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teronna t1_j0cyphq wrote

This is really great advice for people who are in decent health - mental and physical, have enough money to be comfortable, and feel emotionally unfulfilled.

For anyone with real problems, this is fucking bullshit and insulting. Literally just "feel better".


DisparityByDesign t1_j0d4n1u wrote

I mean, the sub is called getmotivated. It’s for people trying to find motivation, that’s the entire point of the sub.

Its not r/getoverlifethreateningissues or r/seriousmentalhealthproblemfixes, I don’t know why you’re expecting more than what the sub is literally meant for.


teronna t1_j0d51d1 wrote

I think motivational advice is more useful when it's more targeted. Specific issues that have specific actionable things that can be tried. Presented not as "this will fix your issue" but as "this is something to try and see if it works for you".


-alphex t1_j0d2l8z wrote

Isn't this a theme for this entire sub tho


teronna t1_j0d3zo1 wrote

Probably, I just saw this on the frontpage. It's hard to give motivational advice that's meaningful when it's so generic.

Specific motivational advice is way more meaningful - tailored to context. "If you're trying to go to the gym and having trouble building a routine, you can do such and such to try to fix that". Or "If you're having trouble with compulsive eating, here are some ways to make food and kinds of food to make that can help". That sort of stuff.

Super generic motivation is that "hang in there" kitty picture.