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Autumnlove92 t1_j15hdac wrote

I work in healthcare and literally ALL my coworkers and myself, at every job I've worked at -- from hospital to outpatient -- we've all said we don't want to live past 75. Me, I can't forsee myself last 67-70. It's misery. Government assistance is a joke, Medicare is laughable, and in this day and age there's no retiring for us millennials (unless you're born into wealth/got lucky) so we'll still be working at that age. I've had coworkers who are 72/73/74. They look one step away from death. I had one coworker, 64, who stepped down from full time to PRN because she physically couldn't handle it anymore but she began stressing SO much about how she'll buy groceries going forward. Yep, no thanks. If my life ends up like that, I'll be checking out. I'm almost 31 and I'm now on the hunt for a spouse even though I love being single. This isn't a world where I can thrive and survive by myself, unfortunately. I wasn't granted that card.