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9c4o51 t1_j0fduv3 wrote

You have nothing to lose at the rock bottom


SuccessfulLoser- OP t1_j0g94tb wrote

Are such ads effective and worth the expense? Did you get a boost in sales after such ads?


Grimij t1_j0ghc42 wrote

No use making mountains out of molehills, its at least better than getting aids at rock bottom.


poopiopeepio t1_j0g59bh wrote

No one ever regrets climbing a mountain


Rikke00 t1_j0j8saa wrote

tell that to the frozen corpses on Mt. Everest


poopiopeepio t1_j0jcsoi wrote

Lol that was my first thought when I saw the motivational quote I was referencing!


SimpleMathematics_OS t1_j0geuvr wrote

Now, follow it up with the People’s Elbow… now you’re really learning something.


thekingofthebeasties t1_j0f7861 wrote

Sometimes there are no mountain tops without rock bottom. ODAT


residentfriendly t1_j0f7cqs wrote

What does it teach?


RhinosGoMoo t1_j0ficaz wrote

I guess that's like asking "What's the meaning of life?"

It's different for every individual. It depends on you as a person, on what "rock bottom" looks like for you, on how you got there...

But generally, it teaches you the skills needed to claw your way back up from rock bottom. And those same skills can be very valuable in life in many other ways.


sovietmcdavid t1_j1680wp wrote

Yeah, it's metaphorical.

If you're at your lowest point, any decision you make that doesn't add to your misery is a "step up" from your current low point


KnowYourShadow t1_j0g3kep wrote

Depends what your 'rock bottom' is. But usually, it teaches you how to live a better life -- by showing you what you should have avoided.


jovhenni19 t1_j0gd912 wrote

Resilience, humility and compassion to others. With hard work and striving to better yourself you will build these character.

Unless you lie, cheat, and steal your way to the top, then you will be selfish, unforgiving, and proud.


Ok-Refrigerator-3537 t1_j0f9r52 wrote

Yeah but we are striving for for the striving for the top ..especially if you been at bottom most your life ..


just4bangin t1_j0imczw wrote

Just don't tell Dee Reynolds she was YOUR rock bottom


Zilkin t1_j0g4jdi wrote

A lot more people are at the rock bottom than at the top. So those lessons mean nothing.


PlayHumankind t1_j0gnfqo wrote

The lessons do mean something, yes a lot of people are at the bottom right now but if only 1% of people at the bottom take this and it motivates them to achieve more it would certainly be worth it.


bigfatpup t1_j0gwh7a wrote

The peoples elbow was better though