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overhandright t1_j0d5p8i wrote

I am at the end of my rope. How do I put desperation aside? I hear and see posts like OP and I need something different. I need hope but life is a living hell. It's so bleak. How do I accomplish this?


Mindless_Ad_1008 t1_j0daf3d wrote

I'm going to start with a disclaimer, this does not work for everyone but it did work for me. I made a lot of changes almost faster than my little brain could process. I got a job that allows me lots of free time, got out of my lease in an expensive shithole house, and bought a van that I upfitted to be a comfortable camper. I'd bum off my parents for a place near work when I was needed, and use my free time taking camping/road trips. Combine this with some plant-based inspiration and before I knew it I was effectively on top of the world. I've since sold the van and live a pretty lame life again, but I am moving soon. Essentially if whatever you're doing now isnt working, change it! You're not obligated to just waste your life, as far as I'm concerned we only get one.

TLDR: Downsize, do exactly what you want to do within your means, don't be afraid of change, always stay busy and give yourself something to look forward to!