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dirtyrango t1_j145jvw wrote

The company is Swedish but the position is in the US so hopefully if I get the job they don't work me into the dirt. Lol


Queen-of-meme t1_j14jjlx wrote

Yeah hopefully you actually enjoy it.


dirtyrango t1_j14jptb wrote

I think I would it's a small company only about 85 employees with 5-6 based in the US.


Andyd953 t1_j15aadc wrote

My wife just started working for a company based in Sweden that has about 5-10 employees based in the US… they’ve just started forming the US sales team recently... too many coincidences. You’re obviously about to become coworkers with her.


dirtyrango t1_j15dq64 wrote

Haha, does she work for a small bioanalytical laboratory?


Andyd953 t1_j15xz2s wrote

Ahhh nope. In education. So far she’s not experienced any issues about being overworked. What’s she’s found is, due to the time difference, she will wake up to a lot of emails but by noon EST, things are really quiet coming from Sweden.


dirtyrango t1_j169st8 wrote

That wouldn't be too bad. This company is building out a US branch so we'll still work with Sweden on some things but have our own shit here.

The US president of operations actually lives like 30 min away from me oddly enough.


Karagoth t1_j16awjw wrote

Hope you get to enjoy some of the flatter hierarchy. If the boss or lead is wrong, then you let them know, it's expected. Unless you end up with a shitty one who can't take criticism, but those exist everywhere.


dirtyrango t1_j16po0f wrote

I usually just keep my head down and do what I'm told. Lol