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FutureWorth2 t1_j0cgyls wrote

I would like too, but I'm surrounded by people who make it my fault for everything bad going on.


Randomn355 t1_j0d4mmj wrote

Either they're toxic people, or they're actually pretty accurate in saying it's your fault.

If they're toxic, why are you keeping them around?


FutureWorth2 t1_j0d4xhi wrote

Tbh I don't keep anyone around, hardly even talk to people, but when I did hang out with them it was because I felt they were the only people I could hang with. And the only ones who talked to me.


Randomn355 t1_j0ddsf5 wrote

I hear you. I've been in exactly that position relatively recently.

Ultimately I made the choice to walk away from my only group of friends, basically the only people I spoke to regularly other than my mum and partner.

In a lot of ways, it was also the best choice I ever made.

It's a difficult change, but a necessary one.