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LDKCP t1_j0b3cck wrote

Without getting too political, being grateful for what you have got is great but not advocating for improvement just leaves you open to exploitation.

Too many people work hard all their lives with very little to show for it. I find telling people they have to be happy with what they have got only benefits the super wealthy.


nyxnars t1_j0b3e6k wrote

This is some "Secret" BS


Phil-McRoin t1_j0b3qjj wrote

If you don't get off your ass & make shit happen for you, nothing will. You'll end up working a 9-5 for average money into your 70s or even longer. While it is important to be grateful for what you have, that doesn't mean you shouldn't do whatever you can to earn/achieve more.


GracieIsGorgeous t1_j0b4uz4 wrote

To be fair to OP, no mention was made of not making any future effort. Only the belief that being grateful for what you presently had, created a mindset that was progressive.


crm_expert OP t1_j0b5efi wrote

I interpret this message in a different way. I think the quote is saying that you should be confident in your abilities in such a way that you don't have to worry about tomorrow. What if I lose this job or my business? No worries, I can build myself up from scratch. What if I lose this potload of money I have saved? If I can do it before, I can do it again.

This, of course, doesn't mean that you stop working and start making bad financial decisions. It just means that you stop worrying about things going wrong and start thinking about things going right, and even if things go wrong, a strong belief in yourself that you can make it through.


LDKCP t1_j0b9zsr wrote

That's sweet but it ignores the realities of life for the vast majority of people. For many, so little is certain and simply being grateful and optimistic will do very little when it really matters.

Be thankful for what you have, be optimistic, but never let anyone tell you that you shouldn't be pissed off at times, that you should ignore doubts and instincts on real possibilities that could have bad outcomes.

Realistically, people in power, employers and a good chunk of society care so little about your success or wellbeing. Pretending that you have "already won" and you will be fine in the future anyway is naive beyond comprehension.


bidjeu t1_j0be4r5 wrote

Having a positive mindset also sends positive vybes to one's body.


Darv1shPoo6 t1_j0beh84 wrote

Please send me a private message


ripyourlungsdave t1_j0bfxep wrote

Except I neither have what I need today nor tomorrow. Unless someone randomly drops a house in the middle of the road for me, that's not going to change. Much like the last 4 years, I will continue struggling to gather the most basic of necessities in order to stay alive, with no guarantee I'll be able to get them.

In other words, this is some privileged bullshit.


Whiplash17488 t1_j0bj27t wrote

This is impossible advice. Gratefulness is an emotion which is a judgement that follows from a thought. You can can’t control emotions otherwise you could just learn to “be happy”. Got cancer? Just be grateful. Its impossible.

The only way out of this is carefully examining our thoughts and our judgements because more often than not they are irrational to some degree.

Pretending tomorrow you will have what you need so just be grateful is as useful as hope. There’s a reason the ancient greeks described hope as a curse because they saw it caused inaction among people.

So i see the advice here as more of a shorthand: if you have impressions of a situation that lead to anger, anxiety, or fear; then examine them carefully. Perhaps your judgements don’t make sense.

Time to read some Epictetus. The ancient Stoics teach us that anger, anxiety or fear are always irrational and why.


willia99 t1_j0bjbw9 wrote

Hey thanks I need a little mindset refresher sometimes. I think I'm putting this in my wallet


TBTabby t1_j0bmj5r wrote

There's a line between confidence and hubris.


BrainCandy_ t1_j0bq8ic wrote

Glass half empty, glass half full


iminyourbase t1_j0bqtvr wrote

You can practice mindfulness and gratitude without being complacent when it comes to your position in life. It doesn't mean that you just sit there and accept what you have and be a slave, nor does it mean that you ignore reality or logical possibilities

Successful people didn't get that way with defeatist attitudes. Failure is just a speed bump on the road to success. How you view that failure, or the possibility of failure, determines how far you're willing to go in order to reach your goals.


wonderboyobe t1_j0bt2xk wrote

Ah, So delusion is the key to motivation. . .NICE!


Pinkeyefarts t1_j0btsow wrote

Not if you miss the enrollment period for insurance


Moist_Priority_1095 t1_j0buy4d wrote

It ain't my I love you and I always will for their time okay with you trying to get hold of them before I go I appreciate you


NoGoodDM t1_j0bw2es wrote

This is the opposite of Get Motivated.

Often, people need/want to get motivated when they have something in their life they want to change. Maybe it’s a new job, working out, better self-care, and a plethora of other things they want to accomplish in this stage of their lives.

This is basically, “Nah, no need to get motivated to change anything. You’ve already arrived at your destination.”


Jo_yEAh t1_j0bxaur wrote

Damn after reading the comments I'm worried -- everyone is a mental wreck. If you don't like the post keep moving. Don't waste energy being negative.


Moist_Priority_1095 t1_j0by71j wrote

I know it's right in my favorites and I want you to be part of it I don't want to lose you baby I don't really want to I promise you'll be ready for the rest of your life in a minute I'm at this fat


Jo_yEAh t1_j0bykwa wrote

You can learn to use your mind in ways that make you more happy. You can learn to use your mind in a way that you are more grateful. Just because you haven't doesn't mean you can claim that no-one can do this.

You then use a biological condition 'cancer' to try to make the point that we can't change our emotions. Our emotions are not the same as our biology. It's easier to control your emotions with the right patterns and processes than it is to reverse genetics and control biology.

You seem to be on your high horse. The abundance mindset is a real mental change you can make in which you change the lens you see the world through as one with more opportunity. A new perspective does not mean illusion. Much like someone else might look at a problem you have and be able to provide advice or insight that you had not previously thought of. Their standpoint was not imaginary, it just wasn't one that you held. Similarly, if you can change your natural vantage point towards problems in life and opportunity in your life - you can take up a new energy and attitude in general. I know firsthand and have watched others do the same, don't tell me it can't be done.

There will always be people who have grown and evolved into peaceful abundant mindset. And then there will always be another group throwing stones saying it is woo woo and impossible. I hate to be cliché, and I know this will trigger some. But which pill do you want to take.


ValyrianJedi t1_j0bylij wrote

I'm pretty sure that doing this would have cut the amount of success I've had back by like 80%. The knowledge that things weren't in my favor had a massive amount of responsibility for my actions and decisions that got me where I am.


Moist_Priority_1095 t1_j0c0800 wrote

Don't want you up here with me and I wish that you love me but if you don't love me I'm going to get off here or not I ain't talking to nobody else over here that's what I wanted to talk to you about I really do love you and a minute on my heart and I'm with you here with me


Moist_Priority_1095 t1_j0c0v8v wrote

Well if you hear I think I'm talking to I want you here with me I do right now I won't come down there


ranzorling t1_j0c2lzn wrote

Here's how I see it. You can be winning everyday while still yearning to be better. Enjoying your victory doesn't mean you're done growing.


lucky_ducker t1_j0c4g7y wrote

Life is rigged, all right. Just not in favor of anyone reading this post.


kunk75 t1_j0c57ej wrote

Does anyone find this pablum inspirational?


RangeWilson t1_j0c5ohq wrote

thx but personally I wasn't a child of the rich and powerful, so I'm gonna keep busting my ass, rather than waste my time believing anything of the sort.


nodray t1_j0c64b9 wrote

so can i print this out free somewhere and tell homeless ppl to eat that and be content? and also give it to a bank in exchange for a house? who writes this bullshit?


johnrugel710 t1_j0c6vaw wrote

how do yall get rid of that little voice (doubt) from creeping in?


Rich_Cartographer473 t1_j0c6z0l wrote

I have the same mindset pal and it's been working great for me since childhood. I believe that I will win and I will fulfill my dreams at some point in my life. I am not in a hurry and definitely happy for people's success around me


MarlesGong t1_j0c7i5t wrote

Absolutely! This is similar to how I view life. I look at life, I see that I don't have as much as others and I am totally good with that. Because I see that mentally they are in the never-ending pursuit. It's absolutely game-changing when you can be genuinely satisfied with basic needs with the backing of the universe in your favor. I genuinely believe that life or the universe or whatever you want to call it has my back and I just need to relax into that while calmly and confidently working on life/work/family/fun/spiritually/loving others/etc...


madwilliamflint t1_j0cbs2j wrote

Well, it's not just a river in Egypt after all.


FutureWorth2 t1_j0cgyls wrote

I would like too, but I'm surrounded by people who make it my fault for everything bad going on.


pemphigus69 t1_j0ci0xx wrote

This is brilliant. Godspeed, wise human.


pleeplious t1_j0clkto wrote

Love watching all the comments of hypercapitalists on here saying “WORK MOAR!”


Adony_ t1_j0clw5u wrote

"lie to yourself that things are good" is a weirdly frequency motivation tip, sounds more delusional to me


Jo_yEAh t1_j0cmqvl wrote

Five years ago I would have fully agreed. I’ve spent many days wondering “why me” and staring at the ceiling. I don’t know your circumstances and don’t mean to down play them. But I think we always have the ability to make our situation better. Not always perfect, not always ideal, but better.

I don’t mean to dismiss your feelings, but at the same point I would like to offer a glimmer of light. Some people need that. If you can’t resonate with that, I’m sorry. I wish you the best and eventual peace and prosperity.


scoobygotabooty t1_j0cnite wrote

Exactly. I don't think it's talking about physical possessions as much as it is about mindset and knowing that, despite the struggle of existing day-to-day, you trust that you will be okay in the end.

And that, implicitly, requires consistent effort.


Beederda t1_j0cnj3i wrote

Understand what “the now” means and this makes complete sense. But most definitely don’t understand what it means to live in the now moment. cause alot of us are trapped in past thought or future anticipation and these cause us to be anxious and depressed for what we refuse to change our mindsets we persist in constant folly and don’t even know it.

Ie- Why am i so broke? Im so stressed better have a cigarette… quit smoking and stop using it as an excuse to not change and you will suddenly be not so broke.. continue to make these changes to your bad habits and see your world change before your eyes.

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches these kind of things about knowing how to suffer and you will suffer less. Free yourself of material suffering and be present in the now moment understand this and you may understand it all.


_Weyland_ t1_j0cnx8a wrote

I like to think that true confidence is not about knowing you'll succeed, but being ready to accept any outcome.

If you're ready to move on no matter what door opens for you, it feels liberating.


gtmattz t1_j0co1r6 wrote

I was mostly just being sarcastic, but yeah the last few years have been a complete shitshow making it difficult to keep a positive outlook.


Mindless_Ad_1008 t1_j0coopt wrote

Imma toot my own horn, I've lived this philosophy for a couple of years now. It's so peaceful and I've found success with it too. When you put desperation aside you just naturally succeed.


kykyks t1_j0cp9yn wrote

nice text but i actually do not have what i need and never will, thats why im in shit and depressed


Sneed_is_king t1_j0cpghg wrote

This is pure delusion. You can't will your way out of poverty or cancer. Weapons-grade copium.


PiddleAlt t1_j0cthxi wrote

This is more like what Tammy tells you. She is the daughter of an ex VP at General Electric. Got out before things fell apart! :giggle: She went to college and met her husband, a partner at a small boutique investment firm, and had two kids.

She gets a little sad sometimes though and needs to perk herself up. So she checks her account balances to make sure she is still wealthy and says this as a mantra.


tkdyo t1_j0cv5tv wrote

Millions of people don't even have enough for today, let alone being confident about the future. However, they will keep laboring under this type of "gratitude" mindset. It's one of many things that keeps people from standing together for real, systemic change.


quiettryit t1_j0cvoyi wrote

I've known a lot of homeless people who were not addicted to drugs with a positive mindset...


TheW0lvDoctr t1_j0cxa5k wrote

Master Roshi disagrees with this message, and he's a master so I'll side with him


thatrightwinger t1_j0cy5sv wrote

I'm not used to the negativity all over this particular post.


teronna t1_j0cyphq wrote

This is really great advice for people who are in decent health - mental and physical, have enough money to be comfortable, and feel emotionally unfulfilled.

For anyone with real problems, this is fucking bullshit and insulting. Literally just "feel better".


Randomn355 t1_j0d12b8 wrote

The fact so many people talking about exploitation as if they're the victims of the system when they're the ones doing a lot of the exploiting is a testament to the entitlement many people gave.


julesk t1_j0d231d wrote

Awesome advice for trust founders and other wealthy people, because they do indeed have what they need today and will tomorrow. They have won and can be grateful knowing there’s no need to compete or fret. The rest of us can be grateful for what we have and strategize on how to get enough of what we need for today and tomorrow. It doesn’t mean we’re bitter or jealous of other’s successes but we’re realistic.


Randomn355 t1_j0d3upq wrote

Or it's people who have grown up in abusive, divorced households, who know they can make the cut because they'll actually apply themselves at something they're good at. Rather than following a passion that doesn't allow them to achieve their goals.

And you know what? We have already won.

Because we get it. We understand how to plan a career path, we understand how to adapt to setbacks, and most importantly of all, we aren't afraid to make changes necessary within our morals.

How many people stay at a job certain they're being underpaid?

How many people stay living in an area because it's familiar and comfortable, instead of moving somewhere that is better for their goals (careers, savings, home ownership etc)?

How many people choose to drive a car MUCH more expensive than they need, rather than putting that money towards the goals they claim to want so bad?

But people who aren't willing to adopt this kind of mentality will invitably find themselcwa in one of 2 camps.

Fortunate enough to not have a problem with that, or perpetually stuck not achieving their goals.

You can either take a defeatist mentality, or the one OP describes. One of those, in every situation, will work better for you than the other.


teronna t1_j0d3zo1 wrote

Probably, I just saw this on the frontpage. It's hard to give motivational advice that's meaningful when it's so generic.

Specific motivational advice is way more meaningful - tailored to context. "If you're trying to go to the gym and having trouble building a routine, you can do such and such to try to fix that". Or "If you're having trouble with compulsive eating, here are some ways to make food and kinds of food to make that can help". That sort of stuff.

Super generic motivation is that "hang in there" kitty picture.


Randomn355 t1_j0d41ac wrote

"Knowing you have made the best choice you reasonably could" is my benchmark for doing things.

You'll never know everything, and you'll never be able to research enough to become an expert.

But do enough that you have done what you can.


Randomn355 t1_j0d494g wrote

Make changes.

Start working towards qualifications, or move somewhere cheaper, or drive a cheaper car, or change your diet to be bigger on things like oats/potatoes/beans/rice etc, pick up cheaper hobbies that you can swap from your existing ones.

That's all stuff off the top of my head.


DisparityByDesign t1_j0d4n1u wrote

I mean, the sub is called getmotivated. It’s for people trying to find motivation, that’s the entire point of the sub.

Its not r/getoverlifethreateningissues or r/seriousmentalhealthproblemfixes, I don’t know why you’re expecting more than what the sub is literally meant for.


Randomn355 t1_j0d4rup wrote

No, this is having gratitude for what you have, and knowing you will achieve those goals.

But just because you're on the correct trajectory to succeed, it doesn't mean you stop trying.


FutureWorth2 t1_j0d4xhi wrote

Tbh I don't keep anyone around, hardly even talk to people, but when I did hang out with them it was because I felt they were the only people I could hang with. And the only ones who talked to me.


teronna t1_j0d51d1 wrote

I think motivational advice is more useful when it's more targeted. Specific issues that have specific actionable things that can be tried. Presented not as "this will fix your issue" but as "this is something to try and see if it works for you".


Randomn355 t1_j0d53y2 wrote

Or to be far more succinct, do you think you'll have more success with a positive mindset, or a negative one?

Because it's no accident one of those is recommended regularly, and the other isn't recommended ever.


Tre_Walker t1_j0d5g0u wrote

> You can either take a defeatist mentality, or the one OP describes. One of those, in every situation, will work better for you than the other.

I have to take sides with you. Title says "rigged in your favor". Paranoia is the opposite; as in things and or people are rigged/rigging against you. Pronoia is the belief in the opposite that people are actually wanting the best for you and even conspiring to lift you up.

As you said one works better than the other. Whether either is true in any given scenario. One feels better and works better.

Does anyone really believe thinking things are rigged against them is a productive mindset?


Jo_yEAh t1_j0d5gkc wrote

I've often seen people stating that life is not fair to them and that the odds are stacked against them. I've never been one to say that life is fair. If you accept life is not fair and work within the true confines of life you will do better than to simply complain that life has nothing to offer. You are acting as though people are truly hopeless, with no control over themselves. At any point you can do something to move towards peace and happiness. Again, you will not get there immediately, it may not be exactly as you thought. But you can incrementally make things better. On average this approach will lead to a better life than doubting change and dismissing any hint of optimism. Even the most broken down person can have a change of heart if they are truly ready.


overhandright t1_j0d5p8i wrote

I am at the end of my rope. How do I put desperation aside? I hear and see posts like OP and I need something different. I need hope but life is a living hell. It's so bleak. How do I accomplish this?


Starheart8 t1_j0d8kpl wrote

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. - Epictetus


poodlebutt76 t1_j0d9moh wrote

Remember the old adage about being an adult. That you can keep two opposing principles in your head at once.

You can still practice gratitude while asking for/trying to reach better conditions at the same time. In fact, each informs the other, and when they're not in balance, you get entitlement the one hand, and learned helplessness on the other.


Mindless_Ad_1008 t1_j0daf3d wrote

I'm going to start with a disclaimer, this does not work for everyone but it did work for me. I made a lot of changes almost faster than my little brain could process. I got a job that allows me lots of free time, got out of my lease in an expensive shithole house, and bought a van that I upfitted to be a comfortable camper. I'd bum off my parents for a place near work when I was needed, and use my free time taking camping/road trips. Combine this with some plant-based inspiration and before I knew it I was effectively on top of the world. I've since sold the van and live a pretty lame life again, but I am moving soon. Essentially if whatever you're doing now isnt working, change it! You're not obligated to just waste your life, as far as I'm concerned we only get one.

TLDR: Downsize, do exactly what you want to do within your means, don't be afraid of change, always stay busy and give yourself something to look forward to!


Lance_Henry1 t1_j0dazx4 wrote

I heard someone say once, "I don't 'hustle'. I don't 'grind'. I take action, with confidence and purpose."

I thought that was a great way to re-frame the notion of working hard. Hustling and grinding almost seem frantic. Taking action more seems like you're in control.

I feel like the OP's sentiment is similar...winning is enjoying the journey.


Littleman88 t1_j0dbdz6 wrote

One usually leads to the other. Not always, but a lot of the time it does feel like someone is moving the goal posts to pretend they're happy and content where they are when they're very much not.


Randomn355 t1_j0ddsf5 wrote

I hear you. I've been in exactly that position relatively recently.

Ultimately I made the choice to walk away from my only group of friends, basically the only people I spoke to regularly other than my mum and partner.

In a lot of ways, it was also the best choice I ever made.

It's a difficult change, but a necessary one.


FutureWorth2 t1_j0de3em wrote

At least you had your mom and partner. It sounds like they were supportive and overall good experiences to stay around.


lay-zandbeyonce t1_j0deah4 wrote

im just trying to increase my comment karma so i can post


Thank-you1234 t1_j0dinjp wrote

I’ve always felt of confidence as proud of what you’ve done and who you are while recognizing mistakes and striving to be better in those areas. Hopefully constantly recognizing areas to touch up or improve, improving them and then gaining more confidence. But recognizing faults, shortcomings, or weakness and becoming/remaining confident in your ability to do so.

Whereas hubris would be more “I’m not supposed to fail because it’s ME, I deserve to “win” for no other reason than because of that. I have no weaknesses so why are we wasting time playing? Just give me the prize.

IMO every single confident person will be able to tell you open and honestly about their weaknesses, able to apologize and take blame when they fuck up, and strive to do better. A person with no confidence or too much hubris either lacks the confidence to think “I made a mistake, but it’s nothing I can’t overcome. I’m confident I can do better next time. Therefore they deny blame or ownership.

And someone with hubris thinks “I’m the best there’s ever been I’m perfect. This couldn’t have been because I did something wrong”. And can’t fathom that they make mistakes too


I_Am_Sab t1_j0dwxr5 wrote

Easy to say for some people. This osnt motivational its just pretty words that dont have any real life merit.


westbee t1_j0dy2hr wrote

The Charlie Sheen approach. Love it!


barriekansai t1_j0e055h wrote

What a fucking crock of horseshit. Life can be amazingly wonderful, or amazingly beautiful, and it's very often random which it turns out to be, regardless of your "energy."


detoxifiedjosh t1_j0e26kt wrote

I've come to realise I don't care about trying to tiptoe around this distinction anymore. I'm not going to rein in my positivity out of the fear I'm "more confident than I should be" As long as I'm uplifting myself and the people around me, you can call me cocky all you like.


GS455 t1_j0e6ojx wrote

Lying to yourself doesn't seem like the best strategy


SusuSketches t1_j0e6ytg wrote

Nobody wants to feel worthless but some people experience things that cause actions and mind to change. Learning Pronoia is possible but not easily by everyone. Positive reinforcement during hard times to get the mind out of a bad loop is something I still struggle with at times. Wishing everyone the best.


Shadowyne t1_j0e9you wrote

Man you gotta spread this


MsSkitzle t1_j0eh534 wrote

I interpret this as strength personally. If you’ve struggled to get to where you are in life, you’ve survived. You will survive tomorrow. Essentially have gratitude in yourself and your own strength, because life isn’t easy.


sircorneilous t1_j0eivz8 wrote

Well. What if you want to be a programmer and you don't a computer or phone or any device capable of whriting code? Hmmmmm?


-DethLok- t1_j0ej256 wrote

Yep, agreed. I'm in that situation, after 50 years of living according to a clock I'm free and so happy now!


paktsardines t1_j0ep81y wrote

> "Everything I will need tomorrow, I will have."

Charlie here never did scouts.


Bubblewyser t1_j0es4td wrote

This is the best. It's about being satisfied with less. You can be happy with what you have if you have the basics. We don't need a yacht, we need mental health, food and housing. Not everyone has those, but those of us that do are winning. That not to say I don't believe things can get better


moonlightavenger t1_j0es8w8 wrote

"Delusional person dies refusing help from paramedics. They kept insisting they already had all the food they need."


ArchemedesRex t1_j0f2xf8 wrote

No. I've lived in a tent in the woods because our employer kept us as pets.


NoParticularMotel t1_j0fbomo wrote

I needed this. I have been feeling the complete opposite of this. I thought I was becoming a villain.


Pay-the-Toll t1_j0fgdfx wrote

Yeah, but you’ve lost your past. That’s sad.


crm_expert OP t1_j0fhwm1 wrote

There are days, even weeks and months when you just can't seem to see the light; and if you're surrounded by frustrated people who just keep on complaining about how life isn't fair, then it becomes so much more difficult to get/stay motivated. It is in those moments when we have to ask ourselves - do we keep on cribbing or do we do something about the situation we're in? Do we get consumed in the darkness or should we become the flicker of light who dispels the darkness.


Kryasil t1_j0fltra wrote

Okay but motivation isn't shiny gimme a medal


PinguWizard t1_j0fwgth wrote

This would've worked way better by accepting and not believing.


paulstelian97 t1_j0g8dp2 wrote

I have had literally the other day a course on communication, which talks about assertive vs aggressive vs passive/submissive vs passive-aggressive. The assertive one, which is the one you should have in most situations, is one where you consider yourself fine AND the person you're talking to as fine, like a sort of equal in this (we both have our good and bad, and I'm fine with that).

This feels like a hint towards the same.


not_some_username t1_j0gb11e wrote

Me at work deciding I’ve did enough after 2h long coding


Randomn355 t1_j0gddti wrote

No, I just pointed out that it's about coming from privilege or not, it's a mindset that can be bred by pragmatism (and other things of course).

If you need to believe there's leaps there so you can justify your own lack of positivity, that's fine.


thisismyaccount3125 t1_j0hws2m wrote

I lowkey scoffed when people told me to practice gratitude. It’s hard to do when you haven’t lost something precious.

Now I find myself experiencing genuine gratitude a few times a week all the sudden, and I’m surprised* by how powerful it is.


Oubastet t1_j0ile12 wrote

Nope, I haven't watched that yet.

I probably learned it in grade school or middle school, several decades ago. It's not some novel word for me. ;)

Cool if you learned it from the movie though. Good on you! It's a good habit to look up new words you might hear or read so you can expand your vocabulary.

I've always been an avid reader, and have always made it a point to lookup words I don't know.

I distinctly remember looking up "hyperbole" when I was young and proceeding to mispronounce it for years, despite knowing what it means. 😸


Oubastet t1_j0rywjj wrote

LOL! Just because nobody you know used it and that it's some novel word to you doesn't mean "nobody used it" and doesn't mean it hasn't been a common word for a couple thousand years. It's literally Latin, used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It's use has persisted to this day. Latin is still used in the medical community and is the root of many words in Western English.

It just means it's been "re-learned" by more people. If you consumed literature outside of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and the like, it wouldn't be new to you.

It's clear that you are younger, and don't have broad exposure to the world at large (at least to literature), and need to be exposed to broader ideas.

I don't say that to insult you, but to encourage you to broaden your horizons and knowledge. You're going down the right path - curiosity, knowledge seeking, asking questions, et cetera (abbreviated etc, but also Latin!)

👍I applaud you asking questions, and your curiosity. That is how we all learn.


Aym42 t1_j0w9pdu wrote

The utter hubris of this guy claiming no one used or knew the word before some shitty SW remake. Dude, did you not study literature in grade school?