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yeehah t1_j0urave wrote

I've always said that if you want to appreciate poetry, make a sincere effort to write the best poem you can. Your poem probably won't be very good, but you'll forever gain a new respect for any well-written poetry you see.


glootech t1_j0v3q0r wrote

This has been attributed to Vonnegut but it's almost certainly not Vonnegut. Nevertheless, still a great point and I agree with it 100%.


lainelect t1_j0wf143 wrote

You’re right. It’s written like a teenage tumblr confessional, absolutely not Vonnegut


neoconbob t1_j0wvuq3 wrote


lainelect t1_j0x2ccm wrote

*holds up a mirror*


neoconbob t1_j0x31ze wrote

I'm easily confused, are you looking at yourself, or are you recommending that I do so?


lainelect t1_j0xc8k6 wrote

It was a silly way to suggest that you may mistaken. It wasn’t supposed to be snarky or anything, just playful


neoconbob t1_j0yv0e6 wrote

the quote is accurately attributed to Vonnegut in a piece called "the myth of talent."


lainelect t1_j0x274y wrote

Good work, detective. Hundreds of redditors are evidently unable to distinguish Kurt Vonnegut from a random tumblr story. lol


blank_isainmdom t1_j0y9wzy wrote

There's plenty of "articles" attributing it to him as well so can't blame them too much haha


pale_blue_dots OP t1_j0v4rtd wrote

Do you have some more information on this?

Edit: looks like it is NOT actually a real K.V. quote. See glootech's post history for a removed post linking to the books subreddit.


glootech t1_j0vcebl wrote

I posted a link to a relevant post, but unfortunately the AutoModerator removed it. You'll have to look for it for yourself - it can be found on r/books.


pale_blue_dots OP t1_j0vf6pk wrote

I see it in your profile/history. Ha, wow! Ok, then. Thank you!


blank_isainmdom t1_j0vclqk wrote

I agree. It's fairly on message for him, but completely lacks his usual cadence. I'd say it's unlikely to be him, but happy to be proved wrong.


neoconbob t1_j0wvvs6 wrote

kurt Vonnegut "the myth of talent"

I met Vonnegut twice, nice man.


PelicansAreGods t1_j0tgn39 wrote

I read Slaughterhouse 5 last month. Well worth a read.


pale_blue_dots OP t1_j0unaaw wrote

I haven't read it yet and that makes me embarrassed and sad. ;( For as big of a supporter/fan/talker-upper of Vonnegut, I really "should" have already!


dangelem t1_j0w1gbf wrote

I just saw an old coach post a quote “there’s no such thing as second or third place. There’s winning and not winning” and just thought….. how toxic. I was so over invested in my sport and it did nothing for me. Even if I became Olympic champion, I’ve met Olympic champs and they got like $10K and a pat on the back. Sure maybe I was in the wrong sport but… the point is that winning is fleeting. The moment, no matter how glorious, always passes. All you’re left with is your memories. Did you have fun or did you just give yourself PTSD?? Winning culture is so toxic


Mollybrinks t1_j0xrm3z wrote

I love this. Growing up, I had two older brothers who were kinda savant in their own fields - one in music, one in math. In retrospect, I think if I'd have grown up in any other household, I'd have been confident in my abilities. I mean, I was always a straight-A student, excelled in various interests and abilities, etc etc but it always paled in comparison to how my brothers were breaking local barriers in their specific fields. Fast forward 20 years and neither uses their talents and have varying success. One thing one brother (the math one, funny enough) was amazing at was piano. We were both competitive but I think his math brain made him much more precise musically and he routinely won 1st at competition. I occasionally got first, but was not as good as he was. That said, I'm the one who pulled strings and sacrificed to get myself a piano after college and still play to this day. I'm playing things he never dreamed of playing when we were young. If he'd stuck with it, I have no doubt that he'd be better than I am now, but he didn't. He never loved it, so never progressed. I honestly wish he had because he'd be amazing but I'm also happy to be able to play without having to compare myself to him.


coyote-1 t1_j0vyjyl wrote

I recently read a blurb about not having to do things well, and I agree that you do not have to be competitive for the activity to be worthwhile. That said, one should also endeavor to do things as well as possible when doing them - and if you are going to do something again and again, to strive to improve.

Imagine baking cakes every week, and doing it so poorly each time that neither you nor anyone else wants to eat them. Imagine being OK with that outcome, five years and zero improvement later.


Another_Road t1_j0td5q4 wrote

That sounds line loser talk to me.


AliBarberTheSecond t1_j0ts1d9 wrote

>That sounds line loser talk to me.

Only a real loser would come here, read that, think "I'm gonna write something stupid and hateful and nasty" and then misspell a word. Great job champ 👍


swagcatlady t1_j0tvh7a wrote

What is a loser? And how is doing things you enjoy somehow losing?


danielv123 t1_j0v84yc wrote

Sortof agree, it's a fair opinion to hold. My personal philosophy has always been that doing something i am not the best at is a waste of time. That is why I dedicate a lot of time to my craft and learning to do it better and faster.

One must also recognize that wasting time is also important though.