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gtmattz t1_j0clzuk wrote

Negative energy is the only energy we have left after being put through the wringer of this life we were born into...


Jo_yEAh t1_j0cmqvl wrote

Five years ago I would have fully agreed. I’ve spent many days wondering “why me” and staring at the ceiling. I don’t know your circumstances and don’t mean to down play them. But I think we always have the ability to make our situation better. Not always perfect, not always ideal, but better.

I don’t mean to dismiss your feelings, but at the same point I would like to offer a glimmer of light. Some people need that. If you can’t resonate with that, I’m sorry. I wish you the best and eventual peace and prosperity.


gtmattz t1_j0co1r6 wrote

I was mostly just being sarcastic, but yeah the last few years have been a complete shitshow making it difficult to keep a positive outlook.


thatrightwinger t1_j0cyfku wrote

Then you don't really want to be motivated. You want excuses.

Excuses and motivation are in opposition to each other.