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DankRev4N t1_j1h0h7t wrote

I really like this, but my imposter syndrome, that lil voice in my head, always tells me in response that I see the parts of me that they don't see, that I know myself better than other people and that I truly know how good/bad I really am


WhatMyWifeIsThinking t1_j1hfdab wrote

I think that too sometimes. But maybe we have a blind spot when looking in the mirror, and other people see things in us which we don't.


DankRev4N t1_j1i1agc wrote

I hope so, but I'm not too sure honestly. Either way, merry Christmas from Australia


Nightriser t1_j1hurxz wrote

Greasy spoons and sorta run down-looking Chinese restaurants have some of the most delicious food. If you went into the kitchen, what you'd see might turn your stomach. But the end result is amazing. Maybe you don't need to judge the end results by the means used to get them.


DankRev4N t1_j1i17wt wrote

An amazing analogy that I can definitely see as a Chinatown frequenter haha, will definitely remember that one, have a great Christmas