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AdonisGaming93 t1_j2jhv07 wrote

My only question is...did he actually say this or is it something that kinda spread around but he never actually said?


ErikTh3Barbaric t1_j2kiw08 wrote

It was a completely fabricated interview. source The quote is still true though, just not from Keanu…


Kiwijoghurt t1_j2m3aqc wrote

I think the meaning is still valid. But it's kinda sad that someone fabricated this, people will now dismiss the statement on the fact that it was fabricated.


[deleted] t1_j2ljggk wrote

No offense, but considering COVID had just devastated so many people's social lives and caused mental health to be an issue more recognized by society than ever, and not everyone can really relate to this quote (personally I half relate but half disagree ^(1) ) despite trying to self-convince because some people have been there, and for those yet to be there all they have to do is try, and if they're not there they didn't try hard enough… (same logic in italics could also be said of healing-by-prayer: ridiculous except the latter has no success vs the former sees success in a handful of people) and considering social-interaction-is-important-for-mental-health is pretty accepted by the field of psychology, well:

Please don't intentionally isolate yourself for the sake of getting better at tolerating isolation. Humans are (generally) social animals. Be kind to yourself, including doing a favor for your mental health by socializing.

The point of the quote is you should always do your best at taking care of yourself no matter if you're in a relationship or terribly isolated from everyone or anywhere in between; that includes not only making life enjoyable when there's no one around, but also seeking social interactions when you're lonely: make friends, find relatable people online, call your family (if it's not likely to end badly).

Some people get to win competitions "for working really hard" as they say, but apparently that doesn't mean working really hard will guarantee you a win. Okay the example is a bit extreme, but just know people aren't all the same. Some people do succeed in adapting to isolation; others don't. The quote verbatim is probably worth a try, but don't hang your life on it.

Alone or not, you are valid and not inferior; you don't have to live one way or the other; it is your choice, and your options are for you and you alone to explore and determine, and you are rightful to alter your decision at any time.

[^1]: Personally, I'm better at tolerating isolation when I get myself busy doing stuff, but still I need to vent, bad things, good things, to someone, anyone, from time to time.

u/ErikTh3Barbaric thanks for carrying me for my comment-reply visibility. I just think this is very important.


NewJeansBunnie t1_j2m3123 wrote

Why did you choose that comment to respond to whith this essay?


WagerOfMinimum t1_j2nyw0j wrote

Because they said the quote was true? It's obvious. And it's a top comment where it keeps every reply visible.


mr_j936 t1_j2nzx9d wrote

Not sure why anyone would downvote this comment. It is 100% correct. So you can downvote me as well.


[deleted] t1_j2o0fph wrote

Haha thanks ☺️ idk but sometimes myself also feel like living in hell would make me feel better — but this case is different because the risk is getting hurt while no one's around to help


ketaminkerem t1_j2m1jd5 wrote

not this guy writing a whole essay about a fake quote 💀💀


Zakman360 t1_j2mkpbd wrote

At a genuine psychological perspective, it’s a bullshit quote that makes people feel bad about themselves for the normal human reaction of loneliness. Unfortunate fact is that we need each other


ST-7 t1_j2jit4o wrote

I'd bet my left nut 90% of any and all Keanu memes fall into the second category.


theanedditor t1_j2kwj7a wrote

I’m curious. Is there any reason you offer your left nut over your right?


mankrane t1_j2l1obo wrote

otherwise, he could never be Mr. Right, obviously


Fluffy-Ad-6938 t1_j2lrri3 wrote

Being single in Keanu's position is not the same as being lonely for the average person. Keanu has so many people who adore him that he has the means to instantly replace his loneliness with someone or something.


surferos505 t1_j2jnt0u wrote

“Keanu reeves is my favorite actor, everything he says on the internet is true!”

— Abraham Lincoln


graboidian t1_j2kmw7z wrote

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet"

___ Abraham Lincoln


Michael_Jakeson t1_j2ku6ia wrote

“u/graboidian is a liar and shouldn’t be trusted for any reason”

— also Abraham Lincoln


Kojak95 t1_j2nee3q wrote

"Bro, don't misquote me. I did not say anything to that Buzzfeed reporter."

-Æthelred The Unready, 1013AD.


mankrane t1_j2l3frw wrote

weird how he was watching Johnny Utah chasing down Bodhi during the play 'Point Break' when he was assassinated


graboidian t1_j2me31s wrote

You're sayin' the FBI's gonna pay me to learn to surf?


R4ndyM4r5h420 t1_j2ki4ry wrote

All well and good coming from a pin up who can get company whenever they desire.

Loneliness can become super entrenched. Some people go years without any source of love in their life.

That leads to depression, hopelessness etc and the kind of self esteem and self love talked about here simply isn't possible.

Being alone though choice and choosing to enjoy your own company over the company of others isn't the same as abject loneliness


Jasong222 t1_j2km0en wrote

I was thinking asking similar lines. Dude's one of the world's most recognizable faces. People are friendly and nice (probably fauning, even), wherever he goes. He can get company whenever he wants it. That changes the perspective a bit.


PingouinMalin t1_j2mllcn wrote

I've known loneliness and it was a fucking dark path indeed. Thinking about suicide very often, being depressed all the time, it's utterly destructive. I still bear many scars from that time.

Having some alone time can be great. Being lonely ? Not so much.


JGCities t1_j2ldre6 wrote


Money and fame would help a ton.


Sergeant__Sleepy t1_j2k1a6t wrote

It ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’m lonely and sometimes I’d rather lick sandpaper than do anything with you filthy animals


mankrane t1_j2m6plj wrote 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 is the kind of 𝘒𝘦𝘢𝘯𝘶 quote i could get behind


Paoloadami t1_j2jrk09 wrote

I am pretty sure these are not his words.

Keanu is not single. PROOF


AJHear t1_j2n81ai wrote

Thanks for posting this. I was aware that Keanu was in a happy relationship even if it's kept off the radar. As I read the title I'm thinking WTF!?


earhere t1_j2kxnmx wrote

There's a difference between being alone and lonely


Really_McNamington t1_j2k26bp wrote

Depends on the person. I can go weeks to months without speaking to anyone more than please and thank you in shops and not feel any lack. I have one friend who can't stand being alone for more than half a day.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_j2lw85e wrote

Consciously, I feel pretty unaffected by being alone. I have been for years. No friends close enough where I can be 100% myself; the only one who really knows me right now is me. And I thought that I was fine with that, but recently a friend gave me a really long hug when I was stressed out, and I remembered how much I love being deeply connected with others. I think that I was living in a state of constant alertness and skittishness, where I was constantly having to be the only one to watch my back, and it was exhausting in a way that I didn’t realize until the weight was removed and I realized that I can trust other other people to look out for me. I had been living an “every man for himself” mentality, and it turns out that I desperately need to rely on others and be relied on to cultivate a sense of safety and security; not necessarily romantic relationships, but platonic ones.


Plastic_Pinocchio t1_j2n3zjf wrote

I don’t like being alone anymore because I don’t enjoy my own thoughts. But therapy and meditation have definitely improved that already.


Adeno t1_j2kxits wrote

With a few million dollars, it's easy to be happy even when you're isolated. Hell, I can be happy and I'm mostly isolated and I'm not even rich. Just gotta be a natural loner.


oddible t1_j2l4ax1 wrote

"Keanu Reeves to play Lionel Messi in the upcoming biopic about the Argentina player's life." - Diego Maradona


CanadianTurt1e t1_j2l9qkc wrote

Being single and in Keanu's shoes is not the same as the average person's loneliness. Keanu has the means to replace his loneliness with someone or something immediately because he has an abundance of people who worship him.


OGWiseman t1_j2lippv wrote

I hear what you're saying, but being worshipped for fame does not seem to be the salve for loneliness that you describe. Lots of famous people are very, very lonely.


MikeAndresen1980 t1_j2lllvg wrote

It also helps to be 6foot tall, an A list celebrity and being worth 200 million dollars


Joshua_Is_Zeus t1_j2mc4ft wrote

"People will believe anything if you put a quote on a .jpeg" - Abraham Lincoln


digitelle t1_j2loq7f wrote

Wiki says he & Alexandra Grant are an item. That being said he sounds like the type of person who values time on his own.


rabb1thole t1_j2kercc wrote

Whether Keanu said it or not, the words are true.


RonstoppableRon t1_j2m8wy4 wrote

Some single person posts this once a week smh


Majukun t1_j2miumm wrote

Do I really need to explain the difference between being alone by choice and not being alone by choice?

I mean it seems to me like a pretty straightforward difference, but people quoting this seem to miss it for some reason.


Wemwot t1_j2mtmvv wrote

Yes please explain. I'm alone by force, but I'm also happy with it. If you make peace with it, you can enjoy it.


ugmold t1_j2mmlkv wrote

Isn't he married?


SrTxt t1_j2mscrv wrote

Actually it is easier to want the solitudeness when you are handsome enough to chose when to spend time with someone. When it is not a option, it kind of sucks to never be able to found anyone.


Wemwot t1_j2mtjs6 wrote

Eh I guess it depends. I'm ugly as fuck and don't hang out with anyone but I can 100% agree with Keanu. It depends on your character I presume


Ian_Christoph t1_j2kwmrz wrote

I assume that a star actor who said this while in professional business relationships, with directors and producers, would face stressful repercussions in the near future, and then decide to never say that again.

That being said, I immediately knew it was an artificial "quote."


DrDerpex t1_j2n20l7 wrote

I have great time by myself..


LandeJunior t1_j2lxa39 wrote

You can take yourself to dates if you're Keanu Reeves otherwise don't.


Master_of_Frogs t1_j2lxykk wrote

Bold of you to assume that people have the money to go out and eat or buy clothes.


knfr t1_j2m0xgt wrote

Time for this man to discern the priesthood.


ultimaIV t1_j2m5ztu wrote

Says someone who can get laid incredibly easy


mickymazda t1_j2m90wp wrote

True or not, I've only ever heard good things about old Keanu. I like him.


rosickness12 t1_j2n3prt wrote

Some of my best trips were alone. It's just different and allowed to meet cool people. Love trips with my people as well. Just different when you're alone. I actually miss doing more alone. Got the day off today and girls at work. ✌️


Malfalso t1_j2n6cwt wrote

Don’t matter, man is a legend!


katsbro069 t1_j2ngpmr wrote

When I say it friends call me looser.

When KR says it is gospel.

Can't hate in him though. He cool all day.


YourWiseOldFriend t1_j2nn3p2 wrote

IF Keanu said it, it would definitely help to be able to afford the life style.


Commercial_Onions t1_j2no9ca wrote

He has an enormous amount of disposable income. 🤦‍♂️


erjo5055 t1_j2nrgfk wrote

One of my few strengths was learning this at a relatively young age. Only problem is I don't date much because I don't feel the need for company.


Pippin_uk t1_j2nv12n wrote

Wise wise words....if you rely on someone else's presence to make you happy, there's opportunity for some improvement of self. You deserve it btw xxxx


Daftmunkey t1_j2nzcwb wrote

The loneliest I ever been was in a bad marriage. I'm in a relationship again after a divorce, but I have never felt lonely being single as it has several advantages and can be very fun if you're an interesting person...or just a lone wolf.


The100thMonkeyIsMe t1_j2o15xf wrote

The only thing worse than being lonely is wishing you were alone.


Wandowaiato t1_j2o1epu wrote

Yep. Alone and lonely are totally different. You can be married and lonely at the same time. It‘s a matter of how you participate in other peoples reality tunnels.


memberflex t1_j2op5k5 wrote

I very much enjoy being by myself


PatchyGene t1_j2oydcq wrote

I am my own best friend


bluehunger t1_j2wgsvs wrote

Btw, I was the one who cut down the cherry tree. Washington cut down an apple tree. Get your facts, straight, people!
....Abraham Lincoln


zizamefe t1_j2yeekl wrote

Congrats on the new adventure!!


thethunder92 t1_j2jocue wrote

I like how he’s a cool introvert, makes me feel good. Sometimes I feel like a loser because I’m not outgoing, but we all move through the world in our own way


bill1024 t1_j2kg3bt wrote

Being lonely means company is not an option.


Saroan7 t1_j2lx087 wrote

What's with the comments assuming Keanu is out chasing people? I thought that's Leonardo DiCaprio?


mrosario716 t1_j2je8a8 wrote

I love Keanu Reeves! He seems like such a down to earth guy and always willing to help someone.