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Littleman88 t1_izyl1je wrote

I'm motivated by money and ease of work. Everything else is secondary.

Leadership that's burning with passion and involvement is only motivating when they feel like they're taking care of their people and an actual part of the team, not shallowly hyping up their abused and underpaid workforce to beat some metric so they can collect a bonus said workforce won't see a penny from.


Zimke42 OP t1_j01xi3t wrote

True, their passion does have to extend to taking care of the people in their team that make it happen. Management positions I had I always tried to do my best to take care of the people that worked with me and for me, but I sometimes got shit from upper management for it. Stupid crap like telling me I should be yelling at them every day and squeezing everything I could out of them. I built people up that were loyal because they knew I had their back.


Unethical_Castrator t1_j03wxts wrote

Yup, that’s pretty much the way to do it! Good on you for not doing things like they told you to. Too often profits take priority over people.