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Queen-of-meme t1_j152bss wrote


neinherz t1_j154gef wrote

It’s definitely a European thing… that they have paid vacations. Americans and Asians just largely don’t have labor rights as robust as Europeans and paid vacations are usually fewer.


JebbeK t1_j15jr0l wrote

Finnish here, I get about 7-10 weeks of paid vacation a year.


A_terrible_musician t1_j15kguy wrote

American here. I get 3 weeks PTO (for either vacation or being sick) and I'm considered very lucky. 2 seems to be the standard


coogee_de t1_j17vf29 wrote

Germans get min. 20 days (by law), but the average is 30 days.


sovietmcdavid t1_j165ihk wrote

Northern European...

in Greece, italy, Portugal and spain, there's a lot more play time... and 2-4 hour lunch/siesta break during the day... very different attitude toward work and leisure time


Queen-of-meme t1_j16ohsc wrote

Wow! And yet you aren't top best country? As in, most healthy citizens.