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Crackedcondombaby27 t1_j3g613y wrote

Eh, The picture shows me that as long as you have enough money, you will succeed by bruteforce eventually.


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j3gvz0s wrote

IRL, the guy selling the ladders probably knows the guy who builds the walls and they agree on the price of ladders and the height of walls every first Tuesday at their island.


DrCheekClappa t1_j3hdy1j wrote

This comment is too accurate and depressing for a Sunday morning


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j3hhm8x wrote

Sunday mornings are excellent for shit like this.

Strong cup of coffee. Love on your family. Contemplate the brokenness of human heirarchical structures by commenting.

Brew more coffee. Unplug for a while. Maybe grill something.

Move on to Monday.


Smarterest t1_j3hk79m wrote

“You see, killbots have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them until they reached their limit and shut down. Kif, show them the medal I won." - Zapp Brannigan


ValyrianJedi t1_j3gw0u0 wrote

Depends on what you're trying to succeed at. I'd wager people with a lot of money average both more failed companies and more failed marriages than without it