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MaximumEffort433 t1_j1nelei wrote

I'm subscribed to both r-GetMotivated and r-adhdmeme and let me tell you that scrolling my feed can be a wild ride.

For those not in the know, ADHD is like a cacophony all the time, that's the default, and organizing an entire symphony orchestra is a terrifying enough thought that it makes me want to hide in the corner! 😅 Don't get me wrong, the sentiment of setting out to have an organized and orchestrated day is a good one, but what's interesting to me is that for this person being organized is the starting point, whereas for me being organized is a task in and of itself.

There's a kind of common joke among a lot of ADHD people, if not in word then in spirit:

>"Getting things done is simple, just break them down into smaller tasks."
>"But then there will be twice as many tasks!"
>"No, that's not-"
>"Do you know how much more work that would be!?"

Here's a gif explaining what I'm talking about.

That's all, that's the comment, how not all advice is universal, that what may seem like a small step for one might be a whole project for someone else.

Also if you like "start your day with a symphony" might I also suggest Brian Tracy's take: "Everyday start your day by eating the frog, whatever the worst thing is on your list, do that first, the rest will be easy by comparison."


curlyfat t1_j1npzif wrote

ADHD is like only having a kazoo and the only music you have is a full orchestral score. Lol!


MaximumEffort433 t1_j1nvmq2 wrote

It's trying to conduct the instruments instead of the orchestra, though the word "trying" implies a conscious effort when really it's more of an inability to do otherwise.


DerToblerone t1_j1nx98v wrote

It’s trying to conduct an orchestra, except every horn player is a golden retriever, half the violinists are squirrels, you’ve got a hotdog as a baton, and instead of a score you’ve got a Paw Patrol coloring book that isn’t colored in.


Jimbodoomface t1_j1o11ek wrote

Came to the comments to see if this had already been crossposted to r/adhdmeme


MaximumEffort433 t1_j1ocka6 wrote

It'll get there, I just figured this audience might have enjoyed the story, I'm not sure that normal people know how stuff like this sounds for us and it's an interesting juxtaposition, telling someone with ADHD to conduct a symphony with their day is a little like telling a double amputee to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.


dan_de t1_j1oyy01 wrote

I am so grateful someone else feels this way. That would take up my whole day!


AgentChris101 t1_j1pul0k wrote

Well as a composer with ADD this makes me feel a bit better. :p