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Jo_yEAh t1_j0d5gkc wrote

I've often seen people stating that life is not fair to them and that the odds are stacked against them. I've never been one to say that life is fair. If you accept life is not fair and work within the true confines of life you will do better than to simply complain that life has nothing to offer. You are acting as though people are truly hopeless, with no control over themselves. At any point you can do something to move towards peace and happiness. Again, you will not get there immediately, it may not be exactly as you thought. But you can incrementally make things better. On average this approach will lead to a better life than doubting change and dismissing any hint of optimism. Even the most broken down person can have a change of heart if they are truly ready.


Randomn355 t1_j0ddiyx wrote

More just commenting on the fact that the issue isn't the post offending people, it's their attitude.


Jo_yEAh t1_j0dedll wrote

Oh I misinterpreted it as you were defending that stance. My mistake