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Kalee2020 t1_j0ph3ko wrote

This is me right now....thanks for posting. Made me smile


Never_Gonna_Let t1_j0sqjnp wrote

I try not to judge when folks are going through a hard time but.

You are walking yourself around in public on your own leash? Surely you know your autoerotic humiliation kinkplay should only be done with consenting strangers. By doing it in public you are involving unwilling participants without informed, enthusiastic consent.

I'd shame you, but that would probably have the opposite effect as the one intended.


nanocyte t1_j0szacq wrote

This is why I just stick to choking myself with my belt in the IHOP restroom.


Kalee2020 t1_j0x7a77 wrote

Just a visual metaphor nothing that dramatic


03ifa014 t1_j0q5rvz wrote

This is one of the biggest lessons in life: No one is going to work to get you what you want; You gotta do it yourself.


potatosword t1_j0srl1g wrote

Yeah, unless you're rich.


aim_so_far t1_j0v8cfk wrote

OPs point is still valid, there's no pt in comparing urself to others if ur just gonna use it as a scapegoat for ur problems.


potatosword t1_j0vjgtw wrote

Let’s not go down this route or I’m going to try and convince you how shit the world is while I still try and don’t make excuses. We’re gonna have no planet soon at this rate of pollution for example. But I still try. Wooden toothbrush. Cleaning the recyclables. You know.


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Padhome t1_j0q04jv wrote

Because that's all the "help" they're going to give lol. Some people pretend they have your back because they want to look good, but in reality they couldn't be bothered. Leave those people behind, look for someone who's going to take you on that walk.


pigvwu t1_j0q6s9w wrote

That's not what this is about.

This kind of advice was incredibly helpful to me once upon a time. I'd been waiting for something to happen in my life that would put me on the path to fixing all my problems. Kind of like how in the movie Yes Man, Jim Carrey has an old friend drag him to a seminar, he meets a manic pixie girl as a result, and suddenly he has a great life. It wasnt really a conscious thought, but I realized that I'd been wasting my time waiting for some external help that would turn my life around, almost like waiting for a knight in shining armor to appear. Reading that "no one is coming to save you" helped me get going with helping myself out of a bit of a hole I'd dug myself into.

Kind of an extreme example, but lots of people have problems they're just hoping will resolve themselves. Asking for help is fine, but ultimately you have to be the project lead on solving almost all of your problems.


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pigvwu t1_j0q95mb wrote

>I don't think this applies to every situation

Nothing applies to every situation. What you're talking about is a different situation. A can opener is not a bad tool because it doesn't also open wine bottles.


Mozfel t1_j0rxq2x wrote

In other words, we have to be our own lifeguard; we need to be our own ER surgeon

Am I right?


Aggravating_Fly_4947 t1_j1dmek6 wrote

No , it means if no one will help have to help yourself... find yourself help by looking for it yourself..if you need medical help go to the er...dont go to the pool knowing you cant swim and expect a lifeguard to save you..thats not smart..


gththrowaway t1_j0q1p60 wrote

> afraid to ask for help when they need it, but then tell them shit's tough and leave them on their own when they try to get it.

The point is to ask people for the tools to be able to help yourself.


aim_so_far t1_j0v8n34 wrote

Sound like u got some harsh truths to learn.


cremaster2 t1_j0p7y2n wrote

Yea, I try to do that too


Soul0103 t1_j0pz4lv wrote

So basically, “suck it up”


AaronBurrSer t1_j0qh5lx wrote

Not necessarily.

Treat yourself kindly. Help your inner child where the adults in your life failed them.

It’s scary and it sucks sometimes. You have to find a way to be on your own side and be there for yourself- to love yourself.

It can sound like “suck it up” but really it’s coming to reality with the situation and being good to yourself to guide you through it.

It’s not always easy. Not always fun. And it doesn’t always feel good, but learning to love yourself and use your own wisdom to get you through difficult situations is a valuable skill.


cyrixlord t1_j0qlfpo wrote

some people learn to dance in the rain; others just get wet


AaronBurrSer t1_j0qo5au wrote

I like that line.

This planet fucking sucks. The institutions that are supposed to help and provide for us often don’t. We are all so divided based on religion or ideologies.

It’s okay to be mindful of the despair of it and all it’s meaningless, but be careful because it’s easy to lose yourself in that.

It’s a ridiculous and absurd place. You can either accept that and feel powerless, or learn to laugh along with the big joke that is life.

There’s a line in a song by AJJ that goes: “Welcome to this world have as much fun as you would like, while helping others have as much fun as you’re having”

And that’s basically the gist of it for me. This world isn’t perfect, but while you’re here try to have good time and make sure you can help others have a good time too.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_j0qpay1 wrote

I mean, more that we shouldn't hope for help that's not coming. That doesn't help us - it's not kindness, just lying to ourselves.


WasabiSniffer t1_j0scggc wrote

Once you accept that you need to do things for yourself and most things you can do yourself, if you have the right tools, the task is easy and you are still struggling, there is a teenie tiny little bit of "suck it up" to apply.

Before I had my anxiety meds I was able to do most things myself but my problem was procrastinating because I wanted to be in my safe space.

If you have to force something to happen, theres a chance things will break, and that may be you. If "normal" tasks are exceedingly difficult then there may be something you didnt think of that needs adjusting to make the machine work smoothly, and an underlying problem that needs addressing.

Source: speaking from experience, and this may be applicable to some but not others.


[deleted] t1_j0qtd3s wrote



AaronBurrSer t1_j0r0g7l wrote

The phrase “suck it up” doesn’t do much to help and is dismissive of the problems someone may be going through.

It’s possible to send that message through without being a dick essentially. Because there are many times when you simply have to accept you’ve been dealt a shit hand or have no choice but to power through a situation. That doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself harshly and be dismissive of emotions.

Be gentle with yourself, process your emotions, and then you can start putting together plans of action and get through.


sacarstic t1_j0poyaz wrote

Self dependence is the best dependence. No harm to anybody since you are on your own.


Xandrecity t1_j0s3xu6 wrote

You can still harm and be harmed by people even if you have self dependence


RanCestor t1_j0pornw wrote

"Walk the dog they said..."


hypothesestesting t1_j0plv6b wrote

You're right! Now I just need to find a leash for myself. /s


ValyrianJedi t1_j0qnv9i wrote

Help can come if you're proactive and look for it. Definitely don't have to handle everything yourself.


RandomPhail t1_j0r1a5r wrote

This is… DE-motivating to me… There should be no such thing as “Ope! You turned [age] so you’re this made-up thing called an “adult” now, so you’re on your own!” Lol

People should always help people, no matter the age, and we should be pushing for that rather than making up some depressing excuse to make it seem like it’s okay for anyone to be left alone with no help.


xena_lawless t1_j0r0t5v wrote

This almost passes for decent advice on one level, and is extremely abusive neoliberal/kleptocratic propaganda and gaslighting on another.

Everything is interconnected, and people are not meant to be so atomized, disconnected, and isolated.

We can and should help each other.

You should expect and have significant help from the civilization and society in which you live.

You are not just supposed to be an atomized cog in a machine working solely for the profits of an extremely abusive ruling class.

Self help can also mean, both yourself and everyone standing up against the extremely abusive ruling class that is robbing, gaslighting, and socially murdering the public and working classes without recourse.

Certainly be an adult and help yourself.

But if you cut off help from others (and helping others for that matter), those are the isolating conditions in which our extremely abusive ruling class gets away with crimes against humanity without so much as a fight from the public and working classes.

That is the first thing abusers do - cut people off from support and community.

You are not alone, and we are not powerless to help each other, or our communities, or our countries, or the species.

Fuck neoliberalism.


amputatedsnek t1_j0s76zx wrote

This is r/2meirl4meirl stuff. Not motivating at all


Kana515 t1_j0scrbl wrote

"No one is going to help you, you're all alone in this world 😠" Yes, very motivational


Kukorica888 t1_j0rm7oc wrote

I do value the concept of “it takes a village,” though.. being interdependent with good boundaries is healthier than being solely independent


[deleted] t1_j0r9a6q wrote

But you’re so fucking cute eventually somebody just street adopts you cause you are looking to help yourself and someone notices you have a brain.


Southern_Name_9119 t1_j0s31ik wrote

Yeah, but it would be nice to have a partner in all this.


MWPinc t1_j0sa6y7 wrote

Made me think of two different things:

Look, officer, it says “Dogs must be on leash and he clearly is”


He has a new leash on his life.


discgman t1_j0t1x6w wrote

This especially is true with men. Nobody gives a damn what nightmares they are dealing with. As long as they are working and bringing home money. Suck it up is the phrase heard a lot.


benadrylpill t1_j0pnkw9 wrote

This is not motivating.


JosephZoldyck t1_j0pv0z8 wrote

Might be for someone else.


WorldSilver t1_j0s12d8 wrote

Then is there really a meaningful theme to this subreddit? Is it just anything that could be motivating to some person somewhere? Thought it was supposed to be things that are inherently motivational?


JosephZoldyck t1_j0t0ill wrote

Not hard to find meaning in the image. Holding the leash could be symbolism for intrinsic motivation. It could also be symbolism for having the conviction to forge your own path. Walking inside the crosswalk could be symbolism for being on the right path. I think focusing on the image and what it might mean to you is the point of the post. Maybe do that, i dunno.


IcyBaba t1_j0qu8qz wrote

“Figure out how to do the things you need done” - Brandon Sanderson


Lynnccc3 t1_j0rayx7 wrote

Aww I can't get past the pic of the dog walking himself. Mel Robbins says this "no one is coming for you!!"


eatenbyalion t1_j0rf28k wrote

Detective-dog reports having a lead; the case is not cold yet!


laZardo t1_j0rqpcm wrote

every damn day, man. every damn day


TheCheeseGod t1_j0sdj9o wrote

This is very motivating. I think I will go for a walk today.

puts dog lead on


TheEGreatFish t1_j0st1va wrote

It stressed you out when you put it like that, instead I like to see it from a different angle whenever I'm in such situation. I make myself feel the "feeling of protecting others" makes you feel so much stronger, a reason why you need to walk up and do what needs to be done alone on your own like you're helping someone, it pushes me forward whenever I think it that way


Fogdood t1_j0sufw2 wrote

I see an adult who has had bullshit chained to it's neck and it has to carry it otherwise it'll trip over. I like my take cause it implies we can be free of the bullshit while op resigns themself to it.


ImBrynn t1_j0swtsl wrote

me when i can’t twist the lid of a pickle jar.


Pasadenarose t1_j0t9c4g wrote

Even remembered the safety rules, and used the crosswalk🫶🏼


sahilllustrious t1_j0tl74t wrote

When you figure out what being an adult means at last


aim_so_far t1_j0v8th9 wrote

Somehow, modern society has lost this mentality.


Magnum_Porpoise t1_j0qzkrh wrote

I wish people would feel this way about their personal safety and how it’s in their best interest to be armed/trained because they are their own rescue when any kind of help is minutes away and seconds matter. But sure, let’s leave it to other people to rescue us and then bitch and moan in the manner they do it (FIRE/POLICE/EMT/ETCETERA).


One_Take_Drum_Covers t1_j0p479t wrote

only JESUS can help


cremaster2 t1_j0p7zr3 wrote

Sarcastically, it's funny. Seriously, it's concerning


One_Take_Drum_Covers t1_j0pbyjt wrote

I'm no Jesus ventilator.


PlayHumankind t1_j0pxc16 wrote

What does this mean? I agree that Jesus can help I just don't understand what you mean by this perticular comment "I'm no Jesus ventilator" if you have time to explain I'd appreciate it, if not I totally understand.

Thank you



One_Take_Drum_Covers t1_j0qpkzv wrote

I' m sorry for the confusion. It means: "I'm no fan of Jesus". And I also agree that it can help some people!


soufianka80 t1_j0pstm2 wrote

You forgot the /s


sneaky_squirrel t1_j0q3q1f wrote

Sadly, while the /s adds clarity, it also kills the thrill of the juxtaposition.

In real life some people might make a sarcastic tone, but other people might make use of irony with a dead pan face.

I'm the monster that makes ridiculous and ironic statements with a deadpan face.

Internet strangers' lack of familiarity of my general demeanor and context be damned!