with church, you pray and meditate with the fellowship, your pastors and church goers, studying scripture, encouraging each other and baring each other’s burdens and woes, and seeking the higher power.

Work, gym, church.

Friendship, brotherhood, friendship.

Pragmatic, practical and mystical.

Mind, body and spirit.

Keep going friends. Life is fight, it is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to live.


TheChosenOne25 t1_izj0vlf wrote

Is the person who made this part of the WEF?


PlayHumankind t1_izjoziw wrote

Says who? I'm keeping the faith, praying, eating right, exercising, taking medicine

I guess the hardest part about faith is looking past the current circumstances and actually believing the best is yet to come. It's possible, but trying to convince my mind that despite all the sh&* things are not only going to get better but be much better than before.

Everyday I wake up & have to tell myself multiple times over and over that everything's going to be ok, but just saying it or even reading it doesn't help always. Somehow you have to believe it beyond a shadow of a doubt because the slightest doubt will derail all the positive self talk in the world.

😮‍💨 Anyway..


wittingtonboulevard t1_izjffiz wrote

Looks like subliminal Democrat messaging.

Trash hopium.