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everything_is_penis t1_j18qkc5 wrote

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For me, it's the overwhelm. In constantly trying to tend to urgencies, all the stuff I'm scheduled/supposed to be doing gets procrastinated on, and I justify it, because I'm putting out fires as they pop up.


ph1294 t1_j194gdr wrote

This sounds like burnout.

You should try to focus on one important project at a time, instead of spreading your attention to many things.

Choose something you know you’ll enjoy first, ideally with a relatively soon payoff. Then keep rolling to the next thing from there, but keep focused on one thing. Soon you’ll build momentum again.


StudsTurkleton t1_j19b7io wrote

It helps me to remember that urgent and important are two distinct dimensions. Sometimes urgency (or that perception) gives the impression of importance. But if it’s not important, maybe I don’t need to do it, or I can satisfice it quickly, off load it, or just reprioritize it below the things that are actually important.

Urgent AND important, that’s priority.

And if everything is important? I’m not deducing importance correctly.