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GenPhallus t1_j2ypoty wrote

SpongeBob owns a house while working in fast food as a fry cook and has rode The Hasselhoff, these are entirely unrealistic standards to hold ourselves to

Don't take me too seriously, I'm overanalyzing a SpongeBob meme


Pudding_Hero t1_j2zgl6a wrote

He got the house for free after it fell off a human’s ship


The_Ghost_Dragon t1_j2zje24 wrote

And then it was sucked into oblivion by nematodes, and another one grew in its place.

Bikini Bottom must have some hella good water.


SkyNightZ t1_j31p9zg wrote

Damn, my brain just remembered the relief kid me felt when it came back.


randomsharklaser t1_j30d25k wrote

It isn't a great location either, to be fair.


SkyNightZ t1_j31pfaq wrote

It's within walking range to his best friend, his 'boating' school and his work place.

In fact, Bikini Bottom seems to be unreliant on cars as identified by the huge lack of car parking spaces.


some_clickhead t1_j2zzwbp wrote

His house is just a pineapple though, you can buy one for less than 5$.


HighLevelJerk t1_j30socx wrote

> you can buy one for less that 5$

In the middle of the sea? Good luck with that


TotallynottheCCP t1_j30k7dt wrote

Don't forget the whole "riding rocks around as transportation" thing...


Kwintin01 t1_j312gzq wrote

To be fair he's the only fry cook of the most successful restaurant in Bikini Bottom, that's gotta come with some benefits.


WestMail8411 t1_j31336w wrote

>SpongeBob owns a house while working in fast food as a fry cook and has rode The Hasselhoff, these are entirely unrealistic standards to hold ourselves to
>Don't take me too seriously, I'm overanalyzing a SpongeBob meme

although it's weird, but I wanna say you're so cute lol


Doser91 t1_j2yunp9 wrote

It's also a cartoon


Fluffy-Ad-6938 t1_j303xb1 wrote

I'm wondering if we can somehow make a fire and use the oxygen in the water in the same way that fish use their gills to use the oxygen in the water.


glassgost t1_j30j4mb wrote

There's actually not much oxygen in the water. That's why fish are moving even when they are sleeping, they have to constantly keep fresh oxygenated water moving over their gills or they would suffocate. Not enough to keep a fire going either.


THE__MIGHTY__MIDGET t1_j30jany wrote

Oxygen is not the only reason for a flame. Alternatively you could have any oxidizing agent (which most commonly is oxygen but not necessarily only one) that could produce heat and light. Thats all fire is. A reaction that produces heat and light. Another challenge for an underwater fire should be elevating and sustaining the high temperatures. The reaction should produce light and self sustain heat at lower temperatures. For example, IIRC magnesium burns and sustains fire underwater or any conditions because it can react with nitrogen, water and oxygen as well and have flames in each of these environments.


DarkKnightCometh t1_j3042yf wrote

Wow, really glad you're here with that vital information


sdurs t1_j30j38g wrote

We like to laugh, but getting motivated should be based in reality


SonicLoverDS t1_j2yq8js wrote

Please stop turning random things into motivational soundbites.


zukeen t1_j30wzil wrote

It is motivating if you are 13 and/or have no concept of real life.


timshel42 t1_j2zdevw wrote

i dont think a show starring a talking sponge is a stickler for objective reality


MelancholyMushroom t1_j3h9739 wrote

Most of these memes are the equivalent of the bootstrap/delusional mentality so hush sweet child, and just let it wash over you like a drug.


fridaythe12th t1_j2zpnhn wrote

Hey, if we're underwater how can there be a...


Dxxx2 t1_j308qg7 wrote

The real logic: anything is possible if you reject reality


justcallmetexxx t1_j2z9dgk wrote

and Wyle Coyote splats off a 1000 ft cliff almost every, don't fall off 1000 ft cliffs please.


GreatTimerz t1_j2ywjh1 wrote

Reminds me of that key and Peele sketch where he talks about anyone can fly


[deleted] t1_j2zkfye wrote

My life is not a cartoon


mnij2015 t1_j2zo97c wrote

There are lots of fires that can be underwater just not the typical fires that you use.


imaverysexybaby t1_j2zxbk1 wrote

What kind of fires


mnij2015 t1_j300gna wrote

Gasoline, blow torch, flairs, cooking oil, explosives have you ever tried to put those out under water?


kindle139 t1_j2ytw6b wrote

Anything is possible if you use magic.


pier4r t1_j30xli5 wrote

Really? It is a cartoon. "Get motivated by arbitrary fiction".


aquierick t1_j30r1lp wrote

Dear friends,

As we look at this meme, we see three characters with very different attitudes. SpongeBob is clearly enjoying himself, with a slight smile on his face and a spark of excitement in his eyes. Patrick looks a bit more uncertain, but still seems to be having a good time. And then there's Squidward, who looks like he's just going through the motions and isn't really enjoying himself at all.

But what does this photo tell us about ourselves and our attitudes towards life? It shows us that we all have the power to choose how we approach each moment, and that our choices can have a huge impact on our own happiness and the happiness of those around us.

SpongeBob, with his positive attitude and enthusiasm, is able to find joy and excitement in even the most mundane tasks. He's not letting any negative thoughts or doubts hold him back from fully embracing the moment and enjoying himself.

Patrick, while not as confident as SpongeBob, is still willing to give things a try and see where they take him. He's not letting fear or hesitation hold him back from trying new things and having fun.

And then there's Squidward, who seems to be stuck in a negative mindset and isn't able to find enjoyment in anything. He's letting his own negative thoughts and doubts hold him back from truly embracing life and finding happiness.

But the good news is, we all have the power to change our attitudes and approach to life. We can choose to be more like SpongeBob and embrace every moment with enthusiasm and positivity, or we can choose to be more like Squidward and let negative thoughts and doubts hold us back.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation that you're not sure how to approach, think about SpongeBob and his positive attitude. Embrace the moment and find the joy and excitement in it, no matter what it may be. Don't let negative thoughts or doubts hold you back from fully embracing life and finding happiness.

Remember, we all have the power to choose our attitudes and approach to life, so let's make the most of it and find joy and happiness in every moment.


-Daniel-45- t1_j30viv6 wrote

Just use good old magnesium


OofusDoofus4 t1_j2yrtlq wrote

True but some things will always be outside your boundaries regardless if you want to do something or not so sometimes just accepting is ok not bad


almighty_crj t1_j2z6fak wrote



blackdragonstory t1_j2zvma3 wrote

Now I wonder if we can actually somehow make it so the fire is using the oxygen from the water just how fishes use it with gills.


InsouciantOne t1_j309gwu wrote

Yes, as long as you're a cartoon you can do the impossible!


Magic18 t1_j30fp1p wrote

Under water fire is so easy, I'm not sure why you act all surprised


ferah11 t1_j30jdfz wrote

Yeah you can become an underwater welder.


sarcasm_247 t1_j30r10t wrote

That’s what I’m talking about


wolf129 t1_j30v8in wrote

It's totally possible to do this with magnesium. It burns underwater. But it won't look like this and it would burn way too fast.


awesomeapex t1_j30zu2i wrote

And yet Squidward is still unimpressed.


Keksis_The_Betrayed t1_j314eeb wrote

The edited version of this episode that’s on YouTube is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Really making me want to rewatch it rn


Alib668 t1_j316c54 wrote

Technically just needs phosphorus and an oxidiser source which supplies the oxygen while its underwater water proof matches and underwater welding equipment are testimonials to such things happening in real life… the meme does have some merit


[deleted] t1_j316gt0 wrote

I'm super motivated now


Caroga t1_j316v9d wrote

Must be Olympic fire.


DickTrikklen t1_j319s79 wrote

Augh, you do know we have this capability right?


richTING13 t1_j31g90e wrote

Did this really motivate that many people?


Potatonized t1_j31ysi3 wrote

Tried lighting fire underwater just now. It's scientifically proven that i'm more stupid and useless than spongebob


csixav t1_j327soc wrote

I thought this was r/WowThanksImCured for a second


IiteraIIy t1_j32fh7o wrote

Does anyone in the world actually find posts like this helpful? It's a cartoon


Spyd3rs t1_j32t26z wrote

Spongebob is a literal God of Chaos. Have you seen that SpongeBob vs. Aquaman Deathbattle?


Derpacat t1_j3328dn wrote

If only a chunk of blazing magnesium could address the issues of the day!


Jeebuv t1_j333akz wrote

With water… behind them lol