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ningi42 t1_j2agizk wrote

Is it really?

When your income and employment in life determines when (and if) you can retire one day, if you could provide for any children, if you can buy a house, etc.

Also your health and life expectancy is linked to your wealth.

And maybe it even determines if you can get a partner, as many males still need to fit the provider role (either for themselves, as they don't dare to date anyone if they don't; or as the woman they fancy might want more in life and chooses someone else, who can provide for more)


[deleted] t1_j29ryc6 wrote

And remember when someone grows, often, they stop…


[deleted] t1_j29s02t wrote

Kind if like when people get married and the man stops cuddling with his wife …


czk3201 t1_j2ag0p1 wrote

I do believe that they should all be rearranged to at least make the general outline of a middle finger.