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fblack01 t1_izqhdjd wrote

To be fair he was highly paid and well respected when he went to jail too. Respected in terms of acting anyway.


GTOdriver04 t1_izqqko8 wrote

Yeah. His role as Chaplin proved the man could act.

I view him as one of those guys who everyone knew that if he got his stuff together he would be one of the great ones.

That’s why he got so many chances: it was common knowledge that the dude was great at his job, he just needed to get himself cleaned up first. He did, and he’s flying high.


fblack01 t1_izqyi1z wrote

Agreed. Plus I alway think imagine if someone gave me all that game and money at that age. I’d probably be dead.


Marx_Forever t1_izrmdrc wrote

A lot of them do. We make comments like; "Oh what a shame they were so talented", then we move on and eventually forget about them. And they die a second time.


toadofsteel t1_izrqtxd wrote

Keeping River Phoenix alive in my heart.

Imagine him alongside his brother now.


dano415 t1_izsyyfp wrote

Even before the money he liked his drugs, especially alcohol. My brother in-law knew him when he was comming up. He said, he always had a beer in his hand.

Good genes. I don't think he ever had to worry about weight.


DearBurt t1_izsm1j1 wrote

His acting in Less Than Zero proved that. Of course, he was living that character at the time, but it definitely set him apart from his eccentric-sidekick roles in Back to School and Johnny B. Good.


FoofieLeGoogoo t1_izs8l09 wrote

And another compelling role in Weird Science.


DearBurt t1_izsm9lv wrote

His apology next to the missile in Wyatt’s bedroom was touching.


rabbitwonker t1_izsz29c wrote

I’m quite sure the show Alley McBeal would’ve been canceled several seasons earlier if he hadn’t joined it, even though he was just a side character. And when his issues did force them to write him out, the show was done.


CrumbledTheCookies t1_iztwo0f wrote

I feel like I've seen a video of a judge saying exactly this at a hearing. Like "if you clean up you'll be great, but if you fuck up again, I don't care who you are or how talented you are, I will put your ass away" or something to that effect.


Sabbra_Cadabra_ t1_izrpo98 wrote

So like the good ending to Antonio Brown and Kanye


hairysnowmonkey t1_izs6caj wrote

He was on drugs, not a detestable hate filled racist. Drugs and mental illness do a lot of things but they don't make you hate specific groups of people and continually publicly share that hate.


SarkHD t1_izrbk5b wrote

Also he can thank his career to his dad too largely.


magww t1_izrxjpf wrote

Ya the dude was set up from the start this is dumb.


DelianRaven t1_izu3xyw wrote

Devils un the details, so of course they left a few essential tidbits out.


Tac0Tuesday t1_izqtjgb wrote

Yes, it helps quite a bit to be insanely talented in your field. He ended up doing the work!


nryporter25 t1_izrxypg wrote

He was smiling more in the picture where he was being put in jail lol


the_phillipines t1_izs48k3 wrote

So I heard one day, that when RDJ was at the height of his cocaine phase, he went to stop at a burger King. The employee at the drive through was very polite, they said "have a blessed day" to him and it moved him so much that he threw his 3 kilos of coke into the harbor like some Boston tea party shit. I heard this from my schizophrenic friend so it could be all bullshit, but I always liked that story anyway


mjb85858 t1_izsem08 wrote

That’s also the reason why in Iron Man the first thing he does when he gets back after being kidnapped is get a cheeseburger from where else, Burger King!


huynguyentien t1_izsj6rp wrote

I read this story quite a while ago, and I remember that it's actually because the drug made the burger taste so disgusting that he decided to throw away all of his drugs and clean up his act.


AuzzieDonkey t1_izs5fbf wrote

For some reason I kinda recognise the story you're telling, either it's been around for a while in the rumour mill or it very much might be true.


wonderboyobe t1_iztqmps wrote

Yeah, wealth and influence will afford someone with opportunities regular people will never see


Randouser555 t1_izso17c wrote

He also was a woman abuser and would have been cancelled if he did it today.


YahYahY t1_izqnq08 wrote

But it might require an already famous and wealthy father.


countessofole t1_izs3wi5 wrote

His already famous and wealthy father is also why he was so addicted to drugs, what with giving him his first joint at 8 years old and all.


haribobosses t1_izqr8y4 wrote

Was Bob Sr wealthy? Would’ve been a first for an underground filmmaker.

Pretty sure all his money went up his nose.

But yes, little Rob definitely had the support of well regarded people in the industry.


ripyourlungsdave t1_izsd1xr wrote

While money makes the time that you're actually in recovery a little easier, it doesn't make it any easier to actually get off the drugs and alcohol.

His having money in his family does not diminish how incredible it is to get past that kind of addiction in any way. In fact, it can be that much harder to reach your rock-bottom when you never run out of money. Makes it take a lot longer for actual consequences to show when you're not worried about your mortgage payment, electricity bill, groceries and school supplies.


PM_ME_YOUR_SUNSHINE t1_izqw3ng wrote

All you need is nepotistic Hollywood backing you and a friend like Jon Favreau to launch the Marvel Universe off your sass and wit.


Ashbr1ng3r t1_izr7th1 wrote

And well, honestly getting the role you’re playing down perfectly and a good deal of ad-libbing the lines


thalinEsk t1_izrcnly wrote

He was paid $2.5mil for the role, even if the movie tanked he'd have earnt more money than a lot of Americans ever will.


proto3296 t1_izrqv3y wrote

Ok and?


AuzzieDonkey t1_izs5t7y wrote

Don't get why your one is so down voted you're right, so what if he was making tonnes of money off a singular role, he worked to be in that position with or without having a semi beneficial start but with his performances pre and post that movie he went on to reap the rewards as he should.


proto3296 t1_izsfcq5 wrote

I legit don’t get what the point of the person above mes statement. Like at all


Alastor3 t1_izrdvcy wrote

you says that like it only take money and connection to get there but it also take skills which Robert have plenty


I_might_be_weasel t1_izqyhvh wrote

This is less motivating a more a reminder that rules don't apply to rich people.


ironroad18 t1_izr1626 wrote

And having connections or a rich dad means no consequences


Kelend t1_izssz5e wrote

I want to see a get motivated picture of Roman Polanski like this.

"From raping a 13 year old girl, to one of the most acclaimed directors"

Great future does not require a great past.


EvenBetterCool t1_izqpccq wrote

It helps to be wealthy and have a support system.


gizzardgumbo t1_izqr3k2 wrote

I like how he’s happy on both pictures.


[deleted] t1_izskket wrote



Slimxshadyx t1_izsptld wrote

“Typical male behaviour” smiling? That’s how you describe smiling lmao


olak333 t1_izqtycd wrote

eye roll🙄


Whycadz t1_izr49vn wrote

Just already have powerful connections and money to sit on while you rebuild your career.

I enjoy Robert Jr as an actor but let’s not act like his status, connections, and wealth didn’t help him start his career and rebound after a low point.


lirio2u t1_izrooen wrote

Dude what? He was rich and connected. This post does not motivate regular people


Sniffy4 t1_izqs0cv wrote

not a great example because everyone knew he was talented back then


RogerPackinrod t1_izqlwes wrote

I'm pretty sure he wasn't going to jail for the drug abuse. It was for the comorbities of drug abuse.


teutinsa t1_izqyioe wrote

I know I'm sure to get motivated by this, but seeing what's other people have achieved, just makes me feel even worse about myself...


bawdiepie t1_izrqbok wrote

If you had rich well connected family you could be like this too! Best to just focus on a decent, happy life- getting a secure job you like with decent pay, a decent place to live, reliable funny friends, kind n good partner;than trying to imitate success on that level, which is usually unobtainable except for insanely lucky/generational wealth people. The days of real social mobility have been voted away, they only existed for a short period anyway and even then it helped to start from a head start. Take heart! Decide to be happy no matter what, it's the only way to achieve much happiness in this world.


DK_Boy12 t1_izrsqes wrote

People nowadays are desperate to remove merit from people who deserve it, seems like they are so bitter that they are unable of celebrating others.

It goes like "Person pulled themselves out of a difficult situation and made something of themselves".

People these days: Yeah, but it helps to "insert any reason as to why they should not have merit".

Just celebrate other people's successes.

Not everyone needs to come from absolute 0, $0 in their bank account, 0 friends and 0 family, from a country with 0 opportunity to be celebrated.

Just pull a lesson out of the story if anything and apply it to your situation, rather than engaging on this bullshit spiral of negativity that's going on these days.

Well done to this fucking dude.


FUThead2016 t1_izr32f8 wrote

Yeah, when you have tonnes of money and connections to fall back on 😂 stop worshipping these goons


NoFilanges t1_izrgefl wrote

I hate to say it but… respected? For what? He’s well paid and busy but he’s not exactly the actor’s actor.


ccarr313 t1_izri7i1 wrote

Nepotism helps, too.


IRMacGuyver t1_izrknd3 wrote

Nepotism is a hell of a drug. Name a celebrity actor and there's either a rich producer parent or an even richer banker parent.


__System__ t1_izsi79o wrote

Is this dude not the son of a successful film director? Motivationals like this are usually pushed around by narcissists.


SocialSuicideSquad t1_izr0ogy wrote

Don't get me wrong, he plays amazingly convincing Talented Smartass (Sometimes recovering) Addict characters...

But does that count as 'acting'?


idontsmokeheroin t1_izr1cvc wrote

Yes, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was epic.


SocialSuicideSquad t1_izr32m5 wrote

Every appearance as Iron Man...

Every appearance as Sherlock...

A Scanner Darkly...

Same character different name.


idontsmokeheroin t1_izr4fry wrote

Ah Jesus Christ, man, take it easy, I was agreeing with you since he’s basically the guy on the left playing the guy on the right, so in a sense, playing himself.


surferos505 t1_izra01k wrote

Lol his hair literally adds 2 inches of height. No wonder he keeps it that way


Lucky-Mustard t1_izre1xi wrote

Another bullshit post. The guy was already up there in the industry, with a rich dad and good acting skills.


Moanerloner t1_izrxa9h wrote

It requires a super rich and famous dad.


delucas0810 t1_izs3hon wrote

Ya but he was always super talented just did drugs, and in Hollywood that’s ok. If he was joe citizen, and had that past he would have a tuff time renting an apartment. #fact


BenjaBrownie t1_izsdqly wrote

Great future requires rich parents, mass exploitation, or both. Using celebrities who have benefitted from nepotism to illustrate the idea that "you can work hard to get ahead" is bullshit and needs to stop.


S1GN0FtheNA1L t1_izsk2aq wrote

You don't go to prison for drug abuse. You can go to prison for drug possession.

Everytime I hear about Robert Downey Jr I immediately think of mandatory minimums and it pisses me off.

Thanks RDJ


WornInShoes t1_izsqgf8 wrote

Ya'll do know that it was Mel Gibson who helped RDJ get back on track, right?

The message here should be "do not be afraid to ask for help, from no matter how crazy the source"


MinnieShoof t1_izqz2t4 wrote

All it requires is a little Burger King.


Bet_ony t1_izr15d2 wrote

Was always a great actor drugs or not.


Minerva9684 t1_izr1e4g wrote

He wasnt broke when he went to jail


Cherry_Joy t1_izr7imj wrote

The thing I love about him is that he has completely eclipsed Robert Downey Sr.

He won in every way. He has everything to be proud of. I'm so consistently happy for him.


zizuu21 t1_izr7txp wrote

Hes legit such a good actor


halukj t1_izr8ij4 wrote

He was always good though-


logomkr t1_izr8ydi wrote

It should be noted, a terrible past does not need tone the results of a grequal a greatfun. But


GiantRetortoise t1_izrab1i wrote

Jail for rich people is not the same dude


Xavier9756 t1_izrcjdr wrote

The man was already rich and a successful.


eldarado2288 t1_izrex0s wrote

Has he been sober ever since?


mrSemantix t1_izrj41q wrote

Seems like he was enjoying himself more on the left picture.


Quirderph t1_izrxk3l wrote

He was clearly still high back then. /s


Jon_price2018 t1_izrk7h7 wrote

Except he was the son of a famous and wealthy actor too? So he had a great past... just a rough middle?


universalrifle t1_izrm9ix wrote

So, I guess acting is the only way for felons to be successful? Why does the gov do so much damage to people and still expect them to care about a country that wants to take away your time and money


lou_sassoles t1_izrnnm2 wrote

RDJ was buck wild AF back in the day


X0AN t1_izrofki wrote

Rich guy goes to gaol.

Rich guys exits gaol.


z3phs t1_izrplut wrote

Just requires good looks and insane luck


Vexra t1_izrv7bk wrote

I honestly thought Iron Man 3 was supposed to be a metaphor for RDJ’s career. Not just that Tony Stark used to be a chemically dependent party boy whose short sightedness got him in trouble who had since gotten over his shortcomings and becone responsible about his mistakes but also with Trevor Slattery basically being the embodiment of his pat self.


OrokinDiapers t1_izry62c wrote

Remember when he tried to make Ricky Gervais look bad at the first oscars? Too bad you can’t buy a sense of humour.


JustKimNotKimberly t1_izs0cbu wrote

He earned it. He had several relapses, but kept working on beating them. Mad respect to him.


rememberthisname44 t1_izs4mdp wrote

To be fair, he was one of the highest paid actors before he got off drugs too, his acting career did start long before Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes. People act like he just showed up out of thin air one day


pantryraids t1_izs5trj wrote

I suppose I'll go to a fancy rehab and find another expensive hobby to replace my current addiction with the millions i have stashed as a Hollywood coke addict


NordicBlood52 t1_izs6b9k wrote

He was pretty much a top actor before going to jail. But he is where he is today because of hard work and eating a shit ton of humble pie. But this was all before social media and the “ cancel mob”


Techtoks-reddit t1_izs7sgu wrote

I wish they made a movie of his past life.


periphrasistic t1_izs83od wrote

I mean I think his career probably peaked in 2007 with his role in Zodiac? The MCU has generally had a James Bond-effect on its actors’ careers: they become strongly identified with the one character and struggle to break out of that. Along those lines, what has Robert Downey Jr. been in in the last decade where he wasn’t playing Ironman?


exorrsx t1_izsb1v4 wrote

He's been in a few movies that were pretty funny but I also agree, his stardom was shot to the forefront with iron man and he pretty much boosted marvel to the top. I still enjoy his other movies as well. Not sure why he doesn't do more, maybe he doesn't want too


Duckboy_Flaccidpus t1_izs86p1 wrote

The most impressive thing here, to me, is that RDJ is 5'10''. He's gotta be standing on something for that mug shot.


zeekohli t1_izsa9jr wrote

He’s 5’8”, his hair is giving him another 2”


dronesoul t1_izsbb03 wrote

happier in the left picture so idk


stevench2000 t1_izsbttl wrote

He looks happier in the first photo.


Small_Brained_Bear t1_izsckuz wrote


Where survivorship bias has been forgotten …

Coming soon to a subreddit near you.


grimorg80 t1_izsd3tr wrote

Going to jail for drug abuse is political, in my opinion.


Commercial-Rush755 t1_izsd6r1 wrote

It always cracks me up when folks use “jail” instead of “prison”. There’s a difference. And according to RD Jr. he wasn’t treated by prison staff very differently than the regular convicts.


SuperJewish t1_izsdaxc wrote

But he comes from a different planet.. not like the rest of us


Librarywoman t1_izsdw2b wrote

Besides this period in his life believe me he had a great past with lots of support and money to enable him to get better. I know, I know, his father gave him his first joint. Still he grew up with incredible privilege, if for nothing else than he's a while male in America.


substanceJ t1_izsge46 wrote

Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help.

Professor X


Lawrence3s t1_izshl6h wrote

It seems he was happier when he went to jail.


doctroprint t1_izshmzm wrote

Just watched "Sr" on Netflix. Explains a lot. I've always liked his work.


cashew76 t1_izsq2n5 wrote

All devils have a past, all Angles have a future.


DaDz-StONeD t1_izsqozf wrote

Yea him and Charlie make drug abuse cool af 😳


Principatus t1_izsr1ku wrote

He looks kind of like Mr Addams in the first photo


Rareturd t1_izsv8bh wrote

I feel like he could play a good Gomez Addams.


redjedi182 t1_izszu78 wrote

But having rich fiends does help


Vanbursta t1_izt37d8 wrote

But it DOES require help from Sir Elton John.


RASGAS23 t1_izt3dzb wrote

I love the story itself, but i feel like the true spirit of his comeback and redemption isn’t captured properly by having the success story be: “one of the highest paid actors” The success story here is his sobriety, and his transformation into being a happy, healthy, useful member of society. The money was secondary.


Yourname942 t1_izt8yk0 wrote

It helps that he was born into a rich family (already financially secured)


Talrynn_Sorrowyn t1_izt940m wrote

Let's also not forget Tim Allen - he got arrested way-back-when related to drugs, but sold out his buddies for leniency. He then got into acting and standup comedy before landing the lead role on Home Improvement.


phfan t1_izthenp wrote

that tears it, I'm growing facial hair.


i'll be the most bearded woman ever


superpj t1_izthk7u wrote

No. You won't. That's my grandma.


epicmenio t1_iztre0s wrote

Been actor or highly paid, doesn't mean he is a great person.


SuperCrafter015 t1_izu4oer wrote

Robert’s journey as a person is very similar to his first character appearance.


Joec9678 t1_izub20s wrote

Look how much happier he was in jail though


SyntaxChris t1_izurnk9 wrote

Respected? Not really. He’s an actor.


Demrepsbcray t1_izvyodl wrote

He seems quite happy being arrested.


Wemi451 t1_izqf6nz wrote an uber rich tech genius that creates a metal suit and helps save the world from alien threats.


SonofBeckett t1_izqmz6j wrote

When did he play Ted Kord?


Wemi451 t1_izqtbjz wrote

Lol, DC has cast Downy to play Xolo Mariduena playing Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle in 2023. RDJr wanted to one-up his Kirk Lazarus character.


Mahaka1a t1_izr0hei wrote

From Less Than Zero to many zeros behind other numbers!


dutchdrop t1_izrbcuw wrote

Loved Air America him and Mel Gibson different times for sure


lonetexan79 t1_izr2mc7 wrote

Or maybe he’s just the son of an actor who finally gave up to Hollywood. He lost the war to be an individual and in return became a slave to the movies to entertain us and make hollyweird their money.


Lukevito t1_izrdp12 wrote

This is so deep i hope i will understand when I reach 16

Really there is no one to be inspired by other than pretend to be some other person people:(


randomMoose2001 t1_izrf38k wrote

What I like about the quote “great future does not require a great past” is that with RDJ is it shows that people can change. What sucks with the world is that with certain people when they become big or something people dig into there past and bring up some bad thing they did before hand and it ruins there lives. They always act like there still the same person (some might be) but some people do/could change from what they were before


Venga_paale_tetica t1_izrfl60 wrote

Only in Hollywood, take Lindsey lohan for instance she keeps on coming back, they really refuse to give up on her, i wouldve dropped her a million years ago, clearly theres gotta be more ppl out there you can put in front of a camera.


CreHater t1_izrny7a wrote

I never got the term "Drug abuse". To me, "Drug use" sounds more appropriate. Did he do unspeakable things with drugs? Is it just because it's wrong to use drugs, so the government just calls it "abuse" by default? To make it clear for Dummies that drugs are a bad thing?

"Near miss" is another term that always baffled me. It's a "Near hit", right? They missed.


massdebate159 t1_izrp03v wrote

Fuck Iron Man. I preferred him in Only You.


csgotraderino t1_izrqths wrote

I like how you can see the sheer amount of plastic surgery.


turd_2004 t1_izrva74 wrote

I wouldn’t say he’s respected universally at this point among true thespians… he’s essentially become synonymous with a comic book character, he’s a dressed up clown for kid’s’ entertainment


RighteousGloryHole t1_izsqb21 wrote

That’s right, it doesn’t matter how shitty you are, so long as you’re born into wealth and privilege, you can prevail.