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BeyondPawn802 t1_izoarft wrote

And that Audrey Hepburn's name? Albert Einstein


OdeeSS t1_izqh0qe wrote

I clapped. Everyone clapped.


ad4d t1_izre8w3 wrote

I can confirm. I was there.


Earthguy69 t1_izrutew wrote

I want people to fear how beautiful they think I am

  • Michael Scott

    • Steve Carell

Curious_Ad9930 t1_izqqvyj wrote

Thank you. I almost thought r/GetMotivated was beyond saving until I saw your comment


kuhkuhkuhK8 t1_izqtnzk wrote

I confess: I'm lost. r/whoosh 🤦‍♀️


Curious_Ad9930 t1_izqvoao wrote

It’s a reference to many copypastas that parody these inspirational/feel-good viral social media posts. There’s probably an entire genre dedicated to the LinkedIn posts like this.

Typical story arc is: Today I was doing [anything] when I saw [celebrity] help a child in a [perilous situation]. Then [celebrity] helps kid and shares a profound quote of knowledge. Who was that kid? That kid grew up to be [another celebrity]. (Usually Einstein or Musk)

If you’re lucky, the story ends with everyone in the immediate area clapping and possibly donating $100 to the poor kid.


nhh t1_izp114k wrote

Also, have good genes.


chevymonza t1_izq84io wrote

Not to mention how she was malnourished for a long time as a kid/teenager, I forget exactly why. Damn shame a woman has to be emaciated to be "beautiful."


shamanbaptist t1_izqew0m wrote

I recall her formative years were spent in Nazi occupied Netherlands.


chevymonza t1_izqfyo0 wrote

That'll do it. I thought it had to do with the war.


WhyWhyWhy28 t1_izp5kvq wrote

Did Audrey have children and allow their manky cookie covered fingers run through her hair? No chance my friend!


master_chife t1_izrnca0 wrote

She did, she was noted to be a wonderful mother and very kind to children.

She devoted her life to working with UNICEF to help child refugees. As she herself had her childhood ruined by the horrors of the second world war.

So I would say yeah. Good person.


uberjam t1_izpln1m wrote

Kinda easier to turn all that stuff abstract or whatever when you’re as stunningly gorgeous as Audrey Hepburn.


morbo26 t1_izqyydx wrote

And it’s easy to blame the world for your failures once you dye your hair blue and decide being healthy is a sign of the oppression.

Think about the meaning of the world and not the obviously stunning appearance. Plenty of beautiful assholes out there, and ugly ones too.


RedCascadian t1_izs7mxc wrote


Plenty of healthy and beautiful women with dyed hair exist. Plenty of healthy women with natural hair colors will also never be as attractive as Audrey Hebburn. Some will be be unattractive even.

But thanks for letting everyone know where your biases are.


Celcius_87 t1_izpr2wk wrote

I guess she was beautiful inside and out


Pilot0350 t1_izqgf62 wrote

She used to dance for the Nazis occupying her hometown during WWII to raise money to help fund the underground. She also helped hide and feed allied soldiers so they wouldn't be captured, then after a short career in film, went on to dedicate her life to humanitarian work in Africa.

She was arguably one of the most incredible women of the 20th century. There's a book called Dutch Girl that is absolutely worth the read.


albino_red_head t1_izsdehc wrote

Ever since I was a young boy, she was my crush. This just makes me like her even more. She was an amazing woman


HungrilyPreach t1_izod3wc wrote

‟Walk with the knowledge you will never walk alone.”

That's something. I am gonna be thinking about this for a while.


DRFANTA t1_izq70cr wrote

Translation: be a Liverpool fan


fryamtheeggguy t1_izqa95h wrote

Her story during WWII is both inspiring and heartbreaking.


trashpanda920 t1_izpcejf wrote

People expect too much from women. Why do they have to do even any of those things to be beautiful, even though they aren't considered typical standards of beauty. Let me be a mess


[deleted] t1_izpywqu wrote

The intent of the statement is to deconstruct beauty standards and focus on inner beauty and ethics. It was using societal beliefs as a philosophical frame.


khleedril t1_izpjg4y wrote

To be fair, you can do all those things and still choose to be a mess if you want.


Pseudoburbia t1_izpv3nz wrote

Be a mess then. Be whatever you want to be. But understand that isn’t beautiful to many. This whole “accept me as I am AND APPRECIATE it!!” attitude is irritating. You don’t always get both.


trashpanda920 t1_izpvydv wrote

I appreciate what you are saying. I didn't necessarily say that I want society to accept people like me who consider themseles " low maintenance" , though we should not be ridiculed or told it is unattractive or what have you, because people don't " appreciate it". What I want to accept is my business. Accepting that people think my style of self maintenance is unacceptable, is literally none of their business.


sh9jscg t1_izpiiqi wrote

Idk I’m usually on the same boat but I think this can be good advice for anyone in general

Maybe not “DO THIS NOW” but more like “ain’t too bad if you add this to your life”


THKhazper t1_izqh1vr wrote

I mean, as a general rule society expects everyone not in war or engaged in otherwise violent or extreme work, to have a sense of charity, decorum, positivity, and social life, all of which A. H. Covers, and that’s pretty much it, she says nothing of grooming, nothing of makeup or clothes, I walk around wearing work clothes 90% of the time, I look about as basic as it gets, but people will mostly judge me based on how I interact with them and others, not whether or not I picked my caveman unibrow or cleaned out my ears, though they might a bit if I haven’t bathed for a while


minicrit_ t1_izpkzqy wrote

I agree with you but I don’t think this is a gender specific issue. People expect a lot from people in general. I think it’s just how society works itself to keep moving forward.


CthuluTheGrand t1_izpjpt1 wrote

I see Audrey Hepburn is going with a poise build


intenseskill t1_izpz02z wrote

I complimented someone today and I am still an ugly fucker. How long does it take??


ando1135 t1_izrjgpe wrote

Somewhere in the multiverse, there’s a sexy version of ourself enjoying life as a sexy mf


[deleted] t1_izpm2ee wrote

No way I’m letting a grubby children’s hands in my hair. That’s not even a “good” thing to do like speaking words of kindness or sharing food


Aurelyas t1_izpvj0e wrote

Why do you redditors always have to be such a pessimistic buzzkill? Children are pure, innocent, kind. God, you're so annoying with your low opinion about them.


[deleted] t1_izpw0sg wrote

Lol I don’t have a problem with kids but it’s weird to assume everyone just wants kids running their hands through your hair every day - I’ll hang out w my friends kids and her at the park or give a high five but that’s too much


Shamanized t1_izqpcms wrote

She’s not literally saying find a child and make them stick their hands in your hair. God having to explain what she is saying is physically painful


palegate t1_izpnqyv wrote

You sure about that?

A person running their hands through your hair or playing with it can be rather stimulating. It can induce this nice feeling on your scalp, neck and all the way down your spine.


[deleted] t1_izpolom wrote

Lol yeah. I’ve had ADULTS run their hands through my hair, nice when it’s a bf or hookup. Not random children


[deleted] t1_izpyrng wrote

Based as heck. She was pure class, and had an approach to life that is sorely uncommon, both then and now.


Minerva9684 t1_izquhvq wrote

Someone please send your child over to me. My hair needs attention and I dont think my cat is willing to do that job.


DaveyDukes t1_izqllqr wrote

This entire comment section is r/whoosh


Tiny-Professor-4543 t1_izs6vo9 wrote

Please de-whoosh us.

Is this a fake newspaper article?

Is OP being ironic / sarcastic / parodying?


DJG513 t1_izq73q8 wrote

I wonder how the Kardashians would respond


thebellsnell t1_izqx95b wrote

Children's hands are sticky. I am not letting them run their grubby fingers in my hair.


veotrade t1_izprevw wrote

My mom likes these kinds of old timey inspirational quotes. We used to have em framed and hung around the house when I was growing up.


The_Falc0n t1_izsfjs7 wrote

Never knew Audrey Hepburn was a Liverpool fan


pbates89 t1_izpxmua wrote

Also a big Liverpool fan apparently


Ajimey t1_izq9d81 wrote



Drawnonsmiles t1_izqhstz wrote

As a childless man in my early 30s, gonna pass on asking a child to run their fingers through my hair. But thanks Audrey


Dr__Snow t1_izqijac wrote

Sounds like a good way to get boogers in your hair.


hasslehoff0861 t1_izqnqld wrote

2022 advice: shove cake in your mouth constantly and yell at people that don’t find you attractive


Maleficent_Moose_802 t1_izqpftk wrote

I was almost arrested by doing all the doctrines above. Lucky that I got Saul Goodman as my lawyer.


MrsAshleyStark t1_izqtamq wrote

Ladies with type 3 and 4 curls, ignore point 4 lol


Awittynamegoeshere t1_izr57of wrote

Directions unclear. I'm no longer allowed near schools.

My hair sure is beautiful though!


leeeeny t1_izr8vky wrote



jusmoua t1_izrboql wrote

She was the best. Holy moly.


jh67ds t1_izrezmu wrote



NoFilanges t1_izrh2fo wrote

I have the most beautiful pubic hair.


ando1135 t1_izrjbov wrote

Says a woman that made a name for herself on basically being beautiful her whole life 🙄


Tiny-Professor-4543 t1_izs2krm wrote

As a middle aged man with no kids, I’ll think I’ll make peace with not having beautiful hair, rather than follow this advice.


Dtoodlez t1_izspj0b wrote

The writer deserves props this is good, but she didn’t say this.


Thatotherguy246 t1_izq07t2 wrote

Babe wake up new transition method just came out.


Downface t1_izro81d wrote

It is easy to say that beauty is not about the look when you look fantastic. Beautiful people and ugly people are just live in different worlds no need to deny that.


Raddyrode t1_izs7to2 wrote

Easy for her say when genetics helped her out a lot.


Vixen35 t1_izpyb46 wrote

She is beautiful but she did have plastic surgery so the platitudes are pointless


Kurdt234 t1_izoyymb wrote

And she was intelligent. OOF!


HyacinthBulbous t1_izqj6t7 wrote

Anyone can say something beautiful. In real life she had an eating disorder and was obsessed about her appearance.


Whitejadefox t1_izr2kol wrote

Eating disorders aren’t a sign of vanity. Neither is body dysmorphia.


The_Betsy t1_izorog8 wrote

So if I eat 8 cheese burgers for dinner but give two to the homeless I won't get fat?


itwhiz100 t1_izq10bf wrote

This is brainwashing material -feminists


[deleted] t1_izod7tw wrote



LorryToTheFace t1_izop2jj wrote

She didn't say it had to be your child


enataca t1_izq493v wrote

I just got hugged by the kid of the cashier at the CBD shop. Never seen the kid before lol. Ran up and hugged me and said “I love you”. Def a hippie kid.


danxmanly t1_izoqk5w wrote

Have ugly kids and you will look beautiful while beside them.


IrrationalID_12 t1_izoqnqe wrote

doesn't have to be yours I mean I can give a child from my basement


DireEWF t1_izouapr wrote

Technically, we only need the child’s fingers.


Nos-BAB t1_izpi123 wrote

Any reliable ways to acquire the fingers of children? Asking for a friend.


Twirdman t1_izpoikj wrote

Find rich people who had their children kidnapped. Sometimes the kidnapper sends the childs finger to get them to act and I bet those rich fucks don't even use the fingers afterward.