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Competitive-Belt-391 t1_j2ut42h wrote

Whatever it is I’m avoiding, I just commit to 15 minutes. The minimal level of commitment gets me started and I usually don’t want to stop.


vokun777 t1_j2x0ka1 wrote

i stopped and it's not done yet, what now? my deadline is tomorrow


ananbenimyanimda t1_j2ut30l wrote

Even though you might not focus on it, mental health is the most important factor in your life. Bad mental health = no productivity. Focus on yourself and once you get to the point where you can handle yourself you will be unstoppable. Never ignore how you feel.


OnlyInMyDreams393 t1_j2vdcgz wrote

Exactly what I would tell myself a year ago. I had lapsed back into depression and started doing not-so-well in school. But I didn’t want to acknowledge it, because I thought my family would be disappointed that I needed to go back to therapy. Finally got back into therapy and changed my antidepressant prescription. A year later, I’m off the antidepressants and feeling/doing better than ever. Just got all A’s this semester :)


john6map4 t1_j2uvaf3 wrote

Take the goddamn melatonin and go tf to sleep!


Adjmcloon t1_j2uut4g wrote

Small consistent habits create big changes over time.


No_Bill_8508 t1_j2utjkj wrote

Take breaks! You’ll be more efficient if you tackle things in chunks.


mangu8824 t1_j2uvy6g wrote

Stay active, and get movin’ (…most days! Some days it can be hard to get out of bed and that’s ok, you deserve lazy and restful days too!)

Even just 15-20 minutes of mild exercise is a mood booster and gives me that push to be productive for the day. 😆


deepfriedidiot96 t1_j2v6hnd wrote

If it takes less than 5 mins, put a timer on and turn it into a game of how fast can I get it done and what else can I do in my time left


Brain-of-Sugar t1_j2v0yts wrote

Just do the thing. You know what it is. It's going to take like, what? One hour? At most? Just do it. It'll be easier to do other things after that, so just stop avoiding it. Don't you throw a pity party, it's time to do the thing. If you have to, put on your hat. Make that hat your working hat. Nothing can deter you from doing it when you have the hat because you're in uniform now. Sit up straight, respect your uniform, you're working on the thing now.

This does just sound like a jumbled mess because it's so late, but I think past me would get the point because yes, I'm far too motivated by what clothes I'm wearing.


Kafke t1_j2vjbts wrote

Dopamine detox works. Stay off of social media for a week or two. Do either nothing and sit there, or work. Took a few hours but it kicked in and started working quite well.


better-risenshine t1_j2y79e5 wrote

Sometimes it can be depressing... I guess..


Kafke t1_j2yeb3w wrote

It worked wonders for me. Pretty much nothing else worked in my experience. But with dopamine detox I actually managed to write and publish a book.


SuperStingray t1_j2vns25 wrote

The state of your mind is mirrored by the state of the space around you.


VerbJones t1_j2zlod1 wrote

I never really understood that until just recently. It’s amazing how small changes to your space can improve your mental health


cancerbby555 t1_j2vt5pl wrote

“you have survived every bad day and everything you thought would last forever”


Kyla_x0x069 t1_j2vqbki wrote

The words of others do not effect your life unless you let them, your mindset is the most important thing you need to take care of.


MrWillyP t1_j2vfbzd wrote

Eat less and actually let that ankle heal. It'll pay dividends


[deleted] t1_j2vldq9 wrote

If your friendships feel awkward and you can’t quite put your finger on it but it just doesn’t feel right? Kick them to the curb and open up space, time and energy for new things and new people (optional)


[deleted] t1_j2vprmd wrote

The thing you actually feeling a calling towards versus what you think you should do (in regards to making personal life changing decisions): listen to the real voice


OneFacedGemini t1_j2wnqkm wrote

Regularly incorporate rest into my productivity schedule. I’m in a marathon, not a race. How can I approach my goals in a sustainable way? This helps avoid burn out. Consistency > short bursts of insane hustle.

Also: producing imperfect results is okay. Necessary, even. I need to be selective about the battles I choose when I’m working on a project so I can complete each stage in a reasonable amount of time. Aspire for “good” results instead of “perfect”. There is always time on the back end to revise. Weirdly enough, this alleviation of pressure allows me to produce better results the first time around than I did when I was burdened with perfection.

Edit: added "Also" lol


kinsarc t1_j2x0lgl wrote

That motivation and discipline are different things and discipline matters far more.


SteelpointPigeon t1_j2x3f8h wrote

Try again, no matter how many times you’ve failed in the past. No matter how little reason you think you have to believe in yourself. No matter how scared you are of getting hurt again by defeat.

I’ve been trying my whole adult life to achieve a healthy weight, and it never worked. Then, in March of ‘22, at the age of 42, it suddenly did. There was no golden ray from the heavens, there was no epiphany, there was no reason to believe this time would be different. It was just another attempt, indistinguishable from all the others apart from the fact that it worked. I lost 110 pounds in the first six months.


ModifiedKitten t1_j2xnflf wrote

Stabilize your fucking core and tuck your hips.

Ended up getting back surgery from triple herniations in the same disk starting in June and DEFINITELY had a bulging disk before then.

Just recovering now, but I'm gonna have to find a way to be more active without sacrificing my spinal health.


dr_braga t1_j2xoqvw wrote

Quit social media hardcore. Block every distraction. Build systems, and stick to them.


No-Cod6340 t1_j2yv251 wrote

The magic that you seek is in the hard work you avoid


spydersens t1_j2vi7ap wrote

Quit while you are ahead and go one to bigger and better things.


johnrugel710 t1_j2wk6ku wrote

Wake up a little earlier, avoid the phone for the first hour or two, get a move on, write! and the most important thing - CONSISTENCY.


Al-Horesmi t1_j2xe4qo wrote

"Leave the country. Now."


romeroleo t1_j2xmjg9 wrote

Resting is valid for regaining stregth to produce more and better. Rest more.


p3rseusxy t1_j2y4jm2 wrote

Don‘t stop learning for any period of time. Keep going and keep on doing small steps if there is no time for the big ones. If you do stop, you‘ll get rusty and getting back into studying is gonna be a lot tougher than it needs to be.


GeeRock216216 t1_j2z2jq4 wrote

Don’t listen to people on Reddit and do you


ElPresidenteShinra t1_j2zppae wrote

"You were right to quit that shit job. Your new one is much better. No change! do the same thing"


PackInfamous1753 t1_j2zrq18 wrote

Start today. Stop waiting for the right time to make changes in your life. It will never feel like the right time if that’s what your waiting for.


lori__155 t1_j2w2r2b wrote

Don't use the pomodoro method work in no less than 60 minutes and no more that 120 minutes you will do way to much and feel good after that


snuzet t1_j2wd27o wrote

Don’t overthink it just do it. After it’s done do the next thing. And the next..


billiemarie t1_j2wmg2n wrote

You can leave and make it. Stop worrying and get out of there!


BrilliantNo9753 t1_j2xxldi wrote

Stop procrastinating and study now! If I would have followed it an year ago, it would have saved me from wasting time on catching up to backlogs


Efezian t1_j2xzqmy wrote

Don't talk to anyone.


Abdul_Exhaust t1_j2zaf4p wrote

Work on improving yourself, for yourself, and not to try to please her.... she'll dump you anyway.


Thirdwhirly t1_j2zq6hl wrote

“It was all and will definitely be worth it.”


TheKingOfRooks t1_j2zr23s wrote

If you don't wanna lose her, you need to make some big changes and just take care of yourself.


Dobie_Warrior t1_j2zspmm wrote

If you stop, now, you’ll soon be back to where you started. When you started, you desperately wanted to be where you are now. Keep going.


hosea_m t1_j38u3ss wrote

Do pushups everyday


dudewasup111 t1_j2w35we wrote

Yuse gatta stick yah finga right up yah tookus, adda wizis it'll take duh restada yea to whipe.