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Carlthegilbert1997 t1_j12vgya wrote

Perfection is beautiful unlike all other things. I disagree with perfection being boring, because of its beauty in all senses.


Carlthegilbert1997 t1_j12vhum wrote

Is progression not towards perfection?


TearyMcginnis t1_j12wmqv wrote

You're not wrong

the way I see it that there is more than 1 form of perfection. Sticking to 1 is crippling while focusing on the progression is kinda liberating if that makes any sense.


Carlthegilbert1997 t1_j12zvi6 wrote

It makes sense, only perfection is itself a form. There are not many forms, for perfection is a form on its own. Perfection is the goal and once something becomes perfect, it defines perfection. Show me something perfect outside of Jesus Christ and we can continue to belittle what great impossible achievement perfection is.


Carlthegilbert1997 t1_j1300wv wrote

I think that leads to another point, that perfection is impossible to achieve, which is probably the root of the quote.


hawklost t1_j14ob7y wrote

Technically there is only 1 form of perfection, else you are parsing up perfection, which would make it not perfect.


highfatoffaltube t1_j1354da wrote

If you want to get motivated you need to strive for good, not perfect.

You can achieve 'good' the pursuit of perfect is ultimately futile and therefore by definition demotivating.


sei556 t1_j138m4k wrote

If perfect is boring, it's not perfect. Perfect can not be bad, it's always whatever your imternal definition of perfect it is. It's always the peak of what it can be.

This just doesnt make any sense.


Minute_Junket9340 t1_j134t71 wrote

I mean...

You're perfect so yeah I guess yeah pretty boring πŸ˜‚

You're perfect so technically even if you do something risky, you execute it perfectly so technically risk free πŸ˜‚

Perfect for me actually means you have more time πŸ˜‚ More time to find something else do to and be perfect inπŸ˜‚

For the last one I guess you finished progressing if you're perfect πŸ˜‚


hawklost t1_j14lxyp wrote

Perfect might be boring and not take risks, but unless you are defining perfect very narrowly, it absolutely cannot 'waste time' or not progress (unless progress would be lesser).

After all, if it truly is Perfect, it will go exactly as far as needed at the exact right timings, no waste.


Materva t1_j14yjpp wrote

There is a Children's Book about this called Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days! Being perfect is pretty boring. You just have to sit in an empty theater, drinking weak tea, and wearing broccoli around your neck.


Reinheardt t1_j1599vn wrote

This is stupid because perfect takes the exact right risk at the optimal time lol.


samthemanthecan t1_j12ydpl wrote

Practise makes perfect But just dont stop as theres no end to practise and perfect thats perfect


RanCestor t1_j12yfxx wrote

Perfection is an illusion we can only ever strive for, never achieving it.

Edit; try reaching absolute zero temperature and you will understand.


[deleted] t1_j15jmhs wrote

As a perfectionist, I dont know how to feel rightnow


Remote-Notice-4250 t1_j15l1b5 wrote

You out your damn mind thinking imma take a damaged product over a perfect one.


ShuriBear t1_j1k0nf6 wrote

Perfection does not exist and is super subjective to begin with.


DescentAuthority54 t1_j12qlhs wrote

Progress is like innovation. That's the reason why it is exciting and fun.


Ramental t1_j13v4bj wrote

Explains why cancer cure is still not there. \s I know cancer is not one thing, but different causes and changes.