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mclearen1987 t1_j2lcffb wrote

Thats the most motivational kraft single ive ever seen


2rfv t1_j2mfab6 wrote

For some reason it bugs the shit out of me that they only used one hole punch....

It seems like it would be easy to flip over. I'd love it if the other side said something like "Sometimes a journey of a thousand miles ends very, very badly"


FinnishArmy t1_j2lo0u7 wrote

I am currently paying off $14k of credit card debt. This week I managed to make $1,300. Same thing will happen next week. And the next, until it's gone. I can do it. It's just $14k. Two jobs and it'll be fine.


Adventurous-Low9768 t1_j2mdbj1 wrote

Keep going!! I paid off $27k in 2020 and it feels sooo good to be done. Youve got this


Autumnlove92 t1_j2mxdj8 wrote

37k in debt here (20k of it was for a used car I just had to buy after someone totaled mine. I was doing decently before that shit show) Your 14k is nothing, keep at it!


Adr990 t1_j2mis1j wrote

That's great! What do you do to rack that up in a week, if I can ask? Take care of yourself too


FinnishArmy t1_j2n1ybt wrote

Had vacation pay plus Doordash. Then a few hours of doordash after the full time job each day will achieve the same.


[deleted] t1_j2mhyid wrote

Good luck but don’t burn yourself out with two jobs😁Make time for yourself and be sure to spend a littleee bit of that on your own enjoyment/pleasure. You got this!! People have walked away just fine from much much worse


A_Muffin_Substantial t1_j2meo43 wrote

How the fuck do you rack up 14k of credit card debt?


ValyrianJedi t1_j2mrbsp wrote

By buying things on credit?


Autumnlove92 t1_j2mxmis wrote

Sometimes it just takes 1 emergency. My car was totaled in November. I had exactly nothing extra after paying all my bills and whatnot (AND I work 2 jobs by default to get by) I had to put my down payment on a credit card because I absolutely can't go without a car (single, live by myself, no family, America where there's no public transportation) 1 emergency was all it took for me. I'm lucky in that I got the value of my old car back from my insurance (all whopping 7k of it) but then my cat got very sick and there's more shit that went on a credit card. 1 emergency for most Americans. It sucks


Khazahk t1_j2niwhl wrote

Wife and I just took out a personal loan for 10k to pay off a credit card which has gotten up to 11k. We understand finances and pay attention to it. But 2 kids demand a lot more attention and money. Paying twice my mortgage per month for daycare. $600/ week for 2 kids attending daycare 3 days a week. Spent $25k on daycare in 2022, dependent care FSA only let's you save $5,000 pre-tax. Meanwhile churches operate tax free in this country.


arunasgeimeriz t1_j2m5gps wrote



polywha t1_j2l8n6v wrote

I survived a toxic relationship and years later I found out what I went through was called the narcissist empath abuse cycle. I've met so many other empaths who've gone through the cycle and my experience and knowledge I gained from it has helped them understand what they went through also.

Sometimes you have to experience something truly understand it.


DCL_JD t1_j2mxe8b wrote

> Sometimes you have to experience something truly understand it.

Isn’t the whole definition of an empath that you don’t have to experience something to understand it?


polywha t1_j2ptloz wrote



DCL_JD t1_j2qsws6 wrote

Lol yes it is. You can’t call yourself and empath if you don’t even know what it is homie.


polywha t1_j2t4lb1 wrote

There is literally no reason to listen to someone like you.


Amarastargazer t1_j2n7yrn wrote

Well, thank you for teaching me more about my first relationship today. Sorry you also went through that.


joyfall t1_j2oon3k wrote

Same here! It was absolutely the most soul crushing painful thing I ever experienced. It ruined my self confidence and didn't know if I could ever recover.

Now after extensive therapy and learning as much as I could about what happened, I'm able to help people in all the support groups that originally helped me.


pipboyover9000 t1_j2mlz75 wrote

Started as a deans list student only to slowly fail out due to mental illness before I could get my engineering degree. I fought it hard in the trenches for a couple of years, somehow found the strength to fight back.

Came back and am now a deans list student 3 semesters running, got my gpa back to a 3.0 and I graduate next December. I’m really ashamed of it but I’m also really proud of myself for not staying down after getting knocked in the head.


WayneConrad t1_j2n3011 wrote

People who succeed after getting knocked down have shown true grit. Well done!


LandeJunior t1_j2lzcuo wrote

Can I get my survival guide now, please?


onescoopwonder t1_j2oxogr wrote

Survival guide - written by life

  1. move forward
  2. learn
  3. adapt
  4. repeat

k4b0odls t1_j2m0wz9 wrote

I suspect I'll end up the subject of a cautionary tale.


[deleted] t1_j2mb34a wrote

Shoutout to Ned


Mike2220 t1_j2mf7ti wrote

I think this is meant to be a Diary of Whimpy kid thing because the cheese, though survival guide is definitely more a Ned thing


[deleted] t1_j2mhtrl wrote

Can i get the cheese touch from viewing this image? Would Greg Huffley be an adult now? Wonder what his life is like


throwawaygen10 t1_j2mjlw4 wrote

Or look back and say “nothing changed”. “Shit got worse as I adulted”




PutStuffInMyDickHole t1_j2m6iea wrote

I intend for my entire life story to serve as nothing more than to be a warning to others


gutsmanrarr t1_j2mfwt1 wrote

Or you won’t and your story will be told by others as a cautionary tale of what not to do


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2mcoey wrote

If I survive, I will become humanity's endling.


[deleted] t1_j2mi5uw wrote

No, I will. I plan on starting an ecofascist, somewhat secular (I will be their God) cult. I think I may have enough charisma and know enough buzzwords to do so too


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2mic2u wrote

You don't need charisma when you have aoe ad control and high dmg.


[deleted] t1_j2mikod wrote

I’m more of an Assassin’s Creed, Fallout, and Sims person will that work? I use cheats and mods in all 3 btw


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2mz6ra wrote

Cheats and mods won't work on the end if the anthropocene. I recommend you go full 1e Pathfinder.


[deleted] t1_j2nwm6q wrote

That’s why I have my charisma. To fill in the blanks


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2ob4fx wrote

Sure, if you're a Sorcerer or a Paladin, maybe.


[deleted] t1_j2ob97g wrote

Paladin Danse😍


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2odsne wrote

Inefficient! Maximum forth level spells and no Orisons, are you mad?


[deleted] t1_j2oede3 wrote

Tbf Paladin Danse was such a bitch, just caved when he found out he was a synth. But I just naturally have all the skill trees maxed out bc I’m just naturally that great so I’ll be fine and start the best cult ever.


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2ofu6g wrote

The best cult ever was already founded and consumed by their eldritch benefactor in 1967 and 1973, respectively.


[deleted] t1_j2ogb2r wrote

I’m no regular warlock. My cult will be like none other, no Jonestown shit either. They will worship me, and we shall be a fully self-sustainable society that follows my own ethical rules


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2ogjsl wrote

Sounds delicious. Can I ask when your souls will be ripe?


[deleted] t1_j2oi1bq wrote

Join my cult and find out, brother👹


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2omve7 wrote

I don't join cults, I start and end them.


[deleted] t1_j2onl67 wrote

Start mine with me. I have largely benevolent ideals. You’d enjoy


Trips-Over-Tail t1_j2oogkm wrote

I'd enjoy tossing you into the Angler's Abyss.


TheGlave t1_j2mm1fo wrote

No, I dont think I will.


me047 t1_j2mo56l wrote

Does that motivate people? Honestly?


keylimerye t1_j2orxnx wrote

One day I will tell the story of the day I read a piece of cheese on a telephone pole.


CPiano21 t1_j2m5xbs wrote

Such wisdom couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks OP for sharing


nostalgeek81 t1_j2m63v4 wrote

Doubt it! I’m pretty sure I’ll go down fighting :)


milksockets t1_j2mbbi7 wrote

when I became paralyzed I was told shit like this. now I definitely understand it better


Somasizer t1_j2mifmg wrote

So no shit there I was, barbecue suace on my titties.......


999blob t1_j2miib9 wrote

Asian parents be like


dazedandcognisant t1_j2mnpf2 wrote

One day you will find a note written on a price of cheese, and then you will make a sandwich


smdx459 t1_j2mpkoe wrote

Ah yes how I made it out of the royal family


Homunculistic t1_j2mqcbl wrote

Perhaps even a Wasteland Survival Guide


Thatotherguy246 t1_j2mqrpv wrote

I mean, either that or it goes horribly wrong and the next person now knows what NOT to do.

Circle of life ig.


kimchi01 t1_j2mt0fj wrote

I already have a few times. And Im glad I was able to help them.


siler7 t1_j2mu3xq wrote

Or they'll ignore it because they're just as stupid as you were back then.


alexchrist t1_j2mu84x wrote

I was severely depressed. Then I did a whole buncha drugs (mostly a mixture of LSD and MDMA) one weekend, and after that I started getting better. It worked for me, but I also recognize that it definitely won't work for everyone else


LINDMATT t1_j2mu9h3 wrote

I’m the midst of this right now. Fired from my job in October. Huge interview tomorrow. LFG


[deleted] t1_j2mw3pr wrote

My story basically guarantees that there will not be a second one. If there is, they would've had full access to my playbook


Vazhox t1_j2mxjbs wrote

“There I was, pushing the payload by myself. It was almost time for dinner and the kids were on the verge of WWIII. My team was nowhere to be found, all wiped mere moments ago. I used the payload as a cover so the enemy team couldn’t poke at me from the distance. I smelled the left of lasagne on the brink of overcooking. I bursted from behind the payload and in an instant, hit Q ,NERF THIS’ I yell and pray for a miracle. The other team had grouped. Fools. I push the payload through their dead corpses and win for the team. I overcame with my wits and pants still in tact”. Someone’s future story


ElMoselYEE t1_j2mxn9s wrote

Except my kids won't listen to shit. They think they know better, rip up the survival guide, then have to redo their chores 3x because it turns out the steps they skipped were not just there because dad chose to make it more complex than it needs to be.


BagBeneficial8060 t1_j2myxib wrote

Yooo I've got like 9 different stories and currently working through 10 and 11 lol no more stories please


SCUMDOG_MILLIONAIRE t1_j2n0s5z wrote

Ok but why didn’t you just punch two holes in the paper and thread the zip tie through both so the paper lays flat


DrZaff t1_j2n13qq wrote

It’ll be a great guide for those who are looking to validate their preconceived notions on what strategies work and utterly useless for those who are locked into bad habits and perhaps need it most


sexelent t1_j2nan43 wrote

That is a very wise slice of cheese


onewhoknowsnone t1_j2nazne wrote

I broke my back 10 years ago, worked hard on recovery. Surfed 4 different countries since and still riding


fragglerockerpoo_22 t1_j2ncv32 wrote

I got through my suicide attempt because my IBS shat out all the pills.... So inspiring


MuricanA321 t1_j2ne92i wrote

One day, someone will make a stupid meme for the internet, and the spelling and grammar will be correct.


Pinoymmafighter1 t1_j2nl5ic wrote

Thanks alot Ned. Your survival guide was extremely useless.


halfassninja t1_j2nnqit wrote

If someone can use this shit as a survival guide I’m gonna be real impressed…


equalsolstice t1_j2not5p wrote

“That stick note looks like cheese haha. Oh.”


youknowiactafool t1_j2nq7sd wrote

Survival Guide: How I Overcame Late-Stage Capitalism.

Step 1. Stopped buying avocado toast.

Step 2. Created unions.

Step 3. Supported grassroots political campaigns.


LukewarmJortz t1_j2ntq6c wrote

I don't want to be someone else's learning experience or their reminder to remain humble, thanks.


ramzesich t1_j2nzpvc wrote

I’m from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, and I hope my survival guide won’t be needed when I tell the story.


Fuqasshole t1_j2o48ng wrote

Yes, how I overcame adversity and make every pizza a personal pizza


Albert_Lamba t1_j2o6f79 wrote

Don't waste money on midnight snack. Drink water or something until full.

Wake up early and take care of yourself. Even though it's boring and sickening. It will paid off some day.

Care for your surroundings, they'll take care of you.

Greet first don't be such an arrogant sob.

If you think you're smart, don't find less smart group just to brag something you thought they will appreciate on. Find smarter group to learn from them. If you're stuck on their arrogance and gaslighting. Find group that doesn't.

Just be helpful, don't interfere with other people's lives just To satisfy your ego or envy.

Pay attention to the little things, maybe it's big thing for them. You'll never know.


rabb1thole t1_j2o8n97 wrote

Actually, nobody cares about your experience. Sad, but true.


wrewlf t1_j2ob7ig wrote

Viktor Frankl; that you buddy?


HITLER_RELTIH t1_j2ob8a3 wrote

Why does it look like processed packet cheese?


rancorog t1_j2oixxi wrote

Why cheese though?


supportcarpet t1_j2okttq wrote

Can someone suggest a book with this kind of survival-like story?


LazyShelter4824 t1_j2okua3 wrote

This is true but even that has been recorded and play with so when you go extinct keep in mind one being did all that should be a fast extinction


Prussian701 t1_j2on8m9 wrote

My #1 Rule: If you meet someone on the street and they ask for a ride or money, just make sure you don't give them your phone number if you do decide to help them.


Calibeaches2 t1_j2opg5n wrote

Thank you. I keep wondering how in the world my life became so unhappy and all my horrible luck, loneliness, and depression, last night I just sat there at the dining room table trying to figure out what purpose does any of this have?


DashaTankovich t1_j2ovie4 wrote

Thank you for your wisdom cheese slice


moham225 t1_j2oz06b wrote

Damn I'm in the beginning of a huge challenge


Daddydanks t1_j2ozuc1 wrote

Is that a Kraft Single?


jerzd00d t1_j2p2t3u wrote

So someone watched the most recent episode of Yellowstone, then wrote what Dutton said on a piece of cheese?


Upbeat_Coy t1_j2po5z2 wrote

I hope not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Ardudes t1_j2pue8c wrote

Why does it look like it was written on a packet of cheese?


[deleted] t1_j2lyd26 wrote



suggestiveinnuendo t1_j2m69iy wrote

You could play it like that, but putting ethical considerations aside for a moment, even from a purely selfish perspective it would probably result in a lot of missed opportunities and who knows how many simple misunderstandings left unfixed.


[deleted] t1_j2lukwl wrote



heavydisme t1_j2mdap0 wrote

My brother did that.

I forgive and actually respect him for it. I understand why he went that route.

He did leave two children and two extremely grieving parents behind, who I still catch randomly sobbing for him even 10 years later.

Ultimately it’s your call, and while the grief of the living shouldn’t be a hugely motivating factor, at least maybe consider writing your survived by’s personal letters of goodbye and explanation. It’ll mean so much to them.

Take care.