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RanCestor t1_j0r10ku wrote

This is one of my darkest moments. Staying at a 6€ night hostel in Ukraine to volunteer from Finland. The electricity is out again in the whole city. Pitch black. The chick in the next bunk bed has these weird effin Xmas lights plugged in so when they turn on the generators it's gonna be like wtf. Atm charging phone one power bank. F' it tho I'm here to volunteer non violent.


kazabalkuskus t1_j0s6mhv wrote

I had to read this twice to see if you said why, but you're saying it's literally one of your darkest moments?


RanCestor t1_j0u1e4y wrote

Well yeah. There is no light pollution in the skies from nearby cities even. I'm sleeping next to war veterans and refugees and people hoping to escape the war. But it's so dark in terms of light you really can't see anything.


Glittering_Split5023 t1_j0sy5k2 wrote

Thanks beautiful person 😊😊 I needed this so bad πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” u have no idea God bless u and I hope u enjoy all ur holidays


Jabo256 t1_j0t4hwi wrote

5 days sober today. Thanks for this push. The nightmares I hope will stop soon.


No-Standard6810 t1_j0tqklh wrote

Brother, I can't possibly describe how much this means to me ..this is exactly the situation I'm at..!

Till before my final semester, I had the shittiest CGPA and nobody even knew I lived. I was feeling so depressed and sick of myself. My stupid confidence took me to an overly qualified professor to do a master's project with her. She looked at my grades and said I have "okay" grades(just enough to not be kicked out) and I can't visit her for an entire year cause, they have too many good applicants.

That particular last semester when she told me this, I topped every fucking math course I took. So every single topper you find in my institute who has a stellar CGPA and is going to get selected to some insanely good uni lost to me at least once in their life. She couldn't believe that I topped every single class that semester. I was dumb as hell, but buddy I worked like hell every day and got a grade that everyone dreamt of getting.

That was a start, a fucking start to a new life. In the following year for my master's project, I went to her institute only for two weeks twice. I could only go that many thanks to my stupid grades. But guess what, every time I went there I published a paper. I went there twice and published two fucking research papers, after being told by every prof in my department and every single senior that I can't do shit in research with my GPA.

Now I have far more research output than any other students she took including the good ones with a stipend for an entire year. Now she is begging me to apply to grad school in the US and Europe. Talk about turning things around..!

Of course, I make a stupid fool of myself and I laugh at myself a lot and I make a ton of self-deprecating jokes. But deep down I know I'm exactly what I ever dreamed of being and even if all the Uni's I'm applying to reject me, it doesn't matter. I'm at a point in my life where I would confidently say, Whoever gets to work with me in the future or becomes my life partner is lucky as hell to do so because I'm that fucking amazing...Words can't possibly describe how much I changed.


GamingGalore64 t1_j0u36fl wrote

I had two brain surgeries and chemo back in 2017. It took me three years to fully recover, but because I finally got the all clear that I had fully recovered in the middle of 2020, I didn’t get to celebrate or anything. Only 10% of people with my condition make a full recovery, so I’m really proud of myself. It took a lot of hard work, but I did it.


oopsiedaisy58 t1_j0rzqpc wrote

Thank you for sharing this, it's exactly what I needed to read today! bless you


anasyosri t1_j0u6aai wrote

It's all about small steps in the right direction


SAD-MAX-CZ t1_j0ursn8 wrote

Thank you for this one. r/silentprogress