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StrionicRandom t1_j0mrnud wrote

It's a bit more nuanced than that.

If we remove people before trying to meet them in the middle, sometimes you run into the problem of creating groups of social rejects. And we know historically that's always led to bad things; groups of people rejected for the same reason gaining socially extremist views, harming themselves or others, or living in isolation forever.

If we as a society start doing this, we're also going to have to try hard to pull others up, or nothing. We can't act like we're above the people we've been encouraged to reject as of late.

Our habit of pushing """unnecessary""" people away is a logical and ethical absurdity if we also say we want to create a society that does the best things for the most people. It just wants the feeling of doing the right thing without actually having to do it.


pineappleshnapps t1_j0n8mac wrote

I came here to say I don’t think unnecessary is the right word. First of all, no one is ABSOLUTEY necessary other than yourself, and second of all we shouldn’t be judging people based off of whether or not they’re necessary. But by all means, kick the shitty ones to the curb.