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unambitiouswretch t1_j00ww65 wrote

To reference the wise Karl Dilkington, I reckon the old guy liked gardening anyway


day7seven t1_j00xvte wrote

Unfortunately the boomers decided to do the opposite. They crossed bridges their forefathers built and then blew them up so everyone else behind them would have a tougher time crossing. That way they could claim they were the best generation getting across faster than the people before them. And claim they worked harder than all the lazy people behind them struggling to get across.


Ginyu-force t1_j0172v1 wrote

My grandpa planted lots of trees around our house now those roots are messing with internal pipes and tanks.


adam_demamps_wingman t1_j01a6j4 wrote

Don’t plant trees near foundations, buried utilities, garages, or property lines, Gentlemen.


Th3MysticArcher t1_j01pc0t wrote

I’m sorry, I thought the kid was gonna swing into the tree


drunkboarder t1_j027up6 wrote

Exactly the issue with government right now. Most presidents and congressional personnel refuse to pass anything that won't have an immediate effect in order to help them in the polls. Long term projects ave no chance of passing due to the immense desire to get credit.


Bfladkor t1_j02c5ns wrote

His dad is sitting in the tree his dad planted, hence why hes looking up /s


Littleman88 t1_j02dzbf wrote

They least they could have done when they cut down the tree to make a quick buck was plant a new seed, even if we have to be the ones to nurture it.

They chose to hoard every last cent, now we've nothing to make a buck from. They can now all die just as broke from poor future investments and without a care from us as we're too busy planting new seeds and looking forward to taking all their stuff in the meantime.


Violentflatus t1_j02wur1 wrote

Did the city and HOA approve of this? Otherwise you gotta rip out that tree. Then replace it with an approved tree..Even when it’s been there before the rules were made.

I may have lost this battle at my old house. Still pissed about it.


Plzlaw4me t1_j036hw5 wrote

This is probably the best argument for term limits. If politicians weren’t constantly worried about reelection they would be focused on their legacy by starting something great that would last for decades that they could put their name on it. Instead a successful politicians legacy is now getting re-elected for 40 years and dying in office after spending at least 30 of those years being terrified to upset the status quo.


jrad0369 t1_j03r8fn wrote

thanks dad for all the belts and slippers to my ass. my bf doesnt stand a chance.


EdwardOfGreene t1_j0408p3 wrote

I truly tire of people generalizing entire generations.

No individuals in the group? Just need to know date of birth, and you know all about them without further inquiry?

I grow equally tired of people doing this with race, language group, nation of origin, over generalization by creed, whether they live in sparce or densely populated areas, etc.


AustinLurkerDude t1_j04cugu wrote

Dang, this guy could afford a kid? He must be thanking his dad for the inheritance...


cecil721 t1_j04ikn4 wrote

Ronald Reagan started trading with Communist Beijing in 1981. All down hill from there. Once you reach rock bottom prices by having capitalists abuse practical slave labor, you will feel nothing but pain when those workers get just a modicum of respect.

That is where we are now.


ant9n t1_j05b62t wrote

So sad his father died before he had a chance to spend time with the grandchildren.


nhh t1_j05iype wrote

You are right on point. Yes, boomers had it easy. The fact is that they lived in post WW2 economy where America was basically the ONLY country territorially unaffected by WW2.

The fact that there were a whole lot fewer people than there were today also is a factor.

The fact is that Americans today have to compete on a global scale which was not a possibility due to impossibly expensive real-time communication?

Sure, there may be things that boomers were responsible for creating - they exacerbated climate change and did nothing to address it, given that this problem was known since the 80s. They kept voting Republicans into office with the goal to gut the government and gut the tax code - which left us at the current deficit mess.

But by an large, the problems that today's younger generations face are not a result of direct action by Boomers. Arguing so is stupid.