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TheRebelChemist t1_j1o53dk wrote

Asked Siri to play this.

Took me way too long to realize the music was never coming.

Edit: and then I lost all function of my eardrums at 4:33 when a different song came on.


GalacticShonen t1_j1oc7ea wrote

The silence, or the sounds in the silence, was the music :)


ariolitmax t1_j1pk6ks wrote

It makes a lot more sense live. A lot of tension forms in the air, as every creak and sniffle in the audience seems amplified a hundredfold.

In fact, there was a follow up piece written, with the very catchy name

One^3 = 4′ 33″ (0′ 00″) + 𝄞

It’s essentially the same idea, but with a microphone pointed at the audience to literally amplify the noises they’re making. So in my mind the piece is very much about the noises you make, and your experience within silence, rather than the silence itself


elpajaroquemamais t1_j1q9jpm wrote

The way most musicians shuffle through their papers between movements. 😂