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Suyefuji t1_j19hdg3 wrote

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This was me for all of high school. It was always "go go go pack your college resume or you'll end up in a shit college". Then I actually got to college and was so exhausted and burnt out on life that I almost failed my first year. Obviously I'm doing this whole bootstraps thing all wrong.


invaderpixel t1_j19p1bb wrote

In high school I didn't do a lot of activities or clubs and it really hurt me in college applications. So for college I made an effort to join as many as possible without even a second thought. I became "treasurer" of a few just for sticking around lol.

Then I apply to law school and it's all GPA and LSAT score. Turns out I was just going to random meetings for no reason. Anyways learn from my mistakes, take some time to sit down and figure out what's big picture helpful. Looking back it could have just been my ADHD urge to join everything/take up every hobby haha


First_Foundationeer t1_j19rz16 wrote

Ah, if you did those clubs and had the grades and volunteer activities, then you'd be ready for med school for some reason.


Suyefuji t1_j19qewa wrote

Honestly college applications are awful at measuring anything other than "willingness to play someone's stupid mind games"...which actually fits in pretty well with job applications too