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DrDiarrheaBrown t1_j1hhj76 wrote

Not so sure the math checks out on this one.


PsychoSquid t1_j1ioiit wrote

oh it sure doesn't, makes me irrationally angry


buwefy t1_j1ixnya wrote

It's not irrational, there's nothing worse than a very motivated person who doesn't understand math!


DeepGas4538 t1_j1k8dfl wrote

I was not born standing up. Am I gonna die?


izzymaxwell t1_j1hjldu wrote

I'm not actually sure "never give up" is good advice. Sometimes giving up is an important step forward. At the least it's important to regularly reevaluate your situation.


gophergun t1_j1hl7bf wrote

It's like that quote about insanity. If something isn't working, don't keep doing it.


ComeFromTheWater t1_j1m7rzr wrote

That doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It just means you find a different way forward.


izzymaxwell t1_j1ibxhs wrote

Totally! I think we can simplify it to "the definition of insanity is never giving up" 😆


ty2478 t1_j1j1if9 wrote

Sort of, but in more of an umbrella term you might have a goal and multiple ways of getting there. "quitting" a certain path and taking another could attain the same goal, so one could say never give up because there might be a better way.

People think giving up means giving up on the goal not the path you are taking there.


DeepGas4538 t1_j1k8hb8 wrote

yeah just imagine a toxic relationship. can't just say "never give up." in that case it's more like "give up on this bitch and find someone else"


ofimmsl t1_j1hjy92 wrote

Fall seven times, go to doctor for a brain scan or buy a wheelchair


DeepGas4538 t1_j1k8m1q wrote

what if I fall off the wheelchair? congress is waiting on the answer.


spacewooly t1_j1i4kwt wrote

Fall seven times get up seven times. Why are you getting up an extra time. The getting up is the action after falling down. Fall down, get up, fall down, get up, so on and so forth. So you fall down seven times, you get up seven times.


BloonH8TR t1_j1j0f6y wrote

My only rational conclusion is you get up out of your bed so the first Get up. Fall one leads to Get up 2 and so on and so on.


DeepGas4538 t1_j1k8qfo wrote

what a routine to follow everyday. but I respect the grind 🙏


Slight_Tea t1_j1hxkhb wrote



Andyb1000 t1_j1j80iv wrote

”….pissing the night away…”

Edit: apparently one of you is not a Chumbawumba fan.


prof_devilsadvocate t1_j1hjr6w wrote

fall seven times, winter eight...blame it on global warming


Hyjynx75 t1_j1hmztu wrote

Fall seven times it might be time to shovel and salt your walkway. It's cold out there folks. Be safe.


BloonH8TR t1_j1j0ksv wrote

My conclusion. Getting up in the morning is 1, first fall leads to get up 2, second fall leads to get up 3 and so on and so forth


michaelezaz t1_j1mik9v wrote

Proverbs 24 16 For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked stumble in time of calamity.


[deleted] t1_j1i6gyu wrote

of course you would stand eight times, you got to fall first


pks1247 t1_j1ivbz6 wrote

Bro 8 is a number it can't stand up


No_Kangaroo_3061 t1_j1j0lbn wrote

Echo Charles on the Jocko Podcast had an epic rant about this some years back. I'd honestly never considered it until that point.


onlooker61 t1_j1jd87g wrote

A literal impossibility If you fall 7 times it implies you are standing B E F O R E the first fall so you can only stand up 7 times. You cannot stand up when you're already standing.


ChibsMcGee275 t1_j1kd0ck wrote

Fall seven times, check your fucking shoelaces before you take another step


PadreToshi t1_j1lbdt8 wrote

This gets harder when you know that you married a wrong person and due to the fact you are a parent you will be stuck in this shit for many years.

It is like falling every day and having to mentally stand up every morning.


Magimasterkarp t1_j1i686q wrote

I stopped getting up, why am I still falling?