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glootech t1_j0v3q0r wrote

This has been attributed to Vonnegut but it's almost certainly not Vonnegut. Nevertheless, still a great point and I agree with it 100%.


lainelect t1_j0wf143 wrote

You’re right. It’s written like a teenage tumblr confessional, absolutely not Vonnegut


neoconbob t1_j0wvuq3 wrote


lainelect t1_j0x2ccm wrote

*holds up a mirror*


neoconbob t1_j0x31ze wrote

I'm easily confused, are you looking at yourself, or are you recommending that I do so?


lainelect t1_j0xc8k6 wrote

It was a silly way to suggest that you may mistaken. It wasn’t supposed to be snarky or anything, just playful


neoconbob t1_j0yv0e6 wrote

the quote is accurately attributed to Vonnegut in a piece called "the myth of talent."


lainelect t1_j0x274y wrote

Good work, detective. Hundreds of redditors are evidently unable to distinguish Kurt Vonnegut from a random tumblr story. lol


blank_isainmdom t1_j0y9wzy wrote

There's plenty of "articles" attributing it to him as well so can't blame them too much haha


pale_blue_dots OP t1_j0v4rtd wrote

Do you have some more information on this?

Edit: looks like it is NOT actually a real K.V. quote. See glootech's post history for a removed post linking to the books subreddit.


glootech t1_j0vcebl wrote

I posted a link to a relevant post, but unfortunately the AutoModerator removed it. You'll have to look for it for yourself - it can be found on r/books.


pale_blue_dots OP t1_j0vf6pk wrote

I see it in your profile/history. Ha, wow! Ok, then. Thank you!


blank_isainmdom t1_j0vclqk wrote

I agree. It's fairly on message for him, but completely lacks his usual cadence. I'd say it's unlikely to be him, but happy to be proved wrong.


neoconbob t1_j0wvvs6 wrote

kurt Vonnegut "the myth of talent"

I met Vonnegut twice, nice man.