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JesseCuster40 t1_j3il59y wrote

The surgeon comparison made me laff.

"But Doctor, he needs this triple bypass now!"

arms folded

"Don't wanna."


MeetInPotatoes t1_j3ihn3h wrote

This is confusing because it relies on some different definition of motivation than the real one. If I do something, I was motivated enough to do it. If I don't do something, I was not motivated enough to do it. Saying that action leads to motivation ignores that I must have had enough motivation to take the action in the first place to have done it. There is no such thing in the real world as taking an action you were not motivated to take.


DataSquid2 t1_j3jhee4 wrote

The odd thing with this is the examples used in the post all rely on external accountability, which I'm a big fan of because I'm lazy. On top of that, they're all job related.

Its much easier for me to show up to work and to do my job than it is for me to do the dishes. If I don't show up for work I can not continue to pay my rent or eat.

However, I pay for a physical trainer because if I don't show up to the gym I waste money and let my trainer down.

Both are different types of external accountability and the latter is kind of a replacement for internal motivation.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but I agree that the post is confusing.


elpajaroquemamais t1_j3m4mo4 wrote

Also the whole sub is get motivated and this is telling you you don’t need to be motivated.


i_am_bunnny t1_j3m7hj0 wrote

This message here is pertaining more to discipline than to motivation It basically says do not wait up for motivation but rather push through sheer will


Nimelennar t1_j3mfkmg wrote

What's the difference between "will" and "motivation" in this context?


i_am_bunnny t1_j3mhrgb wrote

Let's just say you were laying in bed on a Sunday morning.Its fucking cold outside and you are all snuggled up in a warm blanket.You want to get up and be productive but there's a lingering thought in your head that if you should do it or not !?.

Motivation is waiting until you feel like getting up and being ready to tackle the day but "will" is getting up at 4 am even though you don't want to but you still do


Des8559 t1_j3j3b7j wrote

You don't get what motivation is do you


Crash4654 t1_j3j6m3h wrote

Sure, if you arbitrarily change the definition and meaning of motivation. You can make anything sound like whatever bullshit you're trying to peddle if we change the meanings of words.

Motivation is literally why anyone does anything. No motivation means no action at all, not even the desire nor want nor initiative. Without it you wouldn't have even had the inkling to do whatever it is you're thinking about. Someone without the motivation to do surgery wouldn't have even become a surgeon.

Getting real tired of people not knowing what motivation is and trying to proclaim to others misinformation.


Some_Outcome3741 t1_j3nuovs wrote

I don't think you know it either. You can take action without motivation. My kitchen should be clean but that's my only motive. If I had a girl coming over I would be more motivated to clean it up.

So the post refers to getting up and doing your dailies regardless of how motivated you are.

Getting real tired of people who cant google definitions lol.


Crash4654 t1_j3nvu9v wrote

Me too.

Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Doesn't matter how big or small, without it, the action will never exist.

Maybe actually Google the definition before claiming something.

Here, let me do you one better, I'll even use Merriam Webster.

Motivation: the act or process of motivating.

Motivating: to provide with a motive

Motive: something (such as a need or desire) that causes a person to act

So yeah, getting real tired of people who don't know how words and definitions work. No motivation, no action. Period.


Some_Outcome3741 t1_j3ofzlf wrote

You don't need motivation to complete tasks. You can be disciplined.


Crash4654 t1_j3ogcy1 wrote

"Reason to act"

Why would you perform a task you have no reason nor desire to make reality? Discipline turns motivation into results. It does not exist without motivation.

I gave you two definitions after you criticized me of not knowing them and now here you are blatantly ignoring them.


3180invest t1_j3klirm wrote

Fireman never rush into burning buildings, that’s a movie trope.

They extinguish fires from the outside.

They got families to go home to as well.


evilocto t1_j3ip1hv wrote

Teacher here can confirm, but students learning and progressing is a good motivating factor.


KingBlackToof t1_j3iqb7a wrote

Ehh, earning money to not be homeless is the motivation for a lot of these I feel.


Some_Outcome3741 t1_j3nsyxn wrote

Yeah, giving me more money will motivate me much more than children progressing in school.


Ithirahad t1_j3kjlr9 wrote

I guess I've already lost. ^^


rosszboss t1_j3k42jv wrote

There are two types of people in this world, people who build motivation from action and the others, people who know what the word motivation means.


WielderOfTheSpear t1_j3iqx3r wrote

So true. Just got to dive in head first into whatever it is you want to do


Little_Xploit t1_j3jhzr4 wrote

This one hit so close to home it almost hurt


Zz2fat2furiouszz t1_j3k7ap5 wrote

I needed this "sign". Read this and finally pulled the trigger on a gym membership and a workout even though I didn't really feel like it. Appreciate it!


jaffakree83 t1_j3k7y5x wrote


Has nothing to do with motivation...


nanaben t1_j3k9jo4 wrote

Mmmm now I'm extra motivated to get in bed early haha. Got to get that extra couple hours in


lucpet t1_j3kq4uy wrote

Meh! I'll read it later.........


FreshTongue t1_j3kvpgh wrote

Motivation is a foe, discipline is the best friend


SamohtGnir t1_j3ltwgj wrote

Motivation doesn't create Action.

Action creates Motivation.


margretbeinhaus t1_j3lxuwx wrote

That's why I am neither a surgeon, teacher, parent nor firemen.


Radiati t1_j3m5gdn wrote

But they’re getting paid wages🤷‍♂️ I’m not being paid wages to make improvements


Pseudoburbia t1_j3mka4h wrote

This helped me a lot, I’m sure I saw it somewhere on here:

Do the FIRST step of what you need to do, just commit to that BASIC thing. If it’s working on the car, get all the tools you need together. If it’s computer work, get the desk clean and programs open and on the right page. If it’s cooking, just get the ingredients out. Then sit back down, obligation fulfilled.

The funny part is that I never actually sit back down. With everything started, and right there ready to go, it’s easy enough to just keep going. But I never could have started had i not set myself such a small goal to complete.


Warc269 t1_j3mu51o wrote

This is really gold. Motivation is not a state of mind.


[deleted] t1_j3rpe0x wrote

I could see this coming from one of the people I used to go to the gym with.

The same ones who were motivated to workout 2 hours a day, but not motivated enough to get a job, or being 30+ living with their mom until they "get their bread right".


rein5910 t1_j3jrq40 wrote

Firefighters* (not just firemen)


Thomas_Seven t1_j3kthf3 wrote

And to add to that, they pretty much never ever rush into burning buildings. They often strategically put water on the fire from many angles before ever thinking of entering a structure.


Some_Outcome3741 t1_j3nx7sr wrote

Basically because most of the time everyone is out of the burning buildings. If there is someone inside a building during a fire then they put on an air tank with fire resistant clothing and save them. They will often go back for your animals too.

Also I would assume putting water on the house before everyone is out of the burning building will immediately suffocate anyone else inside the building who may be trapped.