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Pseudokante t1_j0fuq51 wrote

That Island is going to sink pretty quickly...


_Weyland_ t1_j0hd63d wrote

Nah there's a gigantic floater supporting it from below.


KingRobotPrince t1_j0fonfu wrote

I think you've mixed your metaphors up a little.

One doesn't desire to reach the summit of an iceberg. I don't think and iceberg even has a summit.

The iceberg metaphor is that you only see a small part of someone's success. You see the results but you do not see the effort.


WerthlessB t1_j0gniqx wrote

And, further to your point, wouldn't "looking under the water" in this case show the effort you already put in to get the success? And not previously undiscovered territory to "climb"?


Neat_Petite t1_j0fre4y wrote

Look under the water to reach the summit? Climb that iceberg?



Dancanadaboi t1_j0ghcun wrote

Shouldn't... it be an iceberg?


NightRaven1122 t1_j0gu2nw wrote

Sometimes you don’t always get an iceberg and life is all about adapting and thriving with what you do have, op is simply using law of attraction and manifestation to manifest an iceberg /s


MeatHamster t1_j0fwutd wrote

I wonder how many people get motivated by these r/GetMotivated posts


SweRakii t1_j0fzg9m wrote

I thought it was a main menu from a game for a few seconds 💀


AliBarberTheSecond t1_j0g0g97 wrote

This is a recipe for toxic shit


kreteciek t1_j0gljar wrote

Since when being successful is toxic?


Jean-Though t1_j0hduxr wrote

You thought "This" meant "being successful"?

Let me get this straight, your available brain cells looked at that comment, and thought he was saying "Being successful is a recipe for toxic shit"? That was more plausible to you than the obvious fact that he's talking about the fucking post? The message in the post? The mentality that's represented in the post? That's what leads to toxic shit? Get it...?

Look I know people say ur born with an IQ and it stays the same forever, but the brain still needs exercise to get stronger just like a muscle. Muscles need exercise or they will atrophy you know? Your "muscle" seems like it's atrophying. Tend to it.


kreteciek t1_j0htwp2 wrote

I'd love to discuss with you if you had no superiority complex which you clearly have, which can be seen by how you want to make yourself seem better than me. No, being sarcastic and making your point to diminish me or my IQ doesn't make you a genius, bro. Seriously, touch some grass.


Jean-Though t1_j0hu3tp wrote

I'm glad it hurt. Think before talking next time.


kreteciek t1_j0igjh7 wrote

Damn, your horse is higher than I thought.


whoisjbs t1_j0ges2x wrote

Bro yes that’s how islands sunk the fuckin titanic no way they could see that island at night but tbh the island should have radio contacted them ugh smh


Cute_Bobcat_712 t1_j0fp3l8 wrote

Yeah, go ahead and look really closely under that water. Let us know how it feels to drown.


p3rseusxy t1_j0hev2z wrote

That, Sir, is a rock :-p


Dannysmartful t1_j0gnv08 wrote

So much, for so little. . .

So sad


Suyefuji t1_j0gvxsk wrote

You forgot Luck, which accounts for a pretty large portion


ishwarjha t1_j0gx2l6 wrote

Just a while ago I said to someone: "Entrepreneurs are the true saviour of the world. They take risks and numerous other obstacles to generate employment, income and livelihood for everyone else."

And, now your post.


angry_gnome_ t1_j0gxzbf wrote

Success is arbitrary and completely dependent on who decides to give inflated amounts of currency to. It's all luck of the draw in what the consumer demands out of the services desired.


Jean-Though t1_j0hb46z wrote

The fact that "Luck" isn't present in this list makes it unrealistic & extremist.


shotputlover t1_j0i2jve wrote

Empirical research shows that late nights don’t help someone achieve success, unless you sleep in the next day. Quality sleep matters.


wise_quoter t1_j0if85r wrote

But sometimes success is just relationship with a Big Boss ((


VolatileYouths t1_j0ixoz3 wrote

That’s an island my friend. And a doomed one at that


kemo_sab33 t1_j0j2exl wrote

Lol that was good try OP


coast9k t1_j0oybsi wrote

Do islands float?