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i_am_bunnny t1_izx10az wrote

No offense but i hate that guy


Zimke42 OP t1_izx22sr wrote

No problems from me. We don't have to love everyone. I find him inspirational, but you can find others that inspire you. Never anything wrong with that.


mithie007 t1_izwutz6 wrote

Much easier if you soak your clothes in ligher fluid first.


Zimke42 OP t1_izwvruh wrote

That will more likely get fire on you than in you. :D


Yloh t1_izy3mfn wrote

When there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire. - Stars


jonasholmp t1_izws7vk wrote

I feel this is very true!


Unethical_Castrator t1_izxeolc wrote

To me, this reads “LPT: Lost your inspiration? Try being inspired!”

Not hating. It just made me chuckle.


jonasholmp t1_izxfvbi wrote

I don’t agree. Is it not true that great things are only achieved when the leadership is simply burning with passion and involvement? Look at Tesla fx. In Tesla they reward and promote employees who show the most involvement. Sadhguru is simply stating a fact. Maybe this fact will make you see something a little differently. Maybe not. There are no advice here.


Unethical_Castrator t1_izxsz46 wrote

I just wanted to point out why it made me chuckle. It reminds me of the adhd meme.

> “Have you tried focusing and making lists?”

> thanks, I’m cured! Why hadn’t I thought of that?

As a person who struggles with motivation due to depression, I get similar vibes… but since we’re here—

I actually don’t believe great achievements are “only” achieved when “leadership is simply burning with passion”. Things just aren’t black and white like that. But I DO believe that being an inspired leader goes a long, long way in maintaining a cohesive and positive work force.

Silicon valley houses some of the worlds most successful tech companies, yet are some of the worst perpetrators of worker abuses.

Also, while minor, I think it’s worth pointing out this falls under “life advice”.

> If you want [x], you must do [y].

The literal quote:

> “[…] If you want to inspire [x], you must burn intensely [y].”

That’s literally giving advice to the reader.


Littleman88 t1_izyl1je wrote

I'm motivated by money and ease of work. Everything else is secondary.

Leadership that's burning with passion and involvement is only motivating when they feel like they're taking care of their people and an actual part of the team, not shallowly hyping up their abused and underpaid workforce to beat some metric so they can collect a bonus said workforce won't see a penny from.


Zimke42 OP t1_j01xi3t wrote

True, their passion does have to extend to taking care of the people in their team that make it happen. Management positions I had I always tried to do my best to take care of the people that worked with me and for me, but I sometimes got shit from upper management for it. Stupid crap like telling me I should be yelling at them every day and squeezing everything I could out of them. I built people up that were loyal because they knew I had their back.


Unethical_Castrator t1_j03wxts wrote

Yup, that’s pretty much the way to do it! Good on you for not doing things like they told you to. Too often profits take priority over people.


aggi_pidugu t1_izwxkke wrote

Will yoga help in this regard ?


Zimke42 OP t1_izx1v5n wrote

I do quite a bit of traditional yoga, and it helps me. Before I was so bound up with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression to get much done. If I was an inspiration to anyone it was that I could keep moving when everything hurt. Since doing traditional yoga practices I have been able to get free from chronic pain, and 40 years of anxiety and depression. Now I can actually do more work in the world to accomplish things, grow my business, get much more deeply involved in charity work, as well as being a lot more fun to be around. ;)


aggi_pidugu t1_izx2g6f wrote

What yoga do you recommend ?


Zimke42 OP t1_izx3zi7 wrote

Sadhguru has a program called Inner Engineering and it is a great place to start in my opinion. You learn a process called Shambavi Mahamudra that takes about 20-25 minutes. It is simple but powerful. There are lots of other options as well, like Surya Kriya, which is a hatha yoga practice. I've ended up going on and learning more practices as well now, but those are great starting places, and for some people, it is more than enough.


aggi_pidugu t1_izx44r5 wrote

Thank you very much i will look into it.. I always take interest in yoga and meditation.


Benjammer10 t1_j016rah wrote

Bro why don't you point to free resources for people (youtube). Instead of some marketing baba who promotes pseudoscience.


neonlion119 t1_izzo1wx wrote

You can't give inspiration if you don't have any to begin with -me


SurgeonInUse t1_izwr2z7 wrote

Absolutely amazing !🙏 Sadhguru is a phenomenal gift to the world! We need to work our energies,emotions and lifestyles to try and match and to get the best out of his words of wisdom 🙏🙏


BluejayGlad6818 t1_izx8nl1 wrote

He alone is taking down the average iq of India


SurgeonInUse t1_izxd1yg wrote

It depends on our IQ to understand what he’s talking about! If we have the gumption,we should follow what he teaches!And if only it doesn’t work we should comment. He has millions of followers,because it has worked for them! ArmChair critics need to rework their strategy to criticise him!


BluejayGlad6818 t1_izxipj8 wrote

he just spouts pseudoscience bs


aldinikun t1_izxmbj5 wrote

Lol i cured my depression and major health issues with his yoga but nothing will be able to convince you.


Arh-Tolth t1_izy26a2 wrote

Peer-reviewed studies and meta-analyses might.


SurgeonInUse t1_izyy489 wrote

Try and read about some of the studies that are going on mediation both in advanced universities in the USA as well as other premier institutions like NIMHANS in India! If we want to explore and understand a phenomenon,we need to be open minded! A closed approach saying everything that’s not said in a Sunday prayer meet must be wrong is not a great approach! After all some people believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe at one time!


Benjammer10 t1_j016joh wrote

Umm...nobody is against meditation or Yoga. You can do either of that for free or at your local fitness centre. But this Sadhguru is a scamming, corrupt nutcase who thinks water has memory and even more preposterous nonsense.


Benjammer10 t1_j0167qi wrote

No offence. The act of doing consistent Yoga, meditation, etc helped you. You could have done that on your own but you didnt. You needed a program to get started (there are less convoluted cheaper and even free options for that). All of that doesnt change the fact that Jaggi is messed up and corrupt. Why? There are numerous credible articles about that. And the pseudoscience he spouts is just way too ridiculous and insulting.

Now the question is whether your gratitude towards a program you paid for, will let you see through Jaggi objectively...


aldinikun t1_j01ciww wrote

His yoga (specifically)has been researched by many institutions to be beneficial in brain growth. Also before calling him corrupt, how about you go and see the work he is doing for farmers and villagers of tamil nadu? How about you go and check his massive project to save cauvery basin? How about you go and check his isha vidhya initiative providing high quality education and mid day meals to rural children for absolutely free?

Coming to the pseudoscience, if you want we could debate about it.


Benjammer10 t1_j03lb57 wrote

I thought I'd get a reasonable reply from you, all I got was a cowardly downvote. But then I checked your profile and I realized I had been conversing with a fanboi! Yaeeks bro


aldinikun t1_j04l8po wrote

i get your points about scienceisdope video and all the news articles against sadhguru, i too was skeptical about sadhguru like you in the beginning trust me. i have exams going on till 20, after theyre over i will get back to you and refute your claims (in a civil manner) just wait a little.

also, that downvote wasnt by me


Benjammer10 t1_j01grs9 wrote

Ahh, I dont want to debate with you knowing that you have bought what they were selling literally and financially. For a breezy breakdown and debunking, check out videos on Jaggi by ScienceisDope. For corruption allegations, etc look up the many news articles. Going on a tangent: Did you know that Lalu Yadav former CM, MP of Bihar brought forth many benefits for his people. Some even consider him as their saviour, especially of the poor. As he brought many populist policies helping the backward castes and downtrodden communities. Yet currently he is jailed and is guilty of scams he was involved in for decades. Make of this analogy what you will.

Regarding research promoting his programs. Do you know that it is very easy for conglomerates to fund research that will elevate their standing. In his case, his many admirers and followers could help with the same. Yoga and physical exercise are always good for you. If you have a paper which mentions these programs to be superior against all and very other form of exercise. Thats ground breaking. This isnt. The papers I came across simply mention positive effects. The same could be achieved if you do the same at home.

Oh and in the conclusion of your studies(Harvard one), they are praising the benefits of Meditation in general. There is nothing revolutionary about what Jaggi is giving.


thewatisit t1_j00m9ud wrote

An intense fire that spreads is also known as a disaster imo.


whyunoletmepost t1_izxmuqy wrote

Go check out some of Sahdguru's early stuff on his channel. Amazingly deep thoughts with simple explanation.