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Zimke42 OP t1_izx3zi7 wrote

Sadhguru has a program called Inner Engineering and it is a great place to start in my opinion. You learn a process called Shambavi Mahamudra that takes about 20-25 minutes. It is simple but powerful. There are lots of other options as well, like Surya Kriya, which is a hatha yoga practice. I've ended up going on and learning more practices as well now, but those are great starting places, and for some people, it is more than enough.


aggi_pidugu t1_izx44r5 wrote

Thank you very much i will look into it.. I always take interest in yoga and meditation.


Benjammer10 t1_j016rah wrote

Bro why don't you point to free resources for people (youtube). Instead of some marketing baba who promotes pseudoscience.